How to save a marriage (Part 4)

Please read parts 1-3 to get the best out of this story.

The Friday of our first sex party came along. I finished work early and came home, taking a long hot bath and relaxing. Debbie had already bathed and we decided that we would not indulge in any sex prior to going out.

Debbie got herself dolled up in a lovely mini-kilt, her favorite skirt and for that matter mine too, a white almost sheer blouse, that had a wrap-round back, fastening in the middle of her spine. It was the sort that would just require a flick of the fastening to fall away. She had on a light white half-cup bra with a back fastening only so it would just fall to the floor when un-clipped. Her firm nipples stood proud under then very light material. Under her skirt was a pair of white lace panties, bikini style, a size too small to reveal her cameltoe and the mound of her completely bald pubic bone. The outfit was finished off with a lace white suspender belt, sheer black seamed stockings and a pair of black 6 inch stileto's. She wore very little make-up, she didn't need to anyway and soft red lipstick. She really did look stunning.

At 7.30 we stepped out, got into the car and drove off the 10 miles to the party.

The house where this weeks party was being held was near Frinton on Sea, a very posh area, in those days anyway, and it was fairly secluded along a tree lined drive. We were greeted at the front door by a guy in his early 30's who looked really good, he pecked Debbie's cheeks and mine before ushering us inside. The accommodation was quite something, large rooms well furnished and a number of large sofas circling the lounge. A screen was up at the front window and a projector was showing a very hard core porn film. Please bear in mind the sort of time this all occurred and porn was not easily available, the internet was unheard of and video players were not yet in the home.

There were 12 couples in the room, all between early 20's and mid 50's but all looking fit and smart. The women were immaculately dressed, all in very revealing mini skirts and tops. They were all slim but the tits ranged from A cups to DD and held out promises for later. All the men were slim too, again very smart and once more promising to be ready to enjoy the delights promised.

A young woman, about 19-20 years old came over and offered us a drink. She was wearing a French maids outfit, extremely short skirt and frilly knickers underneath. The top of the blouse revealed a firm pair of breasts and the tops of her nipples were just visible. her legs were again set off by sheer seamed black stockings and high heels. She looked a picture in long blond hair and a stunningly delightful smile.

Mike came to us and called the others to keep quiet while he introduced us and pointed out that this was our first ever party and to go easy with us. Debbie just said, 'Take no notice of him, no holds barred tonight please'. everyone laughed and then two lovely women came over and took Debs away while a couple of guys came over to me. There was a sound of a knocking of a spoon on a gals and Mike shouted, 'Right guys and gals, let the party roll!'

the sound of stripping took over and when I looked around Debbie was already just in her stockings suspenders and heels on one of the sofas, with an older woman between her thighs and the woman's tongue lashing at her clit. Another woman, also in her 50's was sat on her left side licking Debbie's firm erect nipple. On her right side Heather, Mikes wife, had now slipped in on her right side and started to snog her, fondling her right tit as she did.

