My friend’s future wife. - PART 2

Seeing that the first story was quite interesting for some of the readers, I decided to continue with the second part of it. For those who are reading this story, it would be very important to read also the “My friend’s future wife” to understand better the situation.
It is summer, end of July and it is extremely hot. Me, my fiancée, my friend and Anna decided not to lose any chance to go to a public pool, get a nice tan, drink some beers and of course, take advantage of that beautiful pool and cool down a little. We did this almost every day after our working hours and we had a really good time together. Of course, my eyes were always pointed at Anna. Her swimming suit is almost non-existent, to be honest I don’t understand how my friend let’s her come at the pool wearing only a very small white bra which barely covers her beautiful nipples and a white g string. Every time she gets out of the pool, every men from 100 meter range becomes silent and all the eyes are fixed on that beautiful body. When the swimming suit is wet, she is actually naked, the bra doesn’t cover much anyway and if it is wet, her hard nipples can be seen perfectly through it and her pussy lips can be seen very well through that tiny g string. I always had a huge hard-on when Anna was around and she could see that. Being a slut, she is always careful to show me a nipple or arrange her g string in front of me to have a glimpse on her beautiful shaved pussy. I want to say that while I am tanning, I can stay only with my face down, with my penis on the ground because otherwise everybody can see my huge erect penis (my back is extremely burnt by the sun :) ). As always, Anna has a sadistic pleasure to see me very turned on and while we are enjoying ourselves in the pool, she always comes closer to me and whispers something like “I wish you were fucking my mouth right now” or “My pussy asks me every day when you will fuck her again”. We went like this at the pool 4 days already and I didn’t had the chance to put my hands on Anna, my friend or my fiancée were always around and I didn’t wanted to take any risks. In this forth day I caught a very bad cold and I had to start taking antibiotics for my illness. I was very upset because we already agreed that we will go to that pool also the next day and I didn’t wanted to be a buzz kill so I went there even if taking antibiotics meant no pool and no beer for me. As it turned out, it was the best day at the pool for me. I was staying with my tablet at the sun and reading for work. Again it was a very hot day and all the others were taking advantage of the pool. At one point, Anna came earlier than the others at our spot and asked me if I will give her beautiful body a nice layer of sun lotion. Of course, I was more than happy to help her. I started to feel her back, her legs and of course I couldn’t neglect that nice round and firm ass. I was rubbing her ass and from time to time I was looking a little frightened at the pool because I didn’t wanted to be seen by my friend or fiancée. After a couple of minutes of ass massage, I pulled a little her g string and entered a finger in her beautiful pussy. She started to moan quietly. After a couple of minutes of hardly fingering her pussy she grabbed my dick very hard and told me “I don’t know how we will manage to be alone but today you will fuck me hard because in the past weeks all I could think about is your big cock”. Before I could say anything to her I saw that my friend and fiancée were getting out from the pool and I took my hands off her. She was a mess, before they came she arranged very quickly her g string but her sweet pussy was eating them as they slowly slipped inside her (not to mention the red cheeks, heavy breath and the rock hard nipples). My friend looked very strange at Anna. At that point my heart start racing, I thought that he realized what it is happening behind his back … after another second he says:
“Oh no baby, you are very red again, is your fever back ?” (at that point I didn’t knew that last night she had fever).
Anna “Yes honey, I think so, I am not feeling very well”
My friend: “Ok, let’s pack our things, we are going home, I don’t want to keep you here and suffer”
Anna “nonsense, I am not feeling that bad, I’ll just go to the d**g store very quick to take something”
That felt a great time for me to intervene “Anna, come, I am on meds already and I didn’t drank anything, we will take my car and go to a d**g store, it is no use to take long walks on this heat”
Everything was perfect, all 3 of them said “YES, this is a great idea” but I could see that Anna was the happiest from all 3, we all know why.
