Hot Chatline freak!

I recently found myself not being able to sl**p because I was so damned horny! I am a night owl by nature so when I can't sl**p I am usually horny at 2am. Anyway I called a local phone chat line for laughs, remove boredom and perhaps talk a hot chic off and got to bed, best case scenario....or so I thought!

After 15 minutes of my "free trial" had already elapsed I received a message from a very sexy woman with a very sexy voice. Her reply to my ad was " Damn, you have such a sexy voice, just hearing to talk made me wet. Then when you said you were looking to help a horny woman get off this morning I started rubbing my clit. Why did you do that? Do me a favor and don't reply to this because we both live in Atlanta and if I talk to you, I know I will come fuck you!" Well, what do you think I did. I responded immediately and sent her an invitation to live chat.
She accepted.......
"Damn baby, you sound so fucking sexy, and you got me fingering my pussy just off your voice! I know I shouldn't be talking to you. You gonna make me fuck, I just know it!"
ME: "What's you name love?"
HER: "Candace"
ME: "Sexy name, sexy voice. Is that attached to a sexy a body and tight creamy pussy?"
HER: "DAMN! Yes baby!"
ME: "So how old are you....Candace?"
HER: "I am....I am...ohh...ohh...47!"
ME: "You sound preoccupied with that sweet pussy love. You are lying in bed writhing with desire wishing I was there devouring your big clit and tongue fucking your hot love hole baby? You need a man to get you off and feel a big long, thick, throbbing black dick inside you to make you nut this morning baby?"
HER: "Oh shit you bout to make me cum! Ahh....Ahhh......ssssssss..ahhhh!"
ME: "You want to get fucked tonight Candace?"
HER:"Oh God yes! Will you fuck me good baby? It's been so long! I'm tried of playin wit my pussy I need to be fucked! I need it deep baby!"
ME: "Give me your number and I will call you offline and give you directions"

When I gave her directions we both found out that she only lived like 7-10 minutes from me which made her wet herself even more. She took a shower and was pulling up in front of my house within 20 minutes. When she arrived and stepped out of the car the first thing I saw was her big beautiful tits. She had on a sun dress with spaghetti straps. I love spaghetti straps on a woman with big tis....anyway. And Candace did not have the tits of a 47 yr old woman. They were real, DD's, soft no blemishes or stretch marks. Her skin was a s smooth as a baby's ass! Dammit! Her ass was something to behold as well as it was round, solid but soft, not squishy. I have always loved older women (The reason behind that is for another story So I brought her into the house. And as soon as I closed and locked the door I palmed her soft ass and she moaned. "You don't waste any time I see Rico." "No I don't. It's time to give you what you came here for. Why wait?"

I quickly grabbed her hand and lead her to my bed. Stripped her out of that dress layed her down and began eating her phat, clean shaven pussy! I began licking and sucking her hot love hole and she immdiately wrapped her hands around my black bald head and exclaimed, "Eat that muthafuckin'pussy you nasty talkin' muthafucka! You made me come over here you betta make me shit, .....oh you're about to make me cum in your mouth baby! Ohhhh shit! Fuck!
Squirt number one! Her juices were quickly expelled from her pussy in less than 3 minutes flat! Now she is trying to back away because she just realized what she got herself into. But I give her credit, even though she ran, she still talked her shit and I can respect that. At least she remained consistent.

So I grabbed her by her hips (by the way honey was like 5'5", 145) and snatched her back down to the bottom of the bed and into my mouth. So then she tried the cocky approach again....bless her heart!
"Yeah eat this pussy make me cum again. You like making me squirt? No muthafucka has made me cum that quick before. Eat this pussy!"
"Shut the fuck up you hot bitch and cum again!" I said to her as I began to slowly and erotically suck her clit. "Ohhh damn you! Shit you are eatin this pussy. You gonna make me fuck you if you keep makin me cum like this! Ooooooooooooh shit! Ah shit! Ahhhhhhhh shit! At this point she can't stop herself from fucking my mouth frantically and finally 5 minutes later it happens again....whooosh! Her cunt exploded again and more cum squirted out of her and onto my face and sheets! Then I turned her over, spread her ass and began licking the cum from her ass while fingering her which made her lose it!
"Spank my ass! You sexy muthafucka! Oh shit you are so fucking nasty and I love it baby! Eat my pussy from the back! Now normally i give orders in bed as I am a dominant by nature, but I decided to indulge her whims since I had complete control of her pussy and I hadn't even fucked her yet. So I began tongue fucking her pussy while fingering her ass and pulling on her nipples. She quirted again and her cum was now running her slit onto my face and dripping from my chin onto my bed! Breathing hard she said? You gonna have to fuck me now! I need dat dick!"

