Her Hands

I always liked her hands. There were other things that I truly enjoyed about her body, but when her hands were sliding across my body, I was always excited by them, by how small they were and how very large they made the rest of me look. Now, I’ve never been of small build, or stature, nor large either…but everything about her body just made me seem bigger. From the way her mouth had to stretch when she took my hard cock inside it, to the way her tight asshole always seemed to suck the life out of me when I thrust deeply in and shot it full of cum.

But her hands, when wrapped around my shaft, always made my cock look more massive. When she would kneel in front of me, wrap her hands around me, and then take me into her mouth, it was the best my dick ever looked. And one moment in particular takes precedence in my mind.

I was lying down on the couch, watching her on the computer, typing away. About half asl**p I kept getting drawn awake by her large, heavy breasts swaying each tie she turned to look at me and by her legs shifting and rubbing together underneath her short skirt. My mind wandered, picturing her open o-shaped mouth gasping in breaths as I pushed two fingers deep inside her tight dripping pussy and used my other hand to squeeze those large breasts and tight nipples…and as I was lying there I started to grow hard in my jeans as she was still on the computer.

She didn’t notice at first, but I started to slowly rub myself through my jeans, hearing her whimpering moans and pleading to be fucked hard from behind in my mind, my cock slowly growing to its full girth, when she turned around and looked at me, finding out what I had been doing. Her eyebrows raised and a smile came to those full lips that I loved to see wrapped around the head of my dick.

We exchanged a brief bit of playful banter before she slid out of the computer chair and up to my side, on her knees, and slowly began unzipping my jeans. I watched her as she moved, letting out a brief sigh of pleasure as her hand found my shaft and wrapped around it, pulling me free with a delighted playful gasp of delight.

She took me in her left hand, leaning down against my side, her firm tits pressing against my stomach as she started to slowly slide her hand up and down my shaft, moving her mouth close and giving a rough slow lick to the underside of my head. I groaned again, enjoying the show she was putting on as she jerked me off.

I asked her to keep giving me the handjob, and she smiled, saying that she’d never finished one before and that it would be her first. I was delighted. With every fifth or sixth stroke of her hand from the head of my slowly growing, engorged cock, she would take her hand away and lick the palm, wetting it with her spit before roughly sliding her tightly circled fingers back down my head and shaft. I reached down with the one hand that wasn’t squeezing those big tits and slid it underneath her skirt, rubbing two fingers between the wet throbbing lips of her tightly shaped pussy, feeling how turned on she was.

The wetness was absolutely dripping down her thighs, and it turned me on even more. I started to slide my fingers up into her wet hole and rub her tiny clit with my thumb while watching her jack me off, using the precum that was leaking out more and more with every stroke to help reduce the friction.. Her tits were firm in my hand and her pussy was slowly growing more and more wet, and her hand relentlessly stroking my hard cock was drawing me inevitably toward a hard orgasm.

I started breathing heavily, the precum getting thicker and more copious, her hand squeezed tighter around my shaft and she let out a loud gasp as I used the thick wetness from her pussy to lube two fingers, one I shoved into her pussy, the other went hard into her ass…and I could feel that first tight wet hole gush onto my hand as my back arched and she neared getting me to my orgasm.

I squeezed those tits tighter in my hand as my cock throbbed, her hand moving up and down…up and down. I finally hit the breaking point as I was pressing those two fingers hard into her two holes again and again, and I started to cum hard. Thick, wet, white gobs of cum spurted from my hard cock as she kept stroking me, whispering and whimpering to me, moaning and urging me to get it all out, to cover my stomach, cock, and her hand in my cum.

She sighed deeply and leaned down, licking all of my cum off of her hand after I finished, kissing me deeply and thanking me for the show. Then she sat up, squirmed her way off of my fingers and brushed my slowly softening cock with her fingertips…the words out of her mouth made me rock hard again. “Now you eat my pussy and make me cum that hard, too…”

And that, is a story for another time…
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