Professional Femdom

True story from San Diego. I was in the mood for some kinky action so I scanned the internet for some companionship.I ran through a bunch of e****t service ads and found myself thumbing through the BSDM section. I focused on one ad that relly looked hot. Her name was Dominique...her place is just as it was shown on her website. Three separate rooms depending on the fantasy.

She met me with a kiss and told me that she had something warm and wet waiting for me. She slowly undressed me right at the door and when I was nude, she gently grabbed me by the cock and led me into her bedroom. There on the bed was a bound an gagged sub named Morai. She was prone on the bed with a ball gag and her hands and feet taped. She was wearing a lace outfit that barely hid her tight body. I had asked to be bound while Dom worked her magic and she did not disappoint. She had me sit down on a bench that spread my legs. She buckled my hands to the wall and then strapped my body and legs to the bench. She attached a TENS unit to my dick and turned up the juice.

Now that I was immobilized , she went to the bed where Morai lay.She peeled away the lace and out sprang an incredible set of tits with dark brown nipples. Dom rubbed them and squeezed her nipples all the while staring into my eyes. She ordered Morai to step forward and push her breasts into my face. I was to to open my mouth and suck them gently. As I buried my face into those beautiful mounds, Dom knelt down and applied a vibrator to the underside of my cock. I am usually a slow cummer but I almost blew right there. Dom then applied a condom and told Morai to suck my cock. Pinned against the wall, her mouth on my dick and Dom's nipples in my mouth were almost too much to bear.

Dom then took Morai across the room and cuffed her hands to a bar suspended from the ceiling....she unstrapped me from the bench and cuffed my hands to the same bar.....Morai's ass to my cock. She took my cock between her thighs and began to slide her hips forward and back. The entire room is filled with mirrors so I could look around and us from every angle. I had ask to be spanked and so Dom took out a collection of whips and work over both Morai and I as we hung from the ceiling. I wished she had flogged me harder but I was afraid to ask. After a few minutes of this fun, she lowered Morai to the ground just below me and started to thrust a small vibrater in and out of her pussy as I still hung there.....then bringing it to the underside of my rock hard cock.

Then it was time to get fucked..... I was laid out flat on the back...hands cuffed to the table and my legs suspended from the ceiling so my ass was wide open for their fun. Dom had Morai belt up with a moderately sized dildo....I felt the cold sensation of lube being spread between my cheeks. Morai worked open my hole with her fingers first.....while Dom had me suck her own nipples. Then I felt the head of that cock enter my asshole....slowly at first but then at a faster pace. Morai pulled the rubber off my dick and began to give it a quick tug while my face was buried in Dom's breasts.This was no slam bam thank you maam kind of place. As my legs hung from the ceiling, both of them stroked and caressed my body as I came down from the orgasmic high I had just experienced. I took a quick showered and dressed. Dom and I sat and talked a few minutes about her art of pleasure....I told her that it had been the most sensual and sexual experience I could remember.If this kind of experience is your cup of, don't walk to see Dominique!
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