A Fantasy

I am sitting in a bar, it is late, and as far as I can tell I am the only
person there. The tables have been cleared and the floor swept, the only
light comes for the jukebox in the corner – playing a slow sultry blues
number. Suddenly something makes me lookup from my glass, at first I cant
see anything through the gloom. Then I notice her, standing in the doorway
– a silhouette slowing gaining form as she moves closer to me. She is
wearing a mid length dress, black, cut very low at the front and even lower
at the back, knee-high leather boots and long black gloves. She says
nothing, and continues to walk slowly towards me, and as she does the
dress, so sheer, clings to her every move and I can tell that she is not
wearing a stitch of underwear. As she gets closer, she starts to remove her
gloves, and, holding them in both her hands, she throws them round my neck
and pulls me towards her. “Dance with me,” she whispers, pulling me
to the centre of the room. “Oh baby”, I reply, “I thought you’d never
ask”. “Shhhhh…just dance with me” you say “just dance”.
I hold you close and we dance, slowly running my fingers up and down your
bare back.
We dance for several minutes and then I murmur in your ear “Baby, I want
you. I need you”, and gently start to kiss you on the neck. Small delicate
kisses, a low moan escapes your lips and you pull me even closer, pressing
your breasts against my chest and grinding your hips against me in time to
the music. As we dance and kiss I can feel you trembling, shivering with
pleasure with every touch of my fingers on your body, your nipples growing
harder and larger as they rub against me.
You rub your leg against mine and I can feel the heat of you, smell your
excitement. Your hand slides down to my trousers and gently lowers my zip.
I gasp with pleasure as your hand moves inside and encircles my cock. You
moan louder as you feel me growing hard in your hand, gently stoking me and
running your fingers across the tip.
I move away from you and slide the straps of your dress from your
shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Then still kissing and nibbling I
move down to each of your breasts and taking each nipple in turn suck and
lick and bite, gently but firmly, kneading each beautiful breast with my
hands. I get down on my knees and move my mouth down even further, kissing
your stomach and down to your thighs and to the tops of your boots, then
slowly, teasingly slowly move back up the inside of your thigh towards your
hot dripping pussy, waiting so eagerly to feel the touch of my mouth.
I touch the lips of your pussy with my tongue and hear you groan in
anticipation as my tongue slides in to that warm inviting place, so hot and
wet..mmmmmm…sliding in and out and up and down, bathing in the sweet taste
of your honey. I flick my tongue across your clit, ahhhh it is so hard and
throbbing, pulsating in time to the movement of my tongue. You pull my head
tight into your pussy, grinding your hips onto my face with the rhythm of
the music still playing in the background. Mmmm you’re so wet now I can
feel your honey dripping down my face as I try to lap up every last drop of
you. I pull you down on top of me so that you are astride my face and push
my tongue deeper and deeper into you, licking and sucking, my hands reach
up to your breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers. You’re moaning
louder now, pushing down with each breath as I tongue-fuck you, your pussy
getting tighter and tighter as the waves of pleasure run through your body…
Then just as you are about to come I pull away and pull your face down to
kiss you. You eagerly open your mouth to my tongue, tasting your sweet
juices on my mouth. I turn you around and hold you open with my fingers as
my tongue goes back to work on your hard throbbing clit, flicking and
sucking and nibbling.
I can feel your hot breath now on my cock, one hand cups my balls as the
other gently strokes my stiff shaft and your tongue lightly teases the
sensitive tip of my cock. Your mouth, soft and warm, slowly slides down and
down, taking me all the way in.
Ahhhh that feels sooo good….
I slide my fingers into your pussy and move them in and out as I suck on
you, faster and faster, harder and harder. You're getting close now,
trembling with uncontrollable pleasure as you ride my fingers and tongue,
sucking and pulling on my cock with your mouth. “Yessss, Yesss!!!” You
scream, as the waves of ecstasy become unbearable, “I’m coming!!!!”.
Shuddering and trembling you clench your thighs round my head as my tongue
leads you orgasm after orgasm..

“Now I want you, I want to fuck you”, I whisper in your ear. We get up and
you lead me towards the bar, you bend over and grasp the counter with both
hands. “Do it!! NOW!” you say as you thrust your arse towards me. I slowly
slide the tip of my cock between your lips, and hold it there, stroking
myself, rubbing the end of my hard cock up and down the length of your
pussy, tickling your clit with the tip. I push it in further and further
until my balls are squashed hard against your pussy, rubbing your hard
throbbing clit. Then I start moving, slowly at first, in and out, pulling
back until my cock is almost out of your beautiful slit, then pushing back
in, slowly but firmly. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I can feel you
getting tight again as you thrust you hips back to meet me – pushing deeper
and deeper. My cock gets even harder as I reach forwards to cup your
breasts in my hands, feeling your hard erect nipples. I’m so close now, I
don’t know how much longer I can hold on, ramming my cock into your hot wet
pussy faster and harder, and harder and faster until I cant take it any
more…you reach between your legs with your hand and feel me sliding in and
out ..Oohhhhhhh god I’m coming, I’m coming……torrents of hot cum spurt into
your pussy. You tighten you grip on my cock as you start to come, milking
every last drop out of me as we collapse against the bar holding and
hugging each other……………….

80% (7/2)
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1 year ago
thanks :-)
1 year ago
thanks :-)
1 year ago
glad you like - my first attempt :-)
1 year ago
nice story.x
2 years ago
very good :-)
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2 years ago
Wow, nice story.