Hot Chatline Freak Part Two!

Well, I told you she called me at the end of the last story. We didn't hook up that night as planned. Instead we delayed our next meet until the weekend. Well Saturday came and I got a text around noon. It was her. I was just finishing some mixing at the studio and just happened to be free. Now, remember, I told you we lived just like 10 minutes from one another. She gave me directions and I proceeded to her house. When I got there she told me to walk in, the door was unlocked and gave me directions directly to her bedroom. I went to the bedroom and there she was, lying there in a teddy, writhing on the bed, pussy wet and exposed. I walked over to the bed and she had her eyes closed. I took off my shoes, shirt, pants, boxers and when I went to grab my tank top she said, "no leave that on. You look so sexy in that wife beater. That's how I picture you when I masterbate and think about that night at your house. You were wearing a white wife beater that night you freaked me!" She opened her legs and said, "Eat this pussy!" I replied, "Fuck that!" Magnum on, I snatched her hips to the edge of the bed and plunged deep into her pussy! "Since you made me wait for this pussy, I am going to make you nut all over my dick bitch!" When I said "bitch" it was like a trigger! She literally said, "Ohhh shit, you called me a bitch! Im gon cum. damn you! All over your big dick! Fuuuuuuccccck!" That's when the water works began. Mind you we are fucking on the the side of the bed opposite the dresser with the mirror. So as I look up, all I see is her ankles in my hands, the top of her head, big tits swayin back and forth and her squirt juices hitting my stomach as I beat that pussy long and slow! That shit was so hot, so you know I gave her more dick! I fucked her a little faster and a little deeper and she squirted again! After her second nut, she told me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I told her to turn over and she replied, "I can't take that dick on my ass from the back baby, that's too much dick! Fuck this tight ass on my back just like this." "Fuck that!" I gripped her hips and turned her over and began spanking her ass and finger fucking her tight brown hole. She moaned and said, "How you gonna just take this ass like you want it?" "Shut up and take this dick you hot bitch!" I rubbed my dick up and down the slit of her pussy to wet my dick, spread and spit in her ass and slowly f***ed my mushroom head inside her tight ass! When I my head finally slid in, she reached behind her and grapped my wrist and began to squirt again. I could hear the droplets of cum raining on her bed sheets beneath her. I started slow fucking her tight ass and she was loving it! "Oh you fuckin' my ass baby! Oh shit! You gotta big dick and it is in my ass! Slow fuck my ass baby! Slap my ass baby! Call me a bitch while you fucking my ass with that big dick!" "Shut up freak bitch before I put it in you balls deep in that ass!" "Nooooo! I can take , I can't take, shit Imma cum again! Oooooooooooooooooh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt!" Again with the squirts. I turn ed her on her side still in her and began fucking that ass faster. I grabbed her face and told her,"Fuckin' look at me bitch, while I am fucking your ass!" I turned her over on her back and began fucking that ass again as she watched me and kept moaning! I then began fucking her hot pussy which was also tight. "Shit I had to have some more of this dick! That shit is too good! I had to stay away! Sometimes I want this big dick in me every night! Shit! Damn! Make this pussy yours! I am sprung on you big dick! Ooooohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh shit you made me cum again! ( No squirt) Oh I love the way you beat your pussy!" "Beat it Daddy shit!" "Take off that magnum and cum in my ass baby!" "Fuck dat! I am about to nut in this pussy whore!" We both came! In total she told me she came 7 times including 4 squirts! After I showered and got dressed. She was still lying in the bed in her own juices, sheets drenched with sweat and cum. She had fallen asl**p. I let myself out and locked the door behind me. She sent me a text later asking what I was doing this!
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2 months ago
another excellent story!
3 years ago
damn u good
4 years ago
When it's my turn, I want it just like that, but better!!! ;)
4 years ago
that girl is just hot for your stuff