First time S&M

True story that happened just yesterday....

I have dreamed about hard S&M sex for a long time. I have had a couple of girlfrinds who like to play with my who like to use a strapom. But that is not the same as being used by a domanant mistress who really knows the ropes. After my recent divorce, I decided to indulge myself in the e****t scene. I had a couple of encounters with straigt sex which were fun, but i wanted somthing kinky. I found an website for a local dom and it looked great. A private condo completely outfitted for hard S&M. I called and made an appointment and was not disappointed

From the moment I set foot in the place, the game was on. She had me stand at attention as she looked me over...front to back. She told me to only speak when spoken to and to call her Mistress Dominique. I was to only do exactly as she described. She felt my chest as she came close to me and pressed her lips to mine. I tried not to kiss back be could not help myself. For that infraction she taped my mouth closed. She stripped my shirt off and pulled my pants and shorts down to my knees. Cuffs went onto my hands and feet. She back away and admired my stiffening cock. I was told not to move as she turned to walk to the table. Her wonderful ass was naked above her tight vinyl pants. She walked over with two small boxes and asked me guess what was inside. When I said I couldn't she open both to display a set of butt plugs starting with small and moving to large. She told me that she was going to use these to stretch mu asshole open so she could fuck me deep. With that out came her amazing tits....large and round with beautiful, large nipples. While she grabbed my pole, she brushed those melons across my face. I had to struggle not to open my mouth and suck.[13][13]She had me pull my pants, shorts and shoes off so I was completely naked. She told me to squat with my back to her. As I did, I could feel lube being wiped up my ass followed the first plug. Not too large, it felt good as she moved it in and out before leaving it in place. She grabbed me by the dick and led me to the couch. I was told to sit down with my ass hanging over the edge. she put a pair of vibrating nipple clamps which was my first taste of pain. She sat down beside me and insert a range of devices into my waiting hole, all the time rubbing those tits on my face. My dick was so hard it hurt. After a while, she led me into her bedroom and had me sit on a type of bench which spread my legs wide and left my ass hanging over the edge. Slowly she cuff my hands to the wall and my feet to the bench. Then, one by one, she applied strips to my waist belly and chest to hold me securely to the wall. She had me completely immobilized.she then attached a TENS device to my cock and turned up the juice. I could feel the shock as it ran into my dick. She reached under and applied more butt plugs and vibrators to my know aching hole. Once done, she turned to have that beautiful ass face me. She walked backward until her pussy was right over my cock and then unload a stream of piss over my cock and balls. The warmth felt wonderful. She reached down to catch some of the stream and rubbed it on her tits as she pinched her nipples. She finally push on into my mouth so I suck the breast dry. [13][13]She loosed me from my bondage, and again, grabbed me by my aching dick over to the massage table. Again she told me to sit with my ass on the edge of the table and then to lay down. From the ceiling cam two straps...she put each of my legs in one and hoisted them into the air. Both of my wrist cuffs were hooked to the side of the table.....I was spread and a ready target. More lube went up my crack and another larger butt plug was applied. She moved it in and out so I could feel my spinchter open and close around it. Happy with her work, she said I needed no other plugs and that I was ready for a good fucking like the twat I was. She put a blindfold on me and I could hear her strapping up. She put the end of her cock against my hole and just waited....letting the tension build. Then slow and steadily, she increased the pressure and I felt the first cock I have had in my waiting asshole. Once in she gave me a good fucking for what seemed like forever. I felt it pull out and she said that I needed something bigger. Off came the blindfold so I could see the next dildo about to penetrate me. I felt my stomach tighten as she move back between my legs. No waiting this time....I felt it thrust into me. She grabbed the lube and I felt it's coldness on my cock. She began to stroke me as she picked up the pace of the fucking. She started talking dirty as she pumped away The sight of her between my legs....thrusting in and out made me crazy. Finally the thrusting got so deep that I had to use my safe word but she kept it at my hole as she sped up the HJ. I exploded in a world rocking spurt. Totally spent, I hung there lick a used bitch. She went to the bathroom for a warm towel...wiped my crack and left it one my crotch as me came to the head of table to cuddle me a bit. The cuddle, as I still hung there was very erotic.[13][13]She took me down and helped me up to me feet and gave me a tour of the rest of the place...really awesome. I can't wait to make it into the dungeon. A hug and I was on my way.[13][13]Never having done this before, I don't have a basis of comparison but it is hard to see how a session could have been better for a first timer. It made me want to come back for more so I guess it met my expectations. She has two websites and the other advertises a three way with another hot sub. I would love to try that out the next time. Dominique is hot, sensual and nasty....just a great combination
92% (10/1)
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3 months ago
AWESOME SEXY,love it sweetie
4 years ago
would expect a bit more pleasure than that
4 years ago