Holiday in the sun.

I am a normal, everyday housewife, with a husband who loves me and a beautiful daughter. My name is Megan, and I still look very good at 39 years old, being 5'5" tall and weighing 125 pounds, with long, natural brownish hair and sparkling blue eyes. My husband Michael, is 46 years old and works as a banker for Goldman Sacs in New York City. He always tells me how pretty and sexy I am. I am trim and fit from frequent workouts at the gym, and I have full and firm D-cup breasts that look big for my small frame. But Michael says that my best features are my firm, heart-shaped bum and prominent labia and pubis, which always attracts attention from other men, and even some women, when I'm wearing tight pants or a bathing suit. Michael quite a handsome man for his age and at 5' tall and 185 pounds, and he also keeps in shape by jogging and going to the gym with his work associates. I previously had a career as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, but I quit that job to be a stay-at-home mom two years ago. I also recently taking my birth control pills because Michael and I felt that it was time for us to try to get me pregnant and have another c***d. I kept in touch with a couple of my old work colleagues, and I was especially close with Janet. She was previously my supervisor and was not married and at the age of 45, was still attractive, even if she did put on a few extra pounds in the last couple of years.

Janet called me at home one afternoon and asked me if I could meet her for lunch in the city. She had just returned from a vacation in Jamaica with Sally, another previous co-worker of mine, and she was all excited to tell me about their trip. We met at a corner deli near Janet's office and after we ordered lunch, Janet began by saying, "Oh Megan, you wouldn't believe what a great time Sally and I had. I don't know if you've ever heard about this, but a lot of white, single, middle-aged women and even some married women, go to Jamaica to find a young man to have sex with. Most of these women are from Europe, Britain, Canada and the United States. These young, local, black guys, usually from 18 to 30 years old, go overboard flattering the older women and then end up having sex with them for the whole vacation.

The women usually buy these guys clothes, jewellery and even pay them for spending time with them." Then I asked, "What are you saying Janet? Did you and Sally hook up with a couple of those young men?" Janet then continued. "Hell yes. I haven't had many dates in the last couple of years, probably since I gained weight, and those hung black men didn't seem to care. I realize that the flattery is just a way for them to make money, but it still feels good to get so much attention. And these guys have huge, black baby makers and know how to use them. It's like going to a sex candy store to see them walking around the nude beach. Some of the people call these guys "rentadreads", since they are basically man whores, and they call us white women "milk bottles", since most of us are pasty white and are receptacles for their sperm. I met my guy on the second day there and then we had sex the next five days, at least three times a day. Those guys really seem to have stamina and know how to please a woman.

“I was shocked at what Janet was telling me, but then managed to say, "Weren't you worried about getting diseases? Did they wear condoms when they had sex with you?" Janet then continued, "I was at first concerned about the risk of catching a disease and insisted on him wearing a condom the first time we had sex. But then, he showed me a recent doctor's report showing that he was clean. He looked so healthy, sexy, fit and clean so we had sex bare the rest of the time. He filled me with his loving making baby juice every time we had sex like no white man has ever done. The only thing he wouldn't do was lick around my love hole since there's a cultural taboo against men sucking pussy in most of the Caribbean islands. Some men do suck pussy, but they certainly don't advertise it or talk about it. That wasn't a problem for me since his cock was long and thick and he could pound me for hours and I had huge orgasms every time we had sex .We continued our lunch and Janet told me many more specifics about her experiences in Jamaica. I have always been faithful to Michael, but hearing about all of those thick, black knobs was really turning me and my hole was soaking wet by the time I left for home. I did have sex with a few guys in college before I met Michael, but have never experienced cocks as big as Janet was describing.

Michael and I have a decent love life, but his dick is only five inches long and thin, and he usually licks and sucks my love hole to orgasm after he shoots his load of cum in me. We have been doing a little role play in the last couple of years and both of us like to fantasize about other men having sex with me. I don't think that Michael wants that to happen for real, but I have to admit that I sometimes masturbate when I'm alone, thinking about another man fucking me. I have never thought about a black man fucking me, but after hearing about Janet's experiences, I at least wanted to see some of those big, black knobs for real. I decided to tell Michael about my conversation with Janet, just to see if it sparked Michael interest in him.
That night when Michael and I were in bed, I told him all about Janet's experiences in Jamaica and I was surprised to see how excited he was about it. He wanted to hear all of the juicy details, and seemed to really get turned on when I described those big, black cocks and heavy, hanging balls. We then started including black men in our fantasies and he liked it when I sat on his face feeding him his own cum, while saying that I had just had sex with a black man. These fantasies continued and even intensified over the next couple of months, and then when it was time for us to plan our next vacation, it wasn't hard for me to convince Michael to take us both to Jamaica. Although, I still had no reason to believe that Michael would want to follow through on any of our fantasies. I think he just wanted to give me a chance to see those big, black knobs up close. My s****r agreed to baby sit our daughter for the week that we'd be gone and everything was set for a great vacation.

