Bondage/Femdom funfest....Part 3

I couldn't fucking believe it. I had only seen the guy in a picture that Janet had shown he was there looking at me laying in a pool of her wife's piss. He was about 6'2" and beefy. He did house construction so he was muscular...and looked very pissed.

"This is the douche that has been fucking you for years? He looks like a piece of shit now", he said with a chuckle.

Janet nodded and said that I was the guy. "I recorded our entire phone conversation the other day so he knows about the hanger, the enema and the ass fucking you gave me.....he has been busting to get even with you. I told him all of our stories...all the fucking we have done over the years".

"Your fucking ass is mine" he growled. I tried to stand up....I don't know why because there was no place I could go to escape by fate. He pushed me down to the floor and put his foot in the middle of my chest. "Don't you move" he snarled. He reached down and unzipped his fly...he pulled out 8 inches of soft cock...pointed it at my face and let go with a hot stream of piss into my face. I was stuck under his foot and had to just take it...again in my mouth, hair and eyes. The both laughed as I drowned in the yellow fluid. As he finished, he reached down and grabbed me by my soaked hair. He pulled me up to to my knees and said, "Suck this shit dry, cunt". I opened my mouth and it was immediately filled by his dick. I began to suck as he held my head close to his body. I could feel his cock start to swell in my mouth and I knew that meant trouble.

I had forgotten about Janet for a moment as her husband had used my as his toilet. As I sucked his cock, I saw her out of the corner of my eye I saw her move behind me with the 9 inch black strapon dildo she had been saving for me. She positioned that dick at the entrance to my hole and looked to her husband for direction. His dick was hard and he was really pumping my mouth...making be gag with every long stroke. He said, "Fuck that sissy cunt...and fuck it hard". The only lube I had was the piss that was still dripping down my ass. That was enough for her. With one push, the whole dildo disappered in my ass. I tried to cry out but my mouth was filled with cock.

They fucked the shit out of me at both ends. I felt like a complete slut...which I was at the moment. After a while they switched ends...I tasted my own ass off the dildo as Janet inserted it into my mouth. Even though my ass was stretched, his dick tore me open as he inserted it into my raw ass. Again they pumped me from both ends. Janet was reaching down to play with her own cunt as she fucked my face. I glanced to the left to look at the big wall mirror and I could see myself being impaled at both ends. Their pace quickened as they watched each other at work. All of a sudden I felt him shoot is load deep in my sissy cunt....she exploded moments later....ramming that dildo home with each wave of orgasm.

I collapesed onto the floor...totally used. They give each other a deep kiss and then dressed as I laid there. They gathered up all of my clothes and put them into a small bag. "We are going for breakfast and we will be back for round two. You ain't going anywhere dressed like a litle slut". They both laughed and walked out the door...carrying my clothes with them

They were right...I wasn't going anywhere
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He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword!!!
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stole some clouthes & out the service entrance