Yoga Trainer

One morning my wife was reading newspaper, she pointed an ad of yoga and dance teaching, my wife requested me she want to learn dance,
i said ok, she called on the given number in ad, and fix a meeting at home with trainer at 4 pm. my wife anna have big ass and strong legs that any man can lust for her easily. she have average boobs, lovely face with half curly hairs, she was in perfect frame that any man can do anything to fuck her.

at 4 pm door bell ring, my wife opened the door, and there was a tall handsome man was standing with strong body. he introduced himself as the yoga trainer.
they shook hand, and anna felt how big and strong the guy is, his name was mark, they came in and sit, anna said " i am anna, i want to learn dance only i wont pay for yoga."

mark said " mam we will give you 50% discount since you are our in first 10 costumers, and yoga class will be free."

anna felt so happy and said " thats so great, so when we can start ".

mark stood up and said " we can start even right now, " they came in hall, and anna just stood, mark was in shorts till his knees he showed, her some steps but it was first time so anna couldnt do well, mark reach behind her, holding her hands in his hands he teached, as his crotch touching her ass, he had hard on, she didnt say anything, but let out a small moan, then she said " you are a great teacher mark, it will be fun to learn, come by 10 am tomorrow ". and then mark left.

at 10 am mark arrived, he was in a lose shorts, and a tshirt, anna could point out he didnt wear underwear, his bludge could be seen easily, she blushed, she said she will be back, and she went in bedroom

after a while anna came, with a lose shorts and a lose tshirt, mark noticed she didnt wear bra, her nipples were making point on her tshirt, her shorts were barely covering her ass, mark got a very big hard on, he asked " so mam what you want to learn first, dance or yoga " looking at his hard on she bit her lower lip.

then he came behind my wife, he lifting her one hand with his hand and stretch a little, my wife was following her, then he did same to other hand, my wife then said "mark its my first time i am little nervous," mark came infront of her and they looked in each other's eyes, he put his hands on her boobs and give them a little squeez, and he the put his lips on the lips of my wife, then kissed passionately, then she put her hand on his crotch and rubbed his hard on with her hands, and her eyes popped, she felt how huge his dick was, mark lifted my wife in his arms and she wrap her legs around him, then she said " oh mark you are so strong and big, i am feeling very comfortable". then he said my wife to sit on her knees and hands, she did, he came infront of her and sit on his knees infront of my wife's face, her was now was inches away from his crotch, he was tall so her face was near his crotch, now he said my wife to move back and forth, as she came front, her face touched his big dick trying to come out from his shorts because he didnt wear underwear, this time my wife give him a evil smile, she came front again moving her body and acted like she was falling and hold him by his shorts and down them, my wife's eye popped up, it was thich 9 inch gaint dick infront of her face, she stared at his dick, and then she looked up the face of mark, my wife said " i am so sorry ".
mark felt shy and said " i am sorry too " he tried to up his shorts to cover his massive dick, my wife stopped him and said " i have seen everything so its ok, let it be like it is now".

then she moaned and move her body back and came front, as she opened her lips and took the dick of mark between her lips, she sucked it mark groaned. Now my wife had his big dick between her lovely soft lips and she sucked it like a yummy ice-cream, she sucked his dick and made it very hard. she said " mark thank you, i feel so great". then she took back his cock in her mouth, after sucking for few minutes, she stood up and they kissed.

anna said "mark coach can you pls take off my shorts, i feel hot, its very hot day." and she moaned and sucked her finger. mark slide down her shorts and for surprise my had no panty, the sweet pussy of my wife was inches away from big hands of mark, and then he removed her tshirt, my wife's yummy boobs was exposed.
then mark said let me teach you how to move body, he came behind my wife, and stood on his knees his big dick still naked, he throw shorts away, he put his both hands on lovely ass of my wife, he held her ass in his hands, and started to move her body back and forth, anna looked back and bit her lips and she back little more this time, his big dick sliding between her ass cheecks above her skin, touching her ass softly and sliding up and down, and she moaned " ohh mark you are magician ". mark said " you have awesome ass mrs." he bent and kissed on the ass of my wife, she moaned "aahhh ooohh you are so sweet mark, yea i maintain my body". now mark lay on floor as his legs bent, and he showed the hip excercise as he move his crotch up and down by laying, my wife anna saw his big dick moving up and down, she bit her lips, and she moaned, then she looked in his eyes and sucked her finger, then she said to him " you look strong enough, but you really are strong ? i bet you cant do that excersice by having some weight on your crotch."

