Diane Peason's Date!

Diane's Date

Diane Pearson was a little nervous she had not been on a date in a while and the butterflies were really going crazy in her stomach. Willie was a guy she had met the market and after talking over a cup of coffee he asked her out and she jumped on the chance.

The door bell rang and Diane greets Willie with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Willie steps back and tells Diane that she looks absolutely stunning. Diane is wearing a black dress that hugs the sexy curves of her incredible body her blond hair frames her pretty face and the dress comes halfway up her thighs showing off what Willie believes has to be the hottest pair of legs on earth. Willie thinks to himself God was really on his "A" game when he made this beautiful lady and she is his date for the night. Willie offers his arm to Diane and they stroll down the walk to a waiting limo.

Diane and Willie chat as they go to the restaurant They pull up to they nicest Italian restaurant in town and go in. Willie has arranged for a romantic private table in the corner with candle light and a single red rose to be waiting for his beautiful date. The dinner was great with violin playing softly and wine and the most incredible food.

Willie and Diane talk about their likes and dislikes. Willie struggles to pay attention but it is hard all he can think about is this wonderful lady he is here with then for some reason without even thinking he reaches out and takes the hand of this beautiful lady and just holds it. Diane does not pull her hand away as a matter of fact she puts her other hand on his.

Willie asks Diane are you ready for a surprise she nods yes.

Willie pays the bill and e****ts Diane to the door she steps to the curb with Willie behind her. She asks Willie where is the limo. Willie tells her we won't be taking the Limo and then a horse and carriage pulls up and they both step into the carriage. They talk as they ride along and the carriage stops and Willie says it looks like we are we are here. Diane says but this is the park. Willie replies yes I know.

Willie steps out and helps his pretty date out and they start to stroll down the path they come to a clearing by the pond. There Diane sees a blanket laid out on the ground with candles surrounding it and overlooking the pond that has the full moon reflecting off it.

Diane's heart begins to race she has never had a guy go to so much trouble just for her. She turns to Willie and says this is so beautiful. Willie tells her that beautiful ladies deserve beautiful things and he hopes she likes it. Diane steps forward and leans into Willie and gives him a kiss on the mouth their tongues begin to probe each others mouths and Diane lets out a soft moan of pleasure.

Willie sweeps up Diane into his arms and carries the hottest lady he has ever seen over to the blanket.

They kneel down on the blanket and wrap their arms around each other their hands caressing each others body.
Willie begins to kiss and suck on the slender neck of his date and with his other hand he gentle lowers the strap of her dress from her shoulder and kisses his way down her shoulder to her chest. Willie pulls her her dress down and takes Diane's breast out of her bra and begins to lick and suck on her now hardening nipple. Diane moans and whispers Yessss.

Willie strips this sexy bond angel and admires the true vision of sexual desire that is now kneeling on the blanket before him. He stands and strips his clothes off and as he does Diane starts to crawl toward him like a seductive cat like creature. Diane reaches up and grabs his cock and lets out a mmmmmm as she strokes it and then engulfs his hot rod.

Willie can not believe how truly wonderful Diane's mouth feel's on his now hardening peice of meat. Diane is enjoying the hot cock in her mouth.

Willie lays down on the blanket and gets his sexy date into a sixty nine position Willie just has to get a taste of this beautiful lady that has her hot mouth wrapped around his cock. His tongue parts the lips of Diane's pussy and probes as deep as hit can into Diane's wet hot pussy.Diane is now moaning and whimpering at the feel of Willie's tongue deep in her cunt.

Willie gets up on his knees and pulls the petite lady into a doggie position, he grabs his cock and runs it up and down Diane's hot slit and she now begs him yess yess please fuck my pussy.

Willie in one full motion sinks his entire cock into this hot ladies soaking cunt she screams with pleasure and lowers her head to the blanket as Willie cock assaults her hot pussy.Willie's hands are on her hips pulling her hard against him to go ever deeper into her womb. Willie then grabs Diane by the hair on the back of her head and raises her up onto all fours.

Diane can't believe it but this makes her feel like his cock is going even deeper. Diane cannot believe how hot being treated so roughly makes her feel. Diane starts to shake and screams I am cummming... oh my god I am cumming...

Willie pulls his cock out of Diane and as she is shaking from her first orgasm he stands and lifts the trembling lady into the air and impales the hot blond lady onto his cock. Willie is standing lifting and lowering this trembling blond beauty on his hot meat. Then with her arms wrapped around his neck Diane's body stiffens and starts to shake uncontrollably she opens her mouth to scream but she is cumming so hard that nothing comes out.

Willie Feels his hot angel go limp in his arms knowing he has made her cum and go limp is to much for him and he pulls this pretty bond bombshell down onto his cock and buries it deep inside her womb he feels his cock start to spasm and spray the walls of her pussy with his hot semen.

Willie collapses onto the ground still cradling the beautiful lady he is so fortunate to be with. He lays on the blanket his beautiful date wrapped in his arms both of them recovering from and intense fuck session.

To be continued???????????

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3 years ago
very nice! romantic and everything!
3 years ago
I hope Willie is black!
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Great job ...