My cock was solid now, watching this and a male voice in my ear said, 'So, your wife looks as if she is going to enjoy this evening'. A hand then cupped one of my ass cheeks and gave a squeeze. Beside me was a tall guy in his early 30's, He was nicely built, not over muscled but still a firm body. 'I think we will both enjoy the evening'. I replied, my hand slipping to the bulge at the front of his trousers and giving his, solid, cock a feel. As my head turned to him, he brought his lips to mine and started to kiss me, gently at first then with his tongue slipping between my lips, a little more intently. I started to rub his cock through the lightweight trousers he was wearing, while both his hands now cupped each of my ass cheeks. I then felt a pair of lips nibbling my neck and a body pressed up behind me. A pair of hands reach round, lifted my T shirt and started to tweek my firm nipples. A buzz ran through me and a warm feeling filled my whole body. One hand left a cheek and deftly undid the top button of my chinos and pulled the zip down, loosening the trousers which were allowed to fall around my ankles. The pair of hands left my nipples and thumbs hooked into the waistband of my underpants and I felt the guys body slide down my back as he dropped to his knees, pulling my pants all the away down. With a little assistance my feet were raised one at a time and the clothing around my ankles removed along with my shoes and socks. I then shuddered as I felt warm breath between my ass cheeks and then a tongue, licking then probing my rear hole. The guy I was snogging then pulled my T shirt over my head, throwing it aside, then he sat back on the sofa and pulled my face onto his firm cock, which was now released from his fly. Seven inches of glorious mad rod stood there and I eagerly started to lap on the shaft before burying the length in my throat. I was now on my knees and from behind I felt a cold sensation as a finger rubbed some sort of gel around my ass-hole. Then the inevitable feel of a cock head against the puckered entrance, a slight push and I felt the burning sensation as my first cock entered my back passage. Slowly he eased inside me burying his shaft all the way in. For a few seconds he kept still allowing me to resume my eager cock sucking, then the movement as he commenced to shag my arse, take my anal virginity and raise me to heights I could never have imagined. For a good 10 minutes the three of us were at it hard and fast until the quick bursts of breath came from the rear and I felt his cum explode into me, Fuck it felt good. At the same time the cock in my mouth erupted and I was rewarded with lashings of great tasting spunk, which I savoured as I swallowed every last drop.

We kept pretty still for a while and then both cocks left their respective holes and I sat back, and turned to see my buggerer. He was a nice looker, late 50's with greying hair. His body was well toned and lightly tanned. He had a huge grin on his face. 'That's the first time in years I have taken someones virginity', he said, smiling, then leaned forward and kissed me lovingly. 'I do so hope I can have the pleasure of you again', he added.
'Without a doubt', I replied, 'I look forward to you inside me again soon'.

I now looked into the room again. Debs was not longer the subject of wholly female attention. She was laying across the dining table, still in suspenders and heels, her legs splayed and a sturdy looking cock, slamming in and out of her lovely cunt. her head was tilted to one side where she was avidly sucking on a cock. The older woman who had been lapping her juices earlier was now nipping at Debs tits and my wife's whole wrist was buried into the woman's cunt. juices running down her wrist as she hand fucked the lady.

All the men were naked, the women all still in stockings and suspenders. various sex acts were in full flow, man on man, woman on woman and straight forward man on woman. I had not yet cum and so was still sporting a nice firm erection and espying a rather attractive woman in her late 20's having a soaking cock withdrawing from her cunt, I walked over, dropped to my knees and licked her clean of the other guys sperm, again loving the taste and combination of mixed male and female juices. Standing up, I thrust my cock deep into her and shagged her rigid. pawing her tits as I drove in and out of her. A guy, was knelt on the table beside her fucking her throat and a woman kneeling at her other side. pinching her nipples and nicking her tit flesh with her nails. The woman seemed to enjoy the extra punishment she was getting as we took her over the edge at least three times before I filled her cunt and he filled her mouth with rich while man-juice. Straight after we pulled out, the tit nicker turned her over, made her bend over the table and taking a riding crop started to whip her arse cheeks. Not overly hard but enough to make her cry out and bring marks across the cheeks. as I watched, a hand clenched my arse and turning I saw Debbie beside me. She leaned over and kissed my. 'Ray', she said, 'This is fucking gorgeous, thank you, I love you'!

We walked across to the drinks table. I took a long cold lemonade while Debbie poured herself a large Vodka and Tonic.

'Round two in a few minutes then' she said. Her eyes scanned the room as we looked at the mass of naked and near naked bodies performing lude acts with each other. 'Are you ready for it?'
'Yes', I replied, 'More than ready'.

At that we kissed and parted to join the throng. It was only 9pm and we were set for a full night of solid sex, both hoping to further our sex education over the next 12 or so hours.

(the rest of that first evening will come soon)

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9 months ago
Looking forward to part 5. Part 4 just as hot as the first three. :)
9 months ago
Pretty full on for your first party, it looks like you've both had an exceptional start into this sexual society!
All very well written and extremely hot! :)
9 months ago
Would love to be invited to this party!
9 months ago
just read all four parts in one go - my cock twithcing and hard throughout!