he smiled and stood up, he put his both hands on the ass of my wife and planet a kiss on her lips, she responded back, she hang her arms around his neck and kissed him passionate, they explored each other's mouth. mark then hold her face in his palms and said " anna you are very sexy, i will teach you hot to have weight on crotch and do this exercise. just lay down and do what i did, up and down your crotch." my wife lay down and, started to up and down her crotch, then mark lower his head on the crotch of my wife, and said " try to bear some weight on your crotch". and he kissed the pussy of my wife, and started to suck sweet little pussy of my wife. anna let loud a very load moan " aaaahhhhhh oh god yes please ooohhhh suck me aaaaaahhhhhhhh." now mark tasted the sweet pussy of my wife, and my wife was enjoying every moment of it. my wife was screaming in pleasure, " oohh mark yes suck my pussy aahhhh you are magical trainer, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooh fuck aaahh i love your tongue working in my pussy." the mark remove his tongue from anna's pussy, and he went on her and kissed her lips, they kissed long. mark then lay beside anna and said " now i will teach you how to put weight on crotch in this exercise, come sit on my crotch, put your both legs across me, and make your hips sit on my crotch". anna gave him evil smile and she sit on his crotch. her pussy lips touched mark's massive dick, he felt my wife was wet, her juice touched skin of mark's dick. now my wife's pussy was crushing mark's dick, she was rubbing her lovely pussy on mark's dick, then mark said " you might fall if i move up and down, bent yourself on me, put your hands on my shoulders." anna did bent herself, her boobs now was inches away from mark's lips. as anna bent, mark started to move his crotch up and down as my wife sitting on his dick. anna moaned "aaahhhh ooohh god yes mark yes aahhh you are killing me please i cant take it anymore you know i want your big dick right now inside me". then mark pull anna off from his crotch made her lay on bed and came up on her " i know from the moment i meet you i knew you are a dick hungry wife". he kissed her lips and she responded back she hold his head and kissed him back, they kissed like long awaited lovers, passionate. then they broke kiss, mark now licked my wife's neck she started to moan. "ooohh mark aaahhhh baby aaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh". then he reached her boobs, he put his lips on sweet big boobs of my wife, and started to suck nipples, anna was moaning so much, then he off from my wife, he put his dick in his hand, and anna wide her legs, he put his big dick on her pussy lips, and rub his big dick on her pussy, anna moaned "ooh baby please i cant wait, slam that big fucking dick right in my pussy, please i beg you fuck me mark, my pussy need your dick baby, i need you pls fuck me, bang me, please".

