The MILF from next door!

Hi I'm Zach, 17, UK

This is a story from about 2 weeks ago. My mum and dad are going to Spain on holiday and I decided not to go so I had the house to myself for a week. My neigbour (5ft 2, Brunette, mum of 2) who normally looks after our house while we're all away. As I was staying home she was not needed, anyway about 2 days into me having the house to my self I'm masturbating in my room while watching some porn the old fashioned way via the tv. My 5" cock was really hard and as I was alone I was completely naked. It was around 11PM and I was close to cumming when I herd a car door, I looked out my window to see a taxi and my neigbour called Julie stumbling out of the taxi looking to be very d***k wearing a very sexy tight leather jeans and almost see thru top, I think nothing of it and continue to watch her while I masturbate, then I see her coming towards my house with our spare key in her hand. I put on my dressing goun still with an erect penis and wait to see what she does, I hear the door open and she enters in the house, stumbling about she crawls up the stairs whispering "Zach, where are you?" I turn off my tv and open my to see Julie entering my parents room, I follow her in and ask her what she's doing, she replays, " I've lost my key, can I stay..." Each time I ask a question I only get half a response, At this point she is topless with a very sexy black bra on rolling on my mum and dads bed, I start to re gain my erect and as I start to turn around to call her son (14) who is at home I see here go into my mums draw and pull out a rampant rabbit dildo and like flicking a switch she instantly gets really horny and says to my, "come here hunny" I walk over and and she takes off my goun to see my 5" cock fully erect, next thing I know she is sucking my cock, after 5 minutes she say, "now you do me, now you do me" She takes off her bra and I take here jeans and black sexy thong to see a tight little pussy with a nicely trimmed pussy, as im about to go down on her she says " not like that " she gets on all fours and arcs her back and says "put your cock in my ass" so it's 11:30PM and this MILF is fucking her pussy with my mums dildo while in fucking her ass. She's getting louder and louder shouting to me cum, cum, cum in my ass. So I cum so hard into her arse and then she turns over and cleans my cock, after that she gets up and gets into my bed and says come on, I think she can't want me to fuck her again, I go into my room to see here in my bed knocked out just sl**ping in my bed, so I lock up and get in bed with her and sl**p...

The next morning I wake up to see a note,

"Hi Zach, I hope you enjoyed my little ass hole, Julie xox


Please don't tell my son"
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2 years ago
nice but short
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2 years ago
Hot Zack. Keep us posted
2 years ago