My new toy, day 3

The next day I return from work. Before I have my shoes off, she says, "you have to put your cage back on. Your body will take time to adjust to wearing it and the only way to break it in is by wearing it."

My heart rate rises. After the great sex last night, she had me at 'cage back on'. "Sure.", I said casually, attempting to hide my excitement. I make my way to the bedroom and remove my clothes. Damn, I am already half erect. As I fight with putting the ring around the base of my penis, I become fully erect. My key holder enters our bedroom carrying a glass of ice cubes. But the first thing I notice is the long necklace she adorns. It has a key on it. My key. She offers me the ice. After twenty minutes of twisting and adjusting and a wet spot on the bed from the ice, I finally have my cage on. My mistress comes over and cups my cage with her hand. CLICK. She locks my padlock. After last night I don't feel as panicky, more aroused than anything.

"Now, I have ordered take out from that East Indian place. Get dressed and go pick it up.", she commands. She hands me some baggy shorts and a t-shirt. As I walk you can hear the lock bouncing off of my cage. I am nervous leaving the house for the first time. I wonder if anybody else can hear the clack, clack of my padlock. Although it is only a short drive to the restaurant, my balls are sore from the pressure the ring is putting on them. I haven't had to drive or walk this far with it on yet. As I walk in to pick up my order, everyone is looking at me. Is it that obvious? Do they think I am some kind of pervert? I pay for my order and leave like there is nothing wrong.

When I arrive home I give my key holder her dinner and tell her the cage is putting too much pressure on my nuts. She pulls down my shorts and takes a look. "Your body is adjusting to the cage. You need to move to the next smaller ring size." She leans forward with the key around her neck and unlocks me. I remove the cage and put on the smaller ring. Sure enough it fit snugger and didn't slide down and squish my balls. "Don't bother putting your clothes back on", she commanded. I returned to the kitchen to see that she had finished eating. As I approached her she cupped my balls and my cage with two hands and smiled. CLICK. I was captive again. She had dished out a small bowl of butter chicken for me. Her leftovers. She retired to the bedroom while I ate.

Now the time had come. I knew you could pee with the cage on, but it felt awkward. Standing in front of the toilet, I determined it might be too messy to stand. Within seconds of sitting to pee, my mistress walks into the bathroom and sees me. "That's so cute. You look like a girl peeing.", she giggle, "don't forget to wipe your slit." When I was finished, I did as I was told and wiped off the opening and the end of my cage.

When I got to bed I thought after enduring the humiliation of going out for the first time and being laughed at while peeing, my mistress would make up for it with some more great sex. She was lying in bed facing away from me. I cuddled up to her and put my arm around her. She reached back and grabbed my padlock. She twisted and tugged it and then said "goodnight."

A long night it was, as I flucuated between aroused and semi-aroused all night. Very difficult to sl**p. I tried rubbing my cage but I couldn't even masturbate. Eventually, I got a couple hours of sl**p. I usually get up for work a few hours earlier than my wife, so I try to be as quiet as possible, I even get dressed in another room so as not to wake her. I showered which helped keep my morning erection down. Then I grabbed the key off of my key holder's end table. Just as I was about to unlock myself, she growled "what are you doing."

"I was just getting ready for work. I don't think I can leave my cage on for a full day of work."

"Just leave it alone and let me go back to sl**p", she replied as she dozed off.

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