Bondage/Femdom funfest....Part 1

This is a true story

I had an affair with a co oworker named Janet while we worked together in New Jersey. We were both married but had similar, non rewarding sex lives with our spouses. It didn't last long as I was transferred to the West Coast shortly thereafter. We kept in touch but things cooled as we went our separate ways.

Two years later, I got an email from Janet saying that she was coming to LA from the East Coast for a week long training class. She left me her cell phone number and told me to give her a call. My wife like to go to the gym early in the AM, before she went to work. With her gone one morning at about 6 am, I called Janet to discuss her trip....with the 3 hour time difference, it was mid morning in New Jersey.

The conversation started routinely, just doing the friendlies and asking details of her trip. Picturing her coming west, my cock strated to stir as I lay there is bed running my hand back and forth over my balls and dick. I didn't know whether or not she would be interested in resuming our sex play but I was getting hot enough to ask. With my cock hard in my hand, I asked her how things were with her husband....she said as dead as always. I saw my chance....I said, "Well I have my cock in my hand in it is hard thinking about fucking that tight little pussy of yours". She giggled a bit and said, "Well I thought you would never ask....I have my hand in my panties beneath my desk and my cunt is soaking wet. My office door is locked and I plan to cum a few times before you pop your load." Our sex had always been nasty..really nasty. I recounted one of my favorite episodes to her as we got hot.

"My favorite fuck with you was the time I took you to the hanger, tied your slut ass up and fucked you like the cunt you are." I owned a small airplane at the time and kept it in a hanger at the local airport...during the week it was always deserted.

"Remember how i dragged you in and strung you up to the ceiling with that rope attached to the that you were on your tip toes?" (I used this to move heavy objects around the hanger). I described the encounter in minute detail. Once I had her strung up to the ceiling, I had put a ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold. She was dressed in a teeshirt, bra, skirt and panties. (she had brought a change of clothes for what was about to happen next). I slowly circled her, running my hands over her body through her teeshirt. Once I was behind her, I reached around and tore the shirt from her body. I took out my pocket knife a made short work of her bra. Her huge tits flopped out and I reached around and grabbed on tightly. She wimpered through her gag as I roughed up her rack.

I let go of her tits and slowly unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She was only wearing a thong now, my pocket knife did its work again and now she was naked before me. I again circled her, enjoying my work. My hands we on her, toughing a rubbing all of her parts. When my fingers went to her cunt, she was as wet as any women I had every fucked. "You are a fucking slut, aren't you" I laughed. "About to be ****d and you are creaming like a schoolgirl getting finger banged for the first time".

I knelt down in front of her and attached a home made spreader bar to her ankles, opening her legs and giving access to both of her holes. Now came my special fetish. I went over to the table a grabbed an overfilled enema bottle...its tip gleaming with lube. I walked behind her and shoved it up her asshole. Again she whimpered behind the gag. I attached the bag to the rope holding her hands and let the water flow. Now she cried behind that gag, feeling the pressure build inside her bowels. When the bag had emptied, I pulled out the nozzel. I removed the ball gag and moved to a chair about six feet behind her. My cock had been rock solid since the beginning of the fun and so I released it and began working it with long strokes. I said "You better hold that shit in or you will regret it". She squirmed as she hung there, trying to keep her asshole pinched closed.....she cried out, "Please let me let it out"!! I laughed and said, "Beg me , bitch....tell me you want to shit yourself!!" before she could say another word, her asshole let go and the floor was flooded with the contents of her ass. She cried out as the pressure was relieved, the brown flood dripping through the crack of her ass and down her legs.

She hung their limply.....I went to the rope and released the knot. Her body collapsed to the floor....falling into the water that had, only moments before had been deep in her ass. I laughed again and said, "Now you are finally ready to fuck". I dragged her over to the chair and bent her over its back. Her legs were still spread wide and i could see her asshole slippery with her own s**t. I moved in behind her, pointed my rock hard cock at that ass bud and just shoved it all the way to my balls. She cried out as it tore open her hole. I grabbed her hips and began to pound away, burying my cock with each stroke. As I felt my load building, I reached around and began to rub her soaking wet clit. As she squirmed beneath me, we both exploded into a thunderous orgasm. I could feel the cum pump out of my dick in huge waves, filling her tight ass. When i was done, I pulled out and did the one thing I can't resist after a great assfucking. I moved in front of her, grabbed her by the hair and shoved my softening dick into her mouth for a quick cleaning.

We both tumbled to the floor, exhausted. Once we regained our composure, we both cleaned up, got dressed and went to play 18 holes of golf!

We had both popped our load on the telephone...her multiple times, as i had recounted this story. When we were done, she said that she had plotted her revenge for two years and planned to take it out on me when she arrived the following week......more to follow
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1 year ago
A preview of promised things to come (cum!!).
1 year ago
4 years ago
excellent erotic & waiting for pt 2