A Little Fantasy with a good freind

I want to see you stood in front if me, posing as in the photo, I'm sat in a chair, the room is dimly lit so I just make out the outline of your soft curves. One hand is on your breast gently tugging on a hardening nipple while the other is on your wet pussy, two fingers parting your wet lips and one stroking your throbbing clit.

You moan as two fingers slide in and you start to tell me how you liked being fucked. The show is to much for me and I pull out my hard cock that's straining at my jeans. As I begin to stroke myself, you come over to me, get on your knees and start to lick and suck me.

Your fingers, now pounding at your wet hole, are working wonders and you cum with long groans while still sucking me. You bring your cum covered fingers up to my mouth so I can clean them off. Your other hand now clutches my balls and a finger presses at my tight hole. The pleasure is to much and you can feel me starting to cum. You pull your head back and begin to wank me off on to your breasts, I cum like a shot gun, spraying hot, sticky cum all over your chest. I lean forward to lick it off before kissing you deeply.

I want to gently wrap a loose silk scarf around your eyes as I lead you into the bedroom, i lay you on the bed, lifting your arms up and tie them to the headboard. You are now mine. I lay small kisses down you neck and chest, my tongue flicking over your hardening nipples. I reach down a pick up an ice cube, placing it between my teeth, I run it over your breasts making you groan out loud.

Woking down, I get to your legs, still with the ice cube in my mouth, I run my cold tongue over your inner thighs. The sweet smell from your now very wet pussy is to much and I work my up to lick you. The ice cold on your hot clit makes you scream out in pleasure as an orgasm washes over you. My tongue darts deep into you so I can lick all the sweet juice flowing from your pulsing pussy.

As I place the tip of my tongue on your tight ass hole, you beg to be fucked, so I reach over and grab your favourite toy and slide it into you. The feeling of the vibe and me licking you ass makes your hips arch and you explode as another orgasm rips through your body making you shake like never before.

With the toy still sliding in to you, I stand at the side of the bed and rub my hard cock over your stiff nips before placing it on to your lips, you tongue comes out to meet it and you lick the pre cum dripping from the end. You start to suck on it as I stroke it into your mouth. The dildo still humming away deep in your soaking pussy makes you moan and hum on my cock as you get fucked from both ends.

One of your hands comes free and you reach between my legs, grab my bum and pull me deeper into your you mouth. A finger starts working at my tight hole as suck on my cock. I push back onto it as the feeling is such a rush. Your hand is now free as I lay on the bed, you straddle me and part your pussy lips, placing them either side of my rigid cock so just the tip can be seen resting against you swollen clit. You start to slide back and forward so my cock rubs you. The feeling is amazing as you cum again, all you sweet cum flooding out of you and over my cock and balls.

You kneel just over me so only my glistening tip is just in you and you begin to wank me off into your pussy. I tell that I'm about to cum and with that you let a warm golden flow of pee pour from you and over my bursting cock. I shoot wad after wad of hot cum over your dripping pussy. You look down at the mess that is all over you and move up to my face, grabbing my head, you push your pussy into my face so I lick clean the sweet mix that is our cum mixed like I sweet cocktail.

I can see you through your window, you shower fresh and sat on the sofa, a half empty bottle of wine in hand.. You left to your lips to take another drink, as you remove it a little rolls down the side, like a flash your tongue licks the neck to stop the spill. A wry smile creeps over you and you start to lick the rim. The thought of licking and sucking on something so hard makes you groan as a hand slips into your gown and starts to play with a stiffening nipple.

You know that I'm watching you which makes the feeling of naughtiness more intense. Your hand moves down undoing your gown on the way. You slowly part your legs and angle yourself in a way that I can see you better. A finger lightly brushes against your hardening little clit as you suck harder on the bottle. I can see your pussy getting wetter with every little stroke of you finger. A finger slides in to your tight wet pussy, gently opening it so you can ease in a second.

You let the now wet neck of the bottle slide out of your mouth and down between your pert, heaving breasts. Gently sliding the bottle further, you let the rim rest on your throbbing clit. I sneak in through the patio door, you still know I'm there but continue to ignore me. I come up behind you and cup a firm breast in each hand, placing nibbles and kisses on your neck. Your fingers give way to the bottle as it slides in with little effort. Gently at first, then with more power, you push the hard, glass dildo into yourself.

The rubbing of your nipples, the stroking of your clit and the hard shaft pounding into you send waves of pleasure riding over you. I release my hard cock that's been straining to get out since I first saw you, and start stroke it over you shoulder. You turn and look at it, seeing that its dry you lick the shaft and I start to pound away even harder. My balls tighten, my body gerks and let out a long grunt as I cum. The feel of my hot cum, splashing and running over your heaving breasts pushes you over the edge and an orgasm explodes from within send wave after wave of intense pleasure though your arching body. I take the bottle from and drink. The heady mix of wine and your sweet cum is intoxicating. You look at the cum on your breast and, with one finger, start to scoop it up. You lick the fist finger full off then, with another scoop, you turn to me to do the same, but I am gone. All that is left is a kiss on the neck and a whisper in your ear. Thank you
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