We arrived at the resort late Saturday afternoon and after a great dinner and a few drinks, we decided to get up early and rest up for our first day at the beach. We got down to the nudist beach early on Sunday morning and all we saw were other tourists, some nude and some wearing bathing suits and although it was disappointing, we just assumed that we were a little early for the locals. We rented one of those portable cabanas to help protect us from the hot Jamaican sun and set it up near some palm trees and facing the water.

We started out lying in the early-morning sun, and both of us took off our bathing suits to enjoy being nude. Michael just loved seeing my breasts and love hole as a teasing advert for black Jamaican knob(s) to “come and explore” it. My thick labia and pubis were covered by a neatly-trimmed layer of blonde hair that looked transparent from a distance. His soft white knob looked small, even compared to some of the nude white men we saw there, but he didn't seem to be embarrassed about it. About mid-morning, we began to see some of the local men arriving at the beach and many of them were nude. Most of these men had long dreadlocks and looked to be in their early 20s, and they were very lean and muscular and of course very black. Many of these men stopped by our cabana to chat with us, but didn't stay very long, probably because Michael was there, which meant less chance of them finding a "milk bottle" to pay them for their attention. It was arousing watching the big, thick, black knobs on these men as they stood in front of us to chat. Many of them shifted their weight on their feet and kind of nervously moved back and forth, which made their cocks swing and bounce. Some even had hard cocks sticking straight out and I'm guessing that most of the hard ones were between eight and eleven inches long and probably seven inches in circumference. They also had large balls that hung heavily in the sack, and I could feel my pussy getting wet just watching them. I just couldn't get over how thick those cocks were and how heavy they looked. It was also interesting watching them walk away, seeing their balls and cocks swinging between their legs from behind, and seeing those tight, protruding asses flex. I had previously read a study that concluded the average black cock was about seven inches long, while the average white cock was six inches long, but I'm guessing that we were seeing the guys with the largest cocks since they would be the ones with the confidence to flirt with white women at the beach.

We must have had a dozen of those gorgeous men stop by to chat over the course of two hours, and I could tell that even though Michael was definitely enjoying the view, he was also becoming self-conscious about his small dick and he started covering it up with his towel. We were both mesmerized by all of the big cocks, especially from our position looking up at them from our blanket. But, the young black men eventually stopped coming by our cabana, probably because the word spread that my husband was with me. We eventually moved back into the shade of the cabana to protect ourselves from the scorching mid-day sun. Michael was taking a nap and I was just dozing off when I sensed a shadow come across the front of the cabana, partially blocking the bright sunlight. I looked up and saw a black man and woman pushing a big-wheel concession cart.
They both looked to be in their mid-forties and their skin was very black. He was about 6'2" tall and very muscular and the woman was 5'10" tall and although not fat, she was a big woman with thick thighs, a big ass and huge breasts. The sunlight coming from behind them made it a little difficult at first to see that they were both totally nude, and were just wearing sandals and some necklaces made of seashells. His cock was enormous and hung half way to his knees even though it looked to be soft and it was as thick as my wrist. His balls were also huge, looking to be the size of eggs, and they were hanging heavily between his legs.

The lady was the first to speak and said, "Hi travellers, my name is Ayana and this is my husband Winston. We have many drinks, treats and souvenirs on our cart for you, and we can also provide a relaxing massage for the pretty lady." I sat up and realized that I had my mouth open and had been just staring at that big, circumcised, black tool and those low-hanging balls. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could also see just how round and full Ayana's breasts were, and could also make out her prominent pubis and thick labia, that were covered by a neatly trimmed layer of kinky, black hair. I also noticed that Winston had light green-gray eyes that looked very surreal and almost magical on a black man. I finally composed myself enough to speak and said, "It's nice to meet both of you. My name is Megan and my sl**ping husband's name is Michael. Do you have any of those refreshing Jamaican beverages on your cart? It's so hot out here on the beach and a cool drink would hit the spot." Ayana replied, "Oh yes pretty white lady, we have a special drink made of crushed ice, rum and a blend of the sweet juices from our island fruits, and we can add a special potion that will relax you and put you two in a romantic mood."

