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so i pull up just as you get back from dropping off your k**s you see me smile and dirty thought enter your head as i walk over to you without saying a word you grabb me be the belt and laed me into your house as the door closes you push me to the wall and undo your clean white shirt you slip it off reveling your sexy blue bra you reach behind and unhook the bra pulling it from you and droping it to the ground you look down and the bulge in my jeans and start tugging on my belt you unbutton my fly and pull down my jeans as you sink to your knees my cock springs loose and almost hits you in the face you grab the base and stick it into your hot waiting mouth you slowly start to suck and wank my cock as you look up at me i smile and close my eyes as it feels so good you grab your tits and push them around my huge cock as you lick the tip then your lips engulf my cock as you deep throat me faster and faster i tell you im gonna cum you smile say good and suck me harder then my balls tighten and the first jet of cum goes down your throat you pull back and the second goes over your face and on to your tits you rub the cum in to your tits still smiling you then stand up and lead me to the shower taking my clothes off on the waywe are both naked as we ge there you turn on the water and pull me in we soap eachother up and smile and giggle all the time i clean off your tits and you pay speical attention to my hardding cock we rinse off and you grab a towl you dry me off and lead me to your bed as you lay me down i tell you to put your pussy on my face your shocked you straddle my head and my tounge starts to lick your pussy you grab the headbord as you have never had your pussy eaten this well before i lick and suck on your clit and push 1 finger in to rub your g-spot as soon as i touch it the biggest wave of orgasam runs over you and you scream my name as you cum all over my face and tounge your still shaking as you slide down my body kiss me and take my huge hard cock into your soaking wet pussy your looking me in the eyes as you do his and this alone makes you orgasam again stronger than the first but you still want more yo grab my hands to pin me down and ride me like a bucking bronko you feel another one cumming and you scream my name again you almost out of breath so i pick you up while being still inside you and walk you over to the wall with your legs wrapped around me im fucking you hard another orgasam for you and i tell you im gonna cum you say you dont care so i keep fucking you and cum deep inside your pussy this makes you cum again so i lay you down on the bed and pull out you say come here and as my cock gets close to your face you suck all the cum off of it this makes it hard again so i take some of the cum dripping out of your pussy and rub it otnto your ass i hold your legs in the air and put the tip of my cock onto your cum soaked ass i push gently and the head of me cock goes into your ass you gasp and start to rub your clit slowly rocking back and forth you take more and more of me in you soon my balls are smacking your asscheeks and im fucking you hard in the ass yet another orgasam makes your ass clamp tight around my cock and this makes me cum again i slowly pull out and we kiss and lay down together on the bed.......
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