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I'm not a writer so bare with me. I work on a merchant ship enroute to Africa and Europe and out to sea for 8 to 10 months durations. I inherited this job from my grampa and dad and I had to go to nautical school for 3 years. I couldn't just give up on this job. Dian was 22 when we married and asked me to take a land job but wouldn't. The shipping line owners are f****y friends to us and they paid me so good with a promise I'll be cheifmate someday, no way I'm walking away. Diane quit her job because it only raise our taxes and she became a full time house wife.

At this point Diane was 32 and our daughter was at preschool. Diane is of Spanish Japanese decent originally from Hawaii. She would have been a super model if I didn't marry her. She is 5'3" a fair hight for Asians. She is very beautiful and she has all the right curves in the righ places. Her skin is soft and smooth and creamy dirty white. I was so horny, we hadn't have sex for 8 months. Before this I haven't suspected Diane of cheating on me although I seemed to notice some changes in her sexual behavior with me. My shipping line contract run into a dispute so the rest of the routes were cancelled for that season and I went home not letting anyone know for a surprise. It was past noon and Diane should be home. I unloaded my baggage and I was surprised why she didn't notice the taxi. I had a key so I opened the door. I thought maybe Dian went shopping so I walked to the kitchen, but then I noticed Dian's blouse and her bra in the couch and her jeans in the floor. There was also a shirt in the hall way. I wasn't thinking of anything at first but I tried to go slowly to the bed room curious of what this means. When I got to the door I seemed to hear somebody inside panicking and scrambling. I opened the door and it was locked, then somebody inside unlocked it. When I opened Diane was standing up wrapped in a white towel, she look so gorgreous. It was summer but not hot enough to make her perspire that much, she was sweating real hard, her skin so beautifully dripping with oily sweat. Then I noticed my nephew Paul standing at the far end of the room wearing his jeans but with no shirt on, he was also sweating as if he was running a marathon. Paul is my s****r's son and he was only 20. A very nice k** and my favorite. He is accademically slow but he is very good in sports and he is a good looking guy. All our eyes met, I didn't exactly know what happen and how to react on it. Before I proceed on this part let's just go back a little so you will understand my marriage with Dian.

Dian is high in sex. Everytime I come home from the sea we had the wildest sex. We were both extremely horny and crave for each other for romance and sex. We make out in bed, in the shower, in the couch, in the kitchen and even attempted it in our car. At that time Diane was inexperienced and I always guided her. She reacts violently whenever I lick her nipples and she likes it when I ran my tongue on her neck down to her breast and abdomen and her clits. I stay only for 2 to 3 months before another series of transactions starts our regular routes to Africa. Before leaving I would take Diane to different vacaton places and we have wild sex like there's no tomorrow. I have always wondered how is she going to be by herself without sex for 8 to 10 months while I'm away. At that time we never talked about it. As for me, I followed the wise advise of seafearers not to have full sex with questionable women, I only have them wanked me off for little fee in money specially if we go to France.

I first noticed Dian's change in sexual behavior when she was 25 after our dauhghter was born. At that time we didn't have sex because she just gave birth and I had to leave again. I would return 11 months later. All in all we hadn't have sex since about 19 months. When I returned on that year Dian took me by surprise when we had sex. Instead of me guiding her, she tells me what she wants me to do. Then she would initiate her own move and she got on top of me, one of the few positions we haven't done before. Then she started licking my body, she never did that before, then she went for my dick and she started giving me a blow job. I thought I would die, my breath stop for a while. It was so good but I was also wondering how she learn to do this, I never asked her for a blow job. She even learned how to control me and she would squeez my dick to prevent ejaculation so we can restart again in another position. She was in control and she made us both cum together while I was standing up and she was partly leaning on the drawer, another new thing, and we both vibrated really hard before I shoot everything inside her. We had tremendous sex. I didn't have the guts to ask her how she learn that, but I hinted I was surprised she is that good. She then seems embarrassed and we drop the conversation. After that I had some mutual friends telling me to watch out for Dian as she was seen with bad company, a tatoed guy who fixes our cars named Tony. I never entertained that possibility about Tony and Diane. Tony is a greez monkey, a wonderer who rides on borrowed motorcycles and changes car oil for a living. He maintain our cars for minimum pay. Even back when we just married and I'm at home Dian and Tony would go together to buy car parts and it was just odd to see them having an affair since Diane is a classy very pretty looking married woman while Tony a raggid dirty looking man. I knew him since we were k**s, he was 5 years younger than me and about a year older than Dian. Now let's go back to the present.