mark slide his big dick in anna's little pussy, his big dick half disappeared in my wife's cunt, her eyes popped up, she screamed "ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh oooohhh yes aaaaaaaaahhhh". my wife was screaming and mark continue thursting his big dick in her pussy. "ooohh god yes mark aaahhhh aahhhh oooh fuck aahhhhh yes baby fuck me ahhhhh, your aaahhh your dick is bigger than my husband oooohh yes ahhhh twice bigger baby aahhhh yes fuck me". mark increased his speed, whole of his dick was not inside my wife's lovely pussy. mark groan "ooohh fuck yes baby anna you are one hell of a hot wife baby, you are fucking damn hot, ooohh yes take my big dick in your pussy". he then placed his big hands on my wife's boobs and squeezed them both while pounding my wife's pussy. anna responded "aaahhhhhhh yes mark aahhh baby you are so strong and big, you are the real man baby aahhhh my husband is too small."
mark said "ooohhh yes baby i am gonna pleasure your pussy. dont worry i will take place of your husband. " anna moaned in pleasure "oooh thanks god, thank you mark, yes baby please take his place in my life aahhhhh mark you are so best aahhhhh i deserve more better than my husband". then mark pull out his dick from her pussy and reach to my laying wife's head kissed her lips, pointed his big dick on her lips, and said "suck it for me baby". my wife took mark's dick in her lips and sucked it like shes a pro, then he went between her legs, she wrapped her arms around his neck and mark pointed his dick in anna's pussy and slide his hands below her both ass and lifted her up in his arms, she wrapped her legs around his waiste as his dick in her pussy and her arms around his neck, mark, hold her by her ass, anna kissed his lips they kissed passionate my wife was now mid-air on mark's dick. anna felt how small she was in mark's arms. she then touched his face and looked in his eyes "mark you are very big and strong, you are the man, i feel like a doll in your arms baby aahhhhhhh your dick is too big". mark kissed her lips and said "and you are fucking hot woman who deserve big dicks". anna gave him an smile and said " aahh so true mark, mark do you have wife or girlfriend oooh ahhh?". mark lower his hips little and thrust his dick in my wife's pussy hard this time she screamed in pleasure "aaahhhhhhhh ooohhhh fuck aaaaaaahhhhh". mark said "i have a wife." with that my wife's face turned sad, then mark laugh and kissed her lips "i have a only one wife i just meet yesterday and right now i am fucking her damn hot pussy". my wife screamed in happiness "ooohh my god yes yes baby fuck your wife so good, i am so happy oh god thank you baby" anna kissed him hard, "i love you my hunk hubby". mark kissed her neck "i love you too my slut wife". mark then put anna on bed and set her in doggy style, her ass up, he pointed his dick in her pussy and slam it straight inside. "aaaaaahhh ooohh mark aaaahhhh yes aaahhh fuck me hubby, aaahhhhhh make me your wife oooohh god yes aahhhhhh take me away from tiny dick of my husband johny aahhhh." mark continue thrusting his big dick and he was fucking my wife anna so hard now, actually for that time it was his wife taken away from me, a big handsome massive man with a massive dick took away my anna from me. "oooh yes baby dont worry from now i own you, you will do everything i say" mark ordered my anna. she said "yes baby because you own me, i am all yours mark take me". mark spank anna's ass and then he kissed her ass and continue fucking her pussy, "aaahhhh baby i want your big dick always inside me ooohh fuck aahhhh", mark spanked her ass again and increased his speed more "aahhhhhh mark aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh oooohhh i am cumming aaaaaaahhhh hubby aaahh i am cummminggggggggggggggggggg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooohhh ohhh ohhhhh ohhhh god aaahhh" my wife breath heavy as she cum all over mark's big dick. she stayed there breathing heavy for few minutes then mark kissed her lips, and he told her to sit on her knees. anna sit on her knees then mark put his dick in her mouth and she sucked his dick "aahhhh yes ooohh fuck yes anna suck it good baby, your tongue is working so well aahhh yes i am cumming open your mouth, open open baby quick". anna opened her mouth, mark shoot his big load into her mouth, filled her mouth will his hot cum, few drops went on her forhead and eyes and nose, and few on chin and cheecks. few came out of her mouth and dropped on her boobs, but she tried to swollow it all, and she did swollow also. mark smiled "damn wifey you look hot covered in cum". and he lifted her up in his arms and took her inside in bathroom, they fucked again in bathroom. then mark wear his dress, and about to leave, anna run in his arms and hug him tight "baby dont leave your new wife alone". mark lifted her up and kissed her lips hard and said "dont worry baby your hubby will be back again tomorrow and after 1 week we will have our honeymoon somewhere nice, and trust me it will be great, i will invite my few friends with us, same hunk and strong as me." anna jumped in happiness and surprise "oh my god really baby ? they will be with us all the time ? oh my god baby you are so sweet, thank you so so much i am so excited to be in honeymoon with you and your friends". mark pressed her boobs and spank her ass and said "damn baby you are hungry as ever". they kissed again passionate like lovers before mark left.
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