As we moved away from the others, we started to talk dirty, I was telling her that I will fuck her so hard that she will not be able to sit down for days and she will need a wheelchair to move, she kept telling me that she will break my dick into pieces … at that point we were both so horny that we were nearly running past the other people which were around us and from time to time I was grabbing her ass while she was making very sexy sounds. Once we got to my car I went 3 blocks away from the public pool to the nearest hotel, when we entered the receptionist start laughing. We were both in swimming suits, my dick could be seen very well and l already told you that she was a mess, I asked for the nearest room, paid and … entered. Once I closed the door, she fell into her knees, took off my shorts and start sucking very aggressively my hard cock, I grabbed her beautiful long blonde hair and I pushed my dick even more aggressively in her throat … at the point she started squeaking but I didn’t stop … it felt too good and I continued to fuck her mouth. When I looked down at her she had tears all over her cheeks and for a second I felt bad for the slut and stopped for a second … she slapped my dick, she moved in order to be with her back against the wall and said “continue to fuck my mouth, it feels great” … well, that was everything I needed to hear, I put the back of her head against the wall, with one hand I grabbed her hair and with the other hand her chin to keep her mouth wide open. I put my dick in her mouth and fucked her hard for several minutes, she was drooling all over my balls and on the floor and her face was very red. I sensed it is the time to give a good lick to that awesome shaved pussy. I put her on the bed, took her tiny swimming suit off and spread her legs. At that point she was begging me to fuck her. She was so wet that when I wanted to test her pussy with my finger I basically put 3 of my fingers in her pussy from the start … I was fingering her very hard and she was screaming loudly, I am sure that all the hotel guests heard us, it was a small hotel. I was so anxious to fuck her I skipped over the licking part and put my dick very aggressively in her. Her nails were scratching my ass and my back as we kissed. I put her feet on my shoulders, a pillow below her ass and started to pound that pussy as hard as I could. I had in front of me a very beautiful and sexy woman which was begging me to fuck her more (it was heaven on earth). I was pounding that pussy so hard and fast that it became red and my ears were hurting because of her loud screams. At one point she pushed me over and started to squirt while she was touching her clit. I had my first real squirter (I thought that I had another one but that was nothing compared to this, this time the bed was soaked). I looked very fast at the watch and we were at the hotel for more than 30 minutes, we had to hurry up before the others became suspicious … anyhow, I started to fuck her from behind and slapped that beautiful ass in the process, by balls were hitting her clit very hard she was making her normal routine, scream like she was possessed. After another 10 minutes I was exhausted and when I looked down to her ass, I realized that I have to stop slapping, it looked like a baboon’s ass (IT WAS FLAMING RED) and after some time we had to return to the public pool and all she was wearing was her g string. I fell very tired on the bed and she immediately came on top of me and inserted my pulsing dick in her wet pussy, she started to move slow, we were kissing, I was touching her tits. I was very tired already but it didn’t matter, with one hand I squeezed her ass and the other I put around her waist and pulled her towards me. Her sweaty tits were on my chest and they felt great, we were both moaning, seconds after I started to fuck her hard from below and occasionally slapped her ass in the process … I wanted the time to stop and enjoy longer the company of this beautiful woman who enjoyed sex as much as I did.
Her pussy was extremely wet and at one point she said that he wants to suck my dick because she had her share of orgasms and she wants to feel my warm cum. I put her again on her knees and I put my dick hard in her mouth pushing my dick deeper and deeper. By this point all the inhibitions went away, she had a huge dick deep in her mouth, she was moaning loud and I was slapping her cheeks from time to time and told her to look at me, to see that gorgeous face sucking my shaft. After some minutes I felt that I have to cum, pulled my dick out of her mouth and came all over her face and hair. We both start laughing but then we went near the mirror and we both looked like hell (especially her). I had scratches all over my back and I was soaked, she had a baboon’s ass, her face was all red, her pussy all wet, cum all over her face and hair. We looked at the watch and we realized that we were in that hotel room for more than an hour. We didn’t had time for shower, we grabbed a towel, I cleaned my sweat, she cleaned her sweat and cum and left the room in a hurry.
When we were in the hotel’s lobby I looked better at her (she was in front of me) and decided that under no circumstances I will take her back looking like that (she looked like she was fucked hard and beaten hard after that). I found very fast an excuse taking advantage that we both left our cell phones at the public pool and they couldn’t reach us. I took her home told her to take a shower and told Anna to explain to my friend (when he asks where we were) that when we arrived to my car the battery was dead, I called another friend to help me with it, we lost 45 minutes there, after that we went to a d**g store, take her meds and by then she was feeling very bad and decided that it is better to leave her home instead of taking her back at the pool. We kissed and decided that next time when we have the occasion we will take our sex adventure on the next level (I don’t really know what this means but I’m sure that her imagination will find something).
When I arrived at the public pool, I put a t-shirt on to hide the scratches that might draw attention and excuse for the sweat was very easy to find, it was very hot outside. They were very worried but they both believed me without any second thought because the story was very believable, (even more taking in consideration that they both think that Anna and I hate each other and they couldn’t think that something else happened). It was a great thing that my fiancée is not very good at cars, I changed my battery only 3 months ago :).
To be honest I can’t believe what’s happening to me, I have the best sex of my life and a few months back I hated Anna and couldn’t imagine that something like this will happen. I hope that in the next weeks I will be able to catch her for a good fucking once or twice because after that the wedding comes and … again … I am not sure if we should continue, or maybe then it will be even more interesting, I don’t know yet.
I see that my story is quite long, I hope I didn’t bored you with it, I had a huge hard on while I was writing it (and it took me some time) … my balls are starting to hurt, I will go and pound my fiancées ass now :), have a great day and I would be pleased to know your impressions in some comments.

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4 months ago
Wow !
Fucking exciting and it could be quite real...