I interrogated both Dian and Paul. There's no more denying, they have something going on between them. Finally Dian admitted that She and Paul started having sex 4 years ago even when Paul was only 16. It started when Dian decided to end her affair with Toney. She was lonely and badly wanted company while I was away so she started asking Paul to go with her to the stores and other places. Since Paul was only 16 and she was 28, they were not suspected of having an affair, they just look like Aunt Nephew even when they go watch a movie, and sometime with our daughter going with them. Paul never said any word. Dian did all the talking. For some reason I wasn't mad at Paul. I was mad at Dian. But somehow I find it sexy and I was so horny seeing Paul and Dian in that stage of semi undress. I asked if they had finished sex at that point. Paul never move and was looking on the floor. Dian said that when they heard a taxi they thought it was the neighbor so they continued. When they heard my foot step they were still uncertain and still continued. When I was at the hallway Dian stood up and Paul sprayed his load in the process and his cum were all over the floor and walls. Oddly I smiled in mixed angre and finding it funny. Diane begged to keep everything a secret to prevent f****y scandal. The 3 of us aggreed to keep our mouth shut. Paul went home. I was mad at my s****r and she didn't even know why.

That night I had a very intense sex with Dian. She asked if I have forgiven her. I really didn't know. But I can't live without having her for sex. No one else can pleasure me the way she does. She got my number in bed and surely she also got Tony's and my nephew's number. I asked her if she had other affairs and she admitted everything. Toney was her first affair, then briefly with her friend's husband and lastly Paul, all of this in a span of 10 years. All throughout that night I asked her repeated qurestions, what position, where they do it, how it started, did she enjoy it, everything. I would lay down and stand up and walk around whole night. Diane keep on apologizing for our daughter's sake. She know I have money on top of my Shipping job I'm also in line for a very big inheritance from my grampa. Even if she is only after my money I can't afford to let go of Dian, she is just a sexual phenom to me, and oddly now that I found out she was having an affair the more she become so sexually arousing to me.

I stopped going out to sea and gave up my ambition to Captain my own ship. I started working for a wealthy f****y friend who run a Ship supply storage. I was still making good income and as long as I have money, Diane would surely be with me. Diane opened a small convenient store and started a business. Our daughter was in school and life became normal. I had intense sex with Dian all the time, and everytime it's always getting better, she knows how to create scenearios to hype up sex and she wears revealig clothes. Seeing her at the store with some youngsters taking a glimpse at her cleabvage always brings intense sex at night. Some two years passed and we haven't seen Paul since that day. Then we attended a party and there was Paul. He was to go to New Hampshire for college. Dian and Paul started talking and I could see they miss each other physically. Dian look as good as ever and Paul now 22 looks more handsome. I approached them and Paul seems to feel awkward. I hugged him and told him everything is in the past. I even promted Paul to dance with my wife and Dian jumped on the opportunity. She clearly misses Paul in bed. I partly felt jealous, maybe I'm getting old and there's no arguement Paul is younger, good looking and at this time had a very macho body, while I'm starting too look weak with graying hair. I watched Paul and Dian dance in a mixed feeling of jealousy and also getting horny. I can see Paul had an erection in his pants. His hands was feeling the soft skin on Dian's back since she was wearing a Backless spaghetti strapped black evening gown. Between the wine and the odd feeling I invited Paul to go home with us to watch some movies. Dian said it's not a good idea.

We got home and sent the Nanny home. I played music and I danced with Dian while Paul was watching. Then I gave Dian to Paul and they started dancing on slow rock. I told Paul she can kiss Dian. Dian seems shocked, Paul asked if I was sure and I said go ahead. He kissed him and they started french kissing. They knew I felt horny watching them. I told them to go ahead have sex in front of me, it's better that way than cheating and doing it without me. Paul undressed Dian and she was so gorgeous. Paul took off his shirt and all his clothing. The 3 of us were lost in time and they just fucked very hard on our couch, their bodies slamming very hard on each other. Dian took charge and they were fucking as if I wasn't there. They both shoke and trembled and Paul ejacuated, Dian pushed him off, she didn't want to get pregnant with paul. I was looking at them very horny. We were all sweating. Dian look at me. She said I'm sorry honey, I said nothing to apologize, she motioned me to come near her and she held my dick and she wanked me off. Paul was lying in the other couch exhausted and pretended not to see us. I built up and eventually shoot my load on Dian's naked breast. I've never done that before.

We all cleaned up our selves and we went to the kiitchen and had some snacks since it was already like 5:00 in the morning. We all can't believe what we just went through. Dian looked at me and she said she don't want to do it again that way. She said she don't want me to see them again having sex but she asked if she can continue to have sex with my nephew. What's the difference anyway, they have done it before and now and they will do it again. So I said ok but just don't leak this to become a f****y scandal. Dian said it wouldn't hurt me if I wouldn't know so the next tmie she will meet up with Paul I don't have to know.

That's the last of that conversation. I've gone to a busniess trip for 11 days out of state and I heard Paul came by for a visit and went to our house. My daughter always tells me when Paul visits her mom. She might have started to suspect it. I know Dian and Paul are still seeing each other though Paul alreay have a wife and k**.

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