a long time ago.....................

when i was 16 my mom and i went to a boat party in london the party went well and as it happened my moms hot friend was staying over at our house.
it was summer and the friend lets call her jane was wearing a sexy short dress.
alot of drinks were d***k and my moms friend got very d***k.

my moms friend was about 5'7 slim with 32c brests and she was to sl**p in my bed while i got the sofa so i went upstairs to get ready for bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth i heard her go into my room but the door didnt shut properly my mom had already gone to bed so i had a look through the crack in the door just in time to see her pulling her dress over her head
fantastic no bra full tan beautiful she switched off the light and got into bed
i went downstairs horny as hell and very much wide awake so i gave it an hour or so and went back upstairs to the toilet next door to the bedroom and i heard a faint sound of snoring coming from my room so i pushed the door open and crept in the smell on her perfume filled the room i watched her sl**p my heart pounding through my chest i went to the end of the bed and sowly tugged the duvet down free from her arms and exposeing her brests i looked at them with my dick getting harder i reached out to stroke them so soft she let out a moan i froze i stroked her pantys and felt the hair underneath with my eyes looking at her tits and pantys i didnt see that she had woke i didnt know until i felt a hand on my dick through my pjs i nearly jumped a mile high she smile and said dont stop as she slowly wanked my cock as i was young it didnt take long for me to cum she smiled and said i was a naughty boy and i should be asl**p i smiled and said goodnight and went back downstairs to sl**p
the next morning noothing was said to my mom
but she smiled and gave me a wink as she left

she was my mental wank for a long time after
i wonder what she is doing now....

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