My new toy, day 5

I have been wearing a cock cage on and off for a few days now. This morning I was woken by the pressure of a morning woody straining at the confines of my cage. Maybe a shower will bring down the swelling. Moments after jumping in the shower, my key holder comes into the bathroom. She pulls me toward her by the lock on my cock. She unlocks and removes my cage. "We'll need to wash your cage a few times a week. I'll supervise your showers when we do this."

Ah, freedom. She has her back towards me while she washes my cock prison. I seize the moment, and I seize my nearly erect cock with a soapy hand. As I stroke it up and down, I realize how long it has been since I've been able to have a good yank. I am suddenly hit with a blast of cold water. "Quit playing with yourself. This is why I need to supervise you", she commands. The cold shower destroys my erection. After my shower she massages my penis and balls with baby oil. Up and down my shaft, over and over again. I begin to perk up again. It's a very enjoyable hand job until she reaches into a bowl of ice to pull out part of my cage. With ice cold hands she attaches the chilled cage to my cock. Again my short lived erection turns flaccid. As she puts it together she asks, "did you have fun playing our game?"

I respond, "It was great, from the lows of ultimate frustration to the peaks of very powerful orgasms. It so turns me on to please you to the point where you want to unlock me."

"Great. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There was another reason I got you this new toy...", CLICK, she has locked my cage again. "I see you are learning the importance of pleasing me. Soon you will come to desire to please me more than anything else. But... The biggest reason I got a cage for you is that I fear you will cheat on me. I know the fear is not rational, but I still have this fear, until now."

"I have never cheated on you, and I never will. But if this toy eases your anxiety, I don't have a problem playing the game. Besides, the sex has been fantastic.", I reply.

"Glad you enjoy it. I also enjoy torturing you."

She grabs my cage and pulls it upward putting pressure on my balls.

"Now I am sure you understand this is mine. Your penis belongs to me."

As she pulls upward, my slight arousal turns to discomfort.

"You cannot touch it. You cannot play with it. You cannot masturbate. Definitely, you cannot penetrate another woman with it"

Discomfort turns to pain.

"Do you understand?"

"Ouch", I reply attempting to show how painful it is.

She pulls harder and asks again "Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress", I whimper.

She relaxes her grip on me, "I need to keep an eye on you, to make sure you are not trying to escape from cock prison. You will be naked when you are home, so that I can be sure you are respecting my wishes. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress"

"I need to go into work for a few hours. If you want release when I get home, I suggest you find a way to impress me."

I spend the day cleaning the house, laundry, washing dishes. If I can tidy up around the house, I bet she'll be in a good mood when she comes home. For dinner I cook her favorite, sauté mushrooms over t-bone steaks. She comes home from work, a few hours after I finish preparing dinner.

"That was a long exhausting day at work.", she says as I play my role of a naked waiter. Serving her the meal with an ice cold lemonade. She retires to the bedroom while I clean up after dinner. Being locked in my cock cage all day waiting for my key holder to come home has made me extremely horny. I'm sure all the work I did today has impressed her. I meet her in the bedroom expecting release tonight. I climb into bed beside her.

"I am very tired now. I should get some sl**p tonight because I have got to go into work for a few hours tomorrow", she says as she gives my lock a tug,"goodnight."

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