Michael had wakened at the sound of our voices and he was also staring at that big hanging cock and balls and Ayana's fat pussy. I asked for two of their special drinks, with the potion and invited Winston and Ayana to sit with us while we sipped our drinks. I just had to see more of that big, black tool, and wanted them to stay with us as long as possible. We talked and got to know them pretty well and found out that Winston had been a “rentadread” up until the age of 35. He had made a lot of money servicing the white women tourists and then he bought the beach concession and settled down with Ayana. It turns out that Ayana approves of Winston still trying to fuck white women when the opportunity arises, so long as she gets her needs taken care of as well. I didn't ask what that meant, but was soon to find out.

After about a half hour, we were feeling very relaxed from the drinks and I also noticed that my pussy was tingling with arousal. I could see that Michael was getting a hard on and I wasn't sure whether the drink and potion were having that effect on us or if it was just from looking at those gorgeous black genitals. When Ayana asked me if I wanted a massage, I of course said “yes” and was looking forward to feeling their strong black hands on my body. Michael moved off to the side of the cabana and they placed me on my stomach in the middle of the blanket. Ayana got on her knees above my head and started rubbing my back with coconut oil, and Winston got between my spread legs and started massaging my calves. He soon moved up a little further and was stroking his strong hands up the backs of my legs, all the way from my ankles up to my ass. As he got above my knees, he would place his thumbs between my thighs and push upwards until his thumbs barely touched my swollen labia as he then rotate his hands outward. This had the effect of spreading my bum cheeks fully, giving Winston a close up view of my bum-hole and thick labia. Michael told me later that it was very erotic watching as he spread my ass, and then when he let go my firm ass cheeks would jiggle back into place. Michael and I were even more aroused now and I could see that he was fully hard and leaking pre-come and I could feel that my pussy was very wet. I was then turned over and Ayana stayed by my head, while Winston got on his knees between my spread legs. Ayana then
oiled up my breasts and without any hesitation and without asking my permission, she began to massage my big breasts. As she leaned over me, I was almost between her thick ebony thighs and I could smell her aroused pussy and see her pendulous breasts swaying over me. Winston was rubbing my legs, getting ever closer to my wet pussy and he slowly moved up until my legs were fully spread across his thighs and I could feel his massive tool as he periodically bumped into my tempting love hole. That rum drink and especially the potion, must have removed all of our inhibitions, because here I was on my back, very close to having full sex. Michael and I were just letting it happen. After a few more minutes of being massage, Winston pulled me back until I was fully against him with my hips elevated on his thighs and I could feel the weight of his heavy cock lying across my belly. He was fully hard now, and his cock must have been 11 inches long and the huge head was leaking a steady stream of pre-come onto my belly.

Winston then looked into my eyes with his mesmerizing green-gray eyes and said, "I'm going to have sex with you now with my big, black tool now Megan. I'll go slowly so I don't hurt you, since I can see that Michael’s little penis has never filled you up. Just relax and before you know it I will have my penis all the way into your tight hole. The best part is when I shoot my big load of Jamaican love juice right into your cervix." When I heard Winston mention that he would be shooting his big load of sperm into my unprotected hole, I first began to panic since I had just recently stopped taking my birth control pills so that Michael and I could have another baby. But then a feeling of calm came over me, and I wanted Winston to fill me with his semen. Maybe it was the potion, or maybe it was just the thought of being totally violated by that massive black tool, but I have to admit that I didn't resist having sex with him, but without protection. I wanted to feel his thick sperm shoot into me. Then Winston said, "Come over here Michael and guide my big tool into Megan's little hole." I was surprised at myself for how I was willing to have another man for the first time since I was married, but Michael surprised me even more. He had a look of pure lust on his face as he moved next to me as I eventually tried to wrap my fingers around Winston’s thick black pipe. Winston rocked his hips back a little, bringing his cock head to my labia lips and I held on as Winston rocked forward. The huge twitching purple head pressed against my labia and my fat pussy lips finally yield allowing the head to pop into my tight vagina. I pulled my hand away as Winston began rocking back and forth, pushing ever more of that dark meat into me. I was just starting to get adjusted to his thickness when another new experience began for me. Ayana had been kneeling behind my head watching as her husband began to impale me with his big tool and now she moved over me with her thick thighs on each side of my head. I was now looking up at her very black, moist and thick labia and when they were slightly parted, I could see the pink wetness inside. She then squatted down and pressed Michael her big hole to my lips and I instinctively began to suck her tangy labia. This was a totally new experience for me and I just loved the aroma and taste of her vagina. Ayana started Michael pressing down harder and rocking back and forth, having sex my face and the feeling of being smothered by her dark jungle bush while at the same time having my hole filled with her husband's tool was just amazing. I could feel that Winston was now taking longer and longer strokes and it felt like he was now pushing nine inches of that Jamaican love pipe into me. He gently pressed against my cervix on each stroke and I could feel my love hole stretching and reshaping itself to accommodate him. I could also feel his bull-balls swinging and slapping against my ass as he stroked into me. It is hard to describe how wonderful it was to feel that big cock sliding into and out of my wet pussy. I could feel his prominent veins and the thick cock head and he was stretching me to the limit. Michael was still sitting next to me on the blanket and I could see him rubbing his little penis each time Ayana moved back and forth over my face. I finally felt my hole stretch just a little more and give way and then I could feel that all of that huge black tool was in me. It seemed to excite Winston knowing that he was fully buried in my tight, white love hole and I soon felt him tense. His baby-maker began to pulse and throb as he held his throbbing penis head right against my cervix and shot his thick Jamaican baby making love juice into me. Ayana knew that he was ejaculating and she pressed Michael down hard on my face and had her own orgasm, filling my mouth with her fluids. Winston just held me in place, with my hips elevated on his thighs and I knew that he must be trying to make sure that his sperm had the best chance to impregnate me.

