“Raw Sex, For The First Time” (Part 1)

I've never felt this way before, Chris thought. He had been laying in bed, shirtless and sweating, staring upwards at his ceiling. His heart was racing and he could barely breath, he couldn't believe that his first time had felt so good. Several hours before Chris had hooked up with a girl he had just met and the sweaty groping session quickly turned into fast rough sex. I need to go to more parties like that, Chris thought as he rolled over onto his side, lazily looking over at his television to see the news. Chris licked his lips as he remembered plunging his tongue between the girl's legs as she grab his golden brown hair. She tasted sour at first but as he moved the tip of his tongue around vigorously, her hips began to circle slowly with his mouth and released a sweet nectar from her warm, dripping vagina.
"My Pussy feels so good!" she moaned, "Fuck me harder with your mouth!" she begged as she grabbed Chris's hair tighter, "Bite me, please!".
Chris had tried to look up at the girl as she pressed his mouth back deep between her legs as she dripped sweet juices and trembled. Chris bit down softly pulling at the lips of her vagina, making the girl moan and giggle in pleasure.
Chris had never went down on a girl before, so he didn't complain that she didn't smell fresh, he didn't know whether all girls were like this but he didn't care because he knew his penis was salty and didn't smell great. Chris blinked and focused on the television as he recognized something on the news. Their was a report about the party he had left earlier. Chris sat up on his bed to see that the news reporter was a beautiful red head with a great rack.
"This was Samantha Green reporting" the news reporter said with a peppy energy as the story changed.
The party had to have been wild if they were talking about it on the news. Chris smiled and touched the tip of his penis, it still tingled from the rough, energetic riding the girl from the party had given him. A thin string of semen hung onto Chris's fingertip as he pulled away from his body. Losing his virginity in such a thrilling night, with such and experienced girl, had left him in a euphoric daze.
"At least I lost my virginity before my birthday" Chris softly said to himself, the thought of having his first drink before popping his cherry use to send chills down his spine but now it was not such a serious matter, and actually something he could laugh at now.
Chris stood up, and put a shirt on before leaving his room. I should have gotten her number, Chris thought as he left his room and stepped down the stairs of his house. Chris had the urge and the need to have sex again, and he didn't care who he got it from. He stepped outside into the night and looked around seeing the world in a new light. He was so horny and needed to find a release. Chris looked at his watch realizing that it was getting close to midnight. Chris walked through his neighborhood with his hands in his pockets.
"Maybe I just need a drink" Chris mumbled to himself as he walked down several streets and cut through some bushes.
Chris had made his way out of his quiet neighborhood and to the back of a strip club. Realizing where he was, Chris kneeled down in a familiar bush and began to touch himself from inside his jeans. Chris usually masturbated as he watched the strippers have sex with strangers in the back of the club. Tonight he was lucky to catch a scarcely thin stripper take a tall bronze skin man out the back of the club. The man was grinning and staggering d***kenly as he patted the thin stripper on the backside of her short skirt.
"You like my tight little ass, right?" The stripper said as she turned around and squatted to push the d***k mans penis in her mouth.
"Bitch you better put that mouth to work and give me that tight black ass" the d***k man said as he put his hand against the side of the building to stay upright.
"For a thousand dollars, you can fuck my black ass all night" she said as she rubbed his penis across her lips.
Chris began to masturbate hard as he watched the stripper bob up and down in her high heels. Chris licked his lips and watched as the d***k man turned the stripper around and pushed her up against the wall, driving his penis into her anus.
"Your asshole is loose bitch!" the d***k man said as he pumped several times, and stepped back from the stripper with a disgusted look.
"My ass is tight, shut your d***k ass up and give me my money!" she said angrily.
The d***k man spat down at the strippers feet and walked away with his penis dangling out in front of him.
"Fuck you!" she screamed as the man staggered around the corner, "Damn" the stripper mumbled as the d***k man left without paying her.
Chris looked at the stripper hungrily and watched as she turned around and started to smoke a cigarette. Chris slowly tucked his penis back into his pants and stepped out of the bushes. The stripper turned around and smiled slightly as she saw him walking forward.
"If you're looking for the strip club, you need to go around to the front" the stripper said as she took a drag from her cigarette and looked Chris up and down.
"I have money, I have five hundred dollars" Chris stuttered as he got up close to the stripper.
"Well look at you, what are you looking for?" The stripper asked as she looked around to make sure they were alone. "You can fuck me in the ass for five hundred if you want too sugar" she said as she put the cigarette out.
"Yeah, I want to do that" Chris said as he fumbled through his pockets pulling out three hundred dollars.
Chris handed the money over as his hands were shaking and the stripper took the money without counting it. The stripper reached into his pants and pulled out his erect penis.
"Ooh looks like you ready, already" she said as she turned, bent over and guided Chris in.
Chris slipped right into her anus, he grabbed her hips and pushed deep inside of her. The strippers skirt jumped up as Chris wasted no time pumping into her roughly.
"Harder" the stripper said as she moaned and bent over further for him.
Chris pushed deeper into her lose anus, but it felt good and he could feel that he was close to finishing.
The stripper could tell by Chris's enthusiastic movements that he was close to getting off so she moaned louder and said, "Go ahead and cum in my ass baby, it's all yours, it's all yours!"
Chris was now rapidly pumping hard against her and felt a warm feeling spread through his body. Chris moaned as he finished in her anus and came to a stop breathing hard.
"That was quick but I liked it" The stripper said as she turned around to smile and kiss Chris on his cheek. "Come back anytime you want, i'm always here" she said as she strutted over to the strip club and entered through the backdoor, pulling her skirt back down.
As quick as it had begun, Chris watched the stripper leave and he realized that he hadn't asked her what her name was. Chris smiled and thought, i'm going to come back tomorrow and ask her, that was definitely worth it. Chris put his penis back in his jeans and started to walk away.
"I need more," Chris whispered to himself as he touched himself through his jeans.
Chris walked away in a daze feeling high and even hornier then before. Chris walked down the street looking into bars and looking at the people inside. Chris stopped in front of a bar and let his eyes fall onto a beautiful laughing girl. Chris blinked roughly and realized that it was the girl from the party, he quickly stepped into the bar.
"Hey" Chris said, as he clumsily stumbled through the door to make eye contact with the girl.
"Hey" she said at first confused before recognizing Chris, "Funny seeing you here" she said with a smile as she put her hand on Chris's chest. "I'm glad I ran into you! I never gave you my number" she said with a smile.
"We should hang out some more" Chris said as he looked around and saw the girl was with another girl.
"You see something you like?" the girl's friend asked.
Chris smiled and realized he was checking them both out.
"Chris right? I'm Mary and this is my friend Lauren, do you want to have some fun?" the girl from the party said with a smirk.
Mary smiled at her friend, grabbed Chris's hand and started walking towards the back of the bar, to the ladies bathroom. Lauren followed Chris and Mary into the ladies room and whispered into Chris's ear "Are you ready for this?"
Chris swallowed roughly and smiled, eyes wide open realizing that he was going to have an even luckier night. The door of the ladies bathroom swung behind them and the girls began to giggle as they pushed Chris into a vacant stall. Chris pulled out his penis as the girls started to take their tops off.
"I need this" Chris said as the girls undressed in the cramped stall and began to kiss each other.
Chris started to masturbate as he looked at the girls and thought to himself. I need this...
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