From the Casino to the Hotel

I was sitting at the bar in a casino when I noticed this babe near the other end of the curved bar whose face was exactly what my sexual fantasy was about. She looked at me and I smiled, and she smiled back. We smiled at each other again after a few minutes, and after a few more minutes, I decided to go sit in the empty chair next to her before someone else did. She looked like she was by herself. I sat down and introduced myself. She put her hand out to shake mine, but did not let go. We talked as best as we could over the loud music all the time running our fingers around in our hands. Finally the band started playing a slow song, and I asked her to dance. I started to hold her hands for the slow dance, but she flung my hands to the side and put her arms around me. She held me tight. I held her tight. Her warm body felt wonderful next to me. After the dance, we went back to our chairs and continued the conversation. When the band took a break about an hour later, I asked her if she wanted to go get some fresh air. She said yes like she was waiting too long for me to ask. Seconds later we were walking out of the bar with me behind her, and that was the first time I got to look at her ass. Very nice!

We walked outside into the warm summer night air. The place was on a waterfront, and we made small talk as we walked, then stopped to lean on the railing and look out over the water. Very soon after that we were deep french kissing like we were both starving for love. It was probably the longest and most intense kissing session I have ever had. We must have kept it up for a couple of hours. No k**ding. Near the end of our time standing there, I moved my hand down her back and under her sweater. I felt a silky material. She was wearing something very sexy under that sweater. He back felt like silk and her tongue was so wet and tasty. Eventually I slid my hand down and felt her ass. She made a little purring sound.

Eventually she said “I don’t normally do this, but would you like to come up to my room”? I was speechless at first, but said yes. Once we got to her room, she dimmed the lights and we resumed kissing and kissing and kissing. I got bolder and slid my hand all over her ass, then slid it around front and gently put pressure on her pussy thru her clothes. Warm purring sounds again. I slid my hands under her sweater to feel her back thru that silky material again. She grabbed her sweater, and pulled it off revealing a black neglige. I marveled at the size of her breasts and immediately placed a hand on each one. Of came the neglige revealing a black bra. Then off came the bra revealing two very large and natural breasts. I took each one in my hands and she slid her hand inside my pants and gently placed her hand around my cock. The hungry french kissing started again. I slid my hand down inside her pants to feel her pussy. More hungry purrs emitted from her. Off came her pants and I gently laid her down on the bed so I could run my eyes all over that body. I started at her feet and gently ran my hands up her legs lightly caressing her pussy as my hands passed by and continued up to those lovely breasts. I started gently kissing her nipples and she reached down into my pants again. She had a very soft touch. I started down her body kissing every inch along the way then took her pussy in my mouth thru her panties. Another warm hungry purr emitted from her. I slid her panties off revealing her pussy. I gently ran my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy and all around the edges of her pussy, then I went down on her. I opened her pussy lips up with my tongue and found her clit. By now, she was really wet. I ran my tongue all over her pussy stopping at her clit several times to run my tongue all around her clit till her hips started gyrating up and down. Her hips started moving up and down faster, that smile on her face as she looked lovingly at me changed to closed eyes and total pleasure, and moments later she came hard. I tried keeping my tongue on her clit as her hips moved up and down with her orgasm till she seemed like she could take no more. I moved alongside her and placed my hand so that her pussy was cupped in my hand and held her pussy in my hand while she was still gyrating from the orgasm. When her orgasm was over, I moved up and kissed her. We started deep french kissing again, and her hand moved down to my cock and took it gently into her hand and started to gently stroke me. Soon she pushed me over onto my back, and worked her way down my body, gently kissing me as she went. She cupped my balls and ran her tongue up and down my cock. She supported my cock with her hand as she continued to run her tongue up and down my cock then took me in her mouth. She slid me in and out of her mouth taking me deeper with every stroke till she had all of me in her mouth. She proceeded to suck my cock. Very gentle constantly sliding me in and out of her mouth. Then she looked at me and said “I want you inside of me” and slid my cock into her wet wanting pussy. We sat there and admired each other. I took both of her huge breasts into each hand and she smiled. She gently and slowly moved up and down my cock. We started kissing again, then we rolled over so she was on the bottom, and I positioned myself so that no part of me was touching her except for my hard cock being inside her. I slid in and out of her for a very long time, every once in a while pulling out of her completely for a couple of seconds, then gently plunging my cock deep inside her again. My cock was outside of her long enough so that the air in the room on my wet hard cock cooled my cock just enough so that the heat of her pussy enveloping my cock as I slid back into her hot wet pussy felt like heaven. I think we must have lasted 15 to 20 minutes of that before I erupted inside her in the wildest orgasm I have ever felt, then she said “Oh yes, cum inside of me”! Then she had another orgasm. Some more kissing and we finally fell asl**p around 5 am. Wow!
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