After about 10 minutes, he pulled back and laid his spent, deflating cock on my belly. After a few minutes of me playing and wiping our love juice from Winston’s knob, Winston then said, "Okay Michael, now get between Megan's legs and lick my semen out of her violated love hole. A large volume of my seed will be flowing out of her and I want you to swallow it all. But no matter how well lick it clean, if she is the least bit fertile she will already be pregnant with my black sperm." Then Winston moved out of the way and Michael got between my legs and covered my swollen clitoris with his mouth. This was a familiar position for him since he always lick his own juice from me, but now he was swallowing the plentiful sperm of another man and a black man at that! Michael licked my pussy and clitoris with an intensity that I had never seen before and I could actually feel Winston's cum draining from my hole and into Michael’s mouth. As Michael continued licking my vagina and clitoris, Winston looked over at Ayana and said, "You see baby, I knew that this white couple would just love my black tool and your wet, black forest.”

Michael finally finished cleaning my well-sexed-upped hole and then I look over at Ayana and said, "This was an amazing experience for Michael and I, but I am a little surprise that you would allow Winston to fuck other women." Ayana smiled broadly and said, "At the time we were married, I knew that Winston had been fucking white women for many years, and that it would be hard for him to stop. Many of those women were not so attractive and many of them were overweight, so we decided that he could fuck other married white women after we were married, but they had to be attractive like you and we had to include the husband in servicing our needs. I agreed to this with the understanding that I would be able to get the white wife and her husband to lick my ebony vagina.

Winston and I do not do any oral sex since it is culturally frown upon in Jamaica and pretty nasty, but we have found that white couples just love to suck his big, black, raw Jamaican love pipe and my black love hole. For some reason, the sight of his big tool and the feeling that the wives get being totally filled and stretched by that big piece of meat are enough to get nice white couples like you to do anything for us. Plus, I get to fuck all of Winston friends when they are in need of sex." Then I asked, "But how did you know that we would be willing to have sex with you two? I have never before touched, much less sucked, another woman's hole and Michael has never sucked a cock. And yet, here we were sucking you two and me getting the best sex of my life."

Ayana laughed loudly and said, "Many of the couples we have sex with asked the same question. The potion that we put in your drinks is a powerful aphrodisiac, but it would not make you do anything against your will. You must have already had some desire to have sex with a black man and Michael must have already been at least thinking about what it would be like to suck a cock. The sight of Winston's big cock was probably all it took to inflame your fantasies. So tell us the truth. Haven't you previously fantasize about big, black, meat, and hasn't Michael already licked your hole after you two have had sex, fantasizing that your vagina was full of a black man's jungle love juice?" She sure seemed to understand us very well and maybe it was just that it was obvious what a white couple wanted, whether they were consciously aware of it or not, if they went to a nude beach in a prominently black area. Then I said, "Well, you seem to understand us pretty well, and we have fantasize about all of this, ever since a lady friend of mine came back from a vacation here and told me how she had sex several times a day with black guys. So where do we go from here? We will be at the resort for another five days and we'd sure like to be with you a few more times." Winston had been quiet, but now spoke up saying, "Many of the white couples we have sex with just can't seem to get enough once they have had a taste of my big, black pipe and I know that we would sure enjoy more of your sexy white love hole and having both of you serve us orally. I have a group of friends about my age, and we were all “rentadreads” in our younger days. Now, we enjoy sharing white couples when we find ladies as pretty as you are. We sometimes call this our “Fertility Club”, since we like to fuck white gals in hopes of getting the woman pregnant. We like the thought of sending white couples home with a black baby to care for, so we never use condoms. If you want to join us I will give you the address of our home which is over the hill in a section of town where tourists don't usually go, and we can begin tonight if you're up for it. One other thing is that Michael will be required to suck all of the men's cocks to get them hard to fuck you and a few of the other women that will be there and he will also have to clean all of the vaginas, black & white, after they are done with."

