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My new toy, day 2

Soon after I return home the next next, my wife asks me to bring my box with me when I come to bed. Excitedly, I bring it with me and with the wonderment of a christmas morning I open the box. I pull out a cordless maggaser. Hmm, this looks more like a toy for her than for me. Also in the box was a g-spot attachment for the massager. Looks like she is going enjoy what she gets tonight. One last item in the box, a cb-6000.

"What is this", I ask. Even though the pictures on the side of its case give me a rough idea what it is for.

"It's a cock cage. We lock your penis in it as a start to our foreplay. In it you can't get an erection and it is nearly impossible for you to have an orgasm. Once you have made me cum to my satisfaction. We'll take it off and when you fuck me, all that pent up frustration will turn to the ultimate arousal and you will have a mind blowing orgasm. Now, I have a little work to do. While I'm busy I want you to look up how to put it on. Then once you know how, I want you to put it on.", she said just before leaving the room.

Mind blowing orgasm? Fuck, how this work? I find a video on the internet of a guy installing his cockcage. Shit, that looks easy. Should only take a couple of minutes. As I sit on my bed with my lubed penis and balls in my hand, I attempt to put the ring around the base of my penis. After fifteen minutes of handling my junk, I finally get the ring on. Damn, now I have an erection, I can't put this on with an erection. "Honey, I'm too hard to put this on.", I shout.

Momentarily she enters the room with a glass of ice. "Use this", she giggles.

As I alternate ice with trapping my penis in its cage, I notice my wife has changed into her pjamas and is now laying beside me reading a book. After a few minutes, my hands are cold and wet but I am done. "There, how's that?", without waiting for a reply, "you're fully dressed reading a book, and I'm here naked with my penis locked in a cage. I feel like I'm second class."

She calmly reaches over and grabs the lock. CLICK. Now I'm locked in. A twinge of panic sets in.

Posted by ray_zhor 1 year ago
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