Diane Pearson's New Job Pt. 3

Diane Knocked on the door of the apartment she was feeling could still feel the wet throbbing of her pussy. She was still horny from having her pussy eaten by Ms. Jones.

Diane could not believe that she actually licked and sucked Mr. Howard semen out of the pretty lady's wet cunt and then she shared it with the young lady. Diane felt so ashamed but also incredibly turned on.

Jimbo answered the door he was still in his gym shorts and no shirt.

Jimbo told her to come on in we have plenty of things to do before your big party.

She steps inside the apartment and asks "Where are your parents?"

Jimbo smiled and replied "I am 19 and there are perks to being a football star and being heavily recruited by the colleges, this is my apartment."

Diane asks " What do you mean my party?"

The confident young man sit down on the couch gave the pretty teacher a smile and said we are going to give you a coming out party.

Diane replies " Coming out party?"

Well it is more like a open for business party Jimbo says as he leans back and puts his arms on the back of the couch.

Jimbo explains to the pretty 46 year old blond teacher that he was in need of extra cash. When Jimbo saw how hot a piece of pussy she was and how much she enjoyed being gang fucked he figured he could earn some extra cash.

Jimbo tells Diane that he is going to share the profits with her after all he wants to be fair.

Diane looks at the young man and tells him that she can not do that she is not a hooker and that she would get fired if anyone found out.

Jimbo just tells her that she will do it or the video of her servicing the football team will find its way to the school board and the local media.

He tells her "now get over here and suck my cock you little tramp."

Diane just looks at him and stands there thinking of some way out of this situation.

Jimbo shouts "now!"

Diane walks over to him and kneels down pulls his gym shorts down and starts to stroke and rub his huge cock.

As she sucks his cock Jimbo makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end of the phone it is all set and to come on over.

Diane soon forgets about the conversation with Jimbo and finds herself getting extremely wet from sucking the giant piece of meat. She starts to moan and breath hard.

Jimbo stands and says well it looks like you really do like your new job don't you.

Jimbo stands up and pulls her to her feet. Diane is out of breath and she can feel her pussy juices starting to run down her legs.

Jimbo grabs her blouse and rips it open a button goes flying across the room. Diane lets out a soft moan and whispers "ooh yess!"

Jimbo moves her bra to one side and sucks her hard nipple into his mouth.

Diane feels like her body is on fire now.

She cradles his head to her tit and whispers " Please fuck me Please fuck me now!"

Jimbo slides her skirt off her hips and rips her panties off her.

He tells her "You won't be needing these for a while."

Jimbo sticks a finger inside his hot conquest and he watches as this sexy lady rotates her hips and fucks his hand all the time asking him to fuck her pussy.

Jimbo stands and picks the petite teacher up and slides her wet pussy down onto to his huge cock.

Diane feels like she is being invaded by a fire hose she cannot believe how big the young mans cock is. It is not long before she is screaming and cumming. Diane begs him to fuck her harder and faster.

Jimbo pulls her hot cunt down onto his rigid meat and holds her there. He asks her "Now are you going to be my "teacher slut? Are you?"

Diane now lost in her orgasm replies " Yes I will do anything for you I am your slut your whore! Oh please just fuck me! I want to be your teacher slut!"

Jimbo starts to fuck her harder and faster.

Diane cums again and again the last time all she remembers is everything going black.

When she awakes she is laid out on the table with her arms and legs tied to the table legs.

Diane notices that there is a man with Jimbo and he is holding some kind of equipment.

Jimbo says "welcome back now lets get you ready."

Jimbo tells her that she is going to get her nipples and pussy pierced and she is going to be tattooed.

Diane thinks about protesting but she knows that it would do no good.

The man finishes with the tattoo and Jimbo has the pretty teacher stand in front of the mirror and look at her new Jewelry.

She has a small bar nipple ring going through both nipples and a loop ear ring going through her pussy lips. She feels like her nipples are on fire and her pussy is so sore.
Diane also notices that just above her pussy is a tattoo that reads "Slut ".

Diane stands there and she cannot believe what has become of her, but she also has realized that a part of her likes the turn her life has taken. Diane does not seem to be able to get enough sex. All she can think about is sucking and fucking.

Jimbo walks back into room with an outfit on a hanger, he hands it to her and says here put this on this is your new work clothes. Now get dressed your guest will be here soon.

Diane puts the latex body suit on it has hole for her tits and the crotch is missing and you can clearly read her tattoo. Diane realizes there is no eye holes so she cannot see anything at all. There is only a place for her mouth and nose. She knows that with this suit no one will be able to recognize her and she will not be able to know who is with her.

Diane gets dressed and sits down on the side of the bed to wait for Jimbo who she now knows is her pimp and for some reason this excites her.

To be continued.
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