Michael and I looked at each other, and he gave a slight nod which meant yes. I was thinking about the possibility of getting pregnant and then reason that I had already been filled with Winston's sperm, so if I was in my fertile cycle I was probably already pregnant anyway. I sure didn't want to miss the opportunity of having causal sex again with Winston and some of his friends, so we agreed to meet them later that night. We left the hotel by taxi at about 10:30 pm, and the drive to their home was a little scary. We went through several sections of town that were just shanties, and there were some pretty rough men and women milling around the streets. Many of them smiled at me as we passed them, probably knowing full well that the only reason for white tourists to be in this part of town was for dark meat.

We finally arrived at Winston's place, which was in a nicer area that what we had passed through and we walked up and knock on the door. Winston greeted us with a big smile, and of course he was totally nude with that dark meat swinging between his legs. We were invited into a room with several couches along the walls and a small table in the middle of the room. The table was padded and similar to a massage table, except with a curve cut-out at one end, where there were also stirrups like you would find on a gynaecologist’s table. There was also what liked a stainless steel catch basin, kind of like a pan, attached just below the curved part. The end of the table with the stirrups was also elevated and the other end was lower.

There were six nude black men and three black women sitting on the couches, in addition to Winston and Ayana and I was taken to the table and placed on it. I really felt exposed with my naked bum and vagina totally open to their view and my legs spread wide in the stirrups and my head was on the other end of the table and lower being about the right level to let a woman stand over me while I sucked Michael her pussy, or while I sucked a cock. Winston was the first man to move between my legs on the table and I really enjoyed feeling his big black pipe push right between my (by now.) gooey vaginal lips. At the same time Ayana stood over my face on the other end of the table and she squatted down slightly to feed me her aromatic cunt. Winston continued having sex m with me and I could feel every vein and the grooves on his purple penis head as he pushed his massive tool into me. I also witnessed another piece of black meat and another black women having, by now, wild filthy sex.

It didn't take long for Winston to ejaculate and he and Ayana must have had a great simpatico, because just as his pipe was pulsing and ready to burst in my hole. A man that Michael had sucked pushed him away from his swollen tool and lead him over to the table I was on and then, between my legs. Michael got down on his knees and sucked Winston’s plentiful semen from my vagina and then Michael was pushed out of the way as the black man Michael had just been sucking shoved his pipe into my and by now sloppy love hole. Ayana had by now moved away from me and one of the other black ladies backed up to my head at the table and smother my face with her thick black bum. We had not been told about this, but I took it in stride and began to lick on her nasty, wet crack, as the new guy was having sex with me, pushing his big black pole deep into me.

Then, just as the second man began to ejaculate in my pussy, the lady turned around and covered my face with her bushy, black forest. She smelt and looked like she just had sex, so I knew that all of these women were having sex freely with the big penis black men available. Michael was brought in again to clean my hole, but some of the juice leaked into the catch basin while I was being pounded and a good amount of that thick cum was collecting there. The third man then moved between my legs and I could tell that all of these men were equally well hung and I just loved the way those big cocks filled my pussy and pressed against my cervix. I could also tell that they all enjoyed having white women.

He (Winston.) began having sex me again and I could see that Michael had just finished sucking another of the men to hardness to have sex with one of the other ladies and then his face was pressed into the Ayana's swollen clitoris since she had just finished having sex with one of the other men. It was really a strange feeling knowing that we were just being used for sex and orally serve all of these people, but it somehow felt like the natural thing to do. And the fact that I might get me pregnant made it even more exciting and this fucking and sucking went on for hours.

I must had sex at least three times by each of the men and Michael was sucking cocks and cleaning pussies all night. Winston finally concluded the event at about midnight, but we were then in for some more degradation. The catch basin under my pussy must have captured about a cup of their thick, black sperm and Winston held it to Michael’s hands and made him hold it out, as the other took turns to rub the sperm all over my used and naked body. We did continue to have sex all week and by the time we caught our plane home, I was pretty certain that I might be pregnant and with a black baby. We told Winston that we were looking forward to coming back to Jamaica on our next vacation and he gave us the names of some of his naturalized Jamaican friends in New York so we could continue to have sex with dark love meat at home, if we wanted.

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Fantastic erotic story.