Bondage/Femdom funfest....Part 2

After reliving one of our nasty encounters, I waited patiently for Janets arrival in LA. I spent several whack off sessions fantasizing about several of our kinky episodes and wordering what she had in mind. She arrived on an afternoon flighht from New Jersey and we got together for a drink at her hotel which was only about three blocks from my office. After the usual small talk about the flight and her k**s we got down to business. He reached into her brief case and pulled out a paperbag. She said, "Try not to peek in here until tomorrow morning..I know it will be tough....but you wouldn't be disappointed. We agreed that I would come into work really early so we could spend some time before work. She said I should wait to open the bag at work before I walked over to the hotel in the morning.

I purposedly left the bag in my car without opening it....I didn't want my wife to find it anyway. I drove into work at about 5am and pulled into the parking garage. I made my way into the darkened office and opened the bag. Inside was this note:

"As you reminded me, you treated me like a total slut in that hanger...
Now it is your turn.
Put these on under your suit
and walk over here, bitch"

I reached into the bag and pulled out the following:

1) A black thong
2) Black garter belt
3) a pair of stockings
4) a bra
5) a pair of low rise high heels

Holy shit....what was I in for? I went into the men's room and quickly but on the gear. I had to admit that the thong felt sexy as it went up my asscrack, but once i had all the equipment on, I felt a bit stupid and humiliated....I am sure that is what Jane was looking for. I stuck the shoes in my brief case (since I wasn't going to try and walk the three blocks in heels and I quiclky made my way to her hotel. Once I was out of the elevator on her floor, I kicked off my shoes and put on the heels, bagging my shoes in my case. Man was I wobbley as I turned the corner and headed down the hall. Her room was at the end of the hall and i prayed that I would make it without falling. Just then, a guy came out of this room and turned toward the elevator. I froze and tried to look at my watch and hoped he wouldn't notice my shoes. No he passed I heard him snicker. My face turned red and I quickly moved to her door. I knocked on the door and waited.

After a moment, the door opened and there stood Janet. She was wearing a white, wife beater teeshirt and a pair of men's briefs...she held a cigerette in her right hand. She said,"You're are late...I called the agency for a slut over an hour ago and I am waiting." I saw the game here and I begged forgiveness. She grabbed me by the tie and pulled me inside and closed the door. Once it was closed, she slammed me back against the door and slammed me with a hard, opened mouth kiss. She rammed her tongue down my through and she shoved her hand down the front of my pants and grabbed my stiffening dick. "You have a nice, fat clit, bitch", she sneered. As you pressed her body against mine and I felt a huge bulge in the shorts and felt my stomach tighten.

Then things spun up. She peeled off my outer clothes and soon I was standing in the ladies underwear. She circled me and laughed. "I asked for a babe and they send me you, a flat titted, big assed slut....I will just have to make the best of it. With that, she pushed me to my knees so that my face was even with her crotch. She pulled down her briefs and out popped a 9 inch black cock...thick at the tip that got wider as it got down toward the base. She put her hand on the back of my head, put the dick on my lipa and gave it a big shove. With that one thrust, it went to the back of my throat. I gagged as she fucked my face....I looked up and saw that she was pulling off her teeshirt....her huge natural tits flopped. With one hand on my neck, she lifted her left tit in her hand and sucked the nipple eagerly. I could smell my pussy getting wet as the musty order reached my nose. Her thrusts got stronger the hotter she got.

After this had gone on for a while, she said, "I need to take a piss". She grabbed me by my tie and dragged me on all fours into the bathroom. Once inside, she turned me over on to the cold tile floor next to the toilet. "Open your mouth, bitch". She stood above me and then put one foot up one the toilet seat.I could see her cunt aimed at me from about three feet above. She leaned he head back and closed her eyes for a moment. I saw a drip or two of piss leak out of pussy....hitting me on the forehead. Then a torrent of piss splashed down on my face....filling my mouth and nose and eyes. My vision was blurred but I could hear her laugh has she aimed her cunt all over my face...drowing me in her piss. As the steam weakened, she squated down and told me to lick her pussy clean. I lifted my head and place my tongue in her pussy. It was wet with both pee and pussy juices.

As I laid there in her pool of piss, I thought that my bathroom humiliation was done. My God was I wrong...I heard a soft knock at the room door and soft voices as she opened and closed the door. Again my stomach tightened. "I have a friend who wants to meet you." I looked up and through eyes stinging with piss, I could dimly make out the face of the man in front of was Janet's husband! Man was I in some deep shit now......
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1 year ago
good give it to him hard up theass
1 year ago
Unexpected results seem to alaways happen at the worst of times--THE Husband!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I cumming big time
4 years ago
interesting nice twist