I turned her onto her back, dropped my jean shorts (no boxers). As I reached for my magnum, she exclaimed, "Damn baby. you got me wanting you raw. It's been so long since I had a man nut in me. I want that big dick raw. Damn I gotta feel that big dick raw. look at that shit! Damn you got a pretty dick!" Now I know what you're thinking, he did that shit right? Nope, slid on the condom and as soon as I put the mushroom head of my cock inside, her walls started to spasm and I stuffed my deep inside her and she was so tight. I mean virgin tight. I had to work the first half of my dick in her before I could give her more. She is biting her bottom lip saying "I want it all baby! That dick feels so good. Damn! Fuck me. She cocked her own legs back and I began plowing into her and she bellowed like a dog howling at the moon and then her mouth while wide open went silent as her began cumming hard all over my chocolate tool. i started beating that pussy and all she could say was"Shit! Owwhhhh shit. Oh Shit! It's so big in my pussy! I feel that dick deep! Put it deep baby yessssssss! she quiruted so hard that it hit my stomach and chest while I was still fucking her! Then I turned her over and started smacking that juicy ass! Her ass cheeks were smacking against me and that ass was so soft and looking so delecious I said, "Dat ass looks so good you gonna make me fuck it baby!" When I long dicked her doggie she kept yelling "take your pussy!" "It's mine now? "Yes it's your pussy. You can have it like you want it!" After another 30 minutes or so of hardcore deep dick fucking I came and she busted her last nut of the new day. Or so she thought.

By the time I walked her to the car, I was rock again looking at her ass sway and her big tits. We got to the car door and I told her, "you look so good to me right now you are about to get fucked in this street. You want some more dick?" Without batting an eye she said yes, turned around and bent over and pulled up her dress. "But only if you give it to me from behind". I whipped out my dick rolled on another condom and I began beating that pussy again on a srtreet! I put my hand over her mouth because she loves to get loud and talk shit. I fucked her in the street for all to see in front of my house at 4:15 in the morning. I came again. She grabbed the condom of my dick and stroked me with her hand to make sure every drop was out of my cock! We said our goodbyes.

She called me 10 minutes later and said that she could not stop thinking about how many times and how hard I made her cum. She said she had never squirted that many times before. Peep this though, it's 4:30. And she says to me, "Fuck that I gotta have more. You got me fucked up. If come back over there I am not fucking with you anymore!" She showered again and at 5am she was back in front of my house. This time she pulled up with flip flops and a kimono, no undies! I got in the passenger side began eating her pussy and fingering both her pussy and ass. She was screaming and cumming and told me to finger her ass faster and deeper and when I did, she literally squirted from the driver's seat over my back onto the passenger window. My back was now wet with her cum!

She was shaking and acting scared at this point and told me to get out. She couldn't fuck with me anymore. "Baby what's the problem?" "Nooooooo. Get away from me! You have fucked me up! I can't cum like this anymore with you. I gotta go. I gotta go." I got out of the suv, stood at the top of my cul-de-sac and sparked up a fat "L" as I watched her scarred shit talking ass bend the corner hard like she had just robbed a! The next day, I received a text from her apologizing for her rude departure, but that she had to remove herself immediately for fear of ruining her relationship. She had lied, she had someone but she was mad at him and knew if she keep fucking me then there was no way she could be happy with him cause she would be thinking about me. I told her cool and I wasn't mad and that I understood. Its been two months since that night. She sent me a text today out of the blue saying she was happy. As I read her veiled text I realized she wanted me to respond to that and offer her some ore cock and tongue action. I didn't reply though. I just laughed and erased her number. She's right. Fucking with me can get a woman sprung. ANd if can handle being fucked and freaked everyday, then I am not the man for you! That's what prompted me to post this just now. I had to tell someone so I figured why not share this with my folks on the xham, ya know?!?
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2 months ago
WOW - very hot story. Got my juices flowing!
7 months ago
This post got me so wet daddy...mmmmm
3 years ago
I'm glad u decied to go w/ the protection
4 years ago
Damn!!! All I can Say Is DAMN!! I know exactly how she feels!!!:)
4 years ago
excellent very good writting
4 years ago
4 years ago
I decided to share a story that I was reminded of today by I text I got from a one night stand.....enjoy ladies, gents....ladies especially!