holiday surprise

Lucky gurl.

Four weeks of luxury in front of me, returning once again to the lovely hotel on the beach. Four of us return each year to this paradise. Our two friends, my partner and myself. The first two days were spent lazing around in the sun, just chilling out. The others decided they wanted to visit the capital city, it was a four day trip, I didn’t particularly fancy it, so the three of them booked for the next week.
On the fourth morning at eight, my friend stood nattering to some others we had met, our two ladies never got out of bed until nine. I went to get my breakfast. I heard someone behind me say,
‘hello again’
I turned to see an attractive auburn haired lady that I recognised from the last two holidays here. Last year her husband had broken his wrist, and he had spent the remainder of his holiday in plaster. I had spoken to them, and commiserated about his wrist. I couldn’t help noticing his wife had sexy eyes and great legs laying on the sunlounger.
‘oh hi, how are you?, how is your husbands wrist?’ I asked.
‘he is fine now, thanks, that is nice you remembered’ she answered. ‘I seem to remember you and your wife and friends have four weeks here’
‘yes, we have three and a half weeks left.’ I replied
‘that’s good, we only arrived last night, we are here for three weeks, we will have to chat some time, oh, by the way, my name is Jean, my husband is Harold.’
‘I am Alex, my partner is Millie’ and held out my hand and shook hers, as our hands touched I felt a slight tingle run up my spine, her hand was warm and soft, she looked at me with those sexy eyes and smiled.
We carried on picking our breakfast, and wandered back to our respective tables. I was eating when my pal Brad turned up.
‘ok mate?’ he said
‘fine thanks. The scrambled egg is nice today’
I looked out at the sea, had a quick glance across at where Jean was sitting, she was looking at me, Harold was concentrating on his food, I felt a bit embarrassed and looked away.
Later around lunchtime, Brad was in the shade reading a book, our two girls were fast asl**p on the loungers, I decided to have a cold pint at the bar.
‘hello Alex’ a voice came from behind
I turned to see Harold holding out his hand
‘hi Harold,’ shaking his hand ‘let me get you a drink, what do you fancy?’
‘I think I will join you in a pint. Thanks’. He sat on a bar stool next to mine as I ordered his drink. He was a smallish man, around five foot five, fairly slim, early fifties. ‘Jean told me you two had introduced yourselves at breakfast and you had remembered my broken wrist from last year’
‘I felt so sorry for you, it must have ruined your holiday’ I said
‘it did stop us getting out and about a bit especially on our anniversary, I know Jean was bored, but what made you remember?’ he asked
‘it was your wife really; I helped her get the sun loungers out a few times, as you were laid up’ I said
‘ah yes, I remember her telling me. I will have to be careful this year, it’s our thirtieth, I must treat her to a special evening’ Harold said
‘congratulations, you are a lucky man having such an attractive wife for so long’ I remarked
‘thanks, I will pass on your good wishes’ he said ‘thanks for the drink, I owe you one’ he said and sauntered back to Jean.
Our little crowd, did our usual, the girls sunbathed, brad and I had a few drinks, then in the evening we found a restaurant, meal, natter, wine and bed.
Getting my breakfast next morning, a voice came from behind
‘so, you find me attractive do you? Jean said quietly
I turned to see her smiling, I looked into her lovely eyes
‘of course I do. I didn’t think Harold would tell you that bit though’
‘you would be surprised what we talk about. Anyway thanks for the congratulations for our anniversary next Monday.’
‘you’re welcome, I hope you have a great day’ I said
We both went our separate ways. Later I went to the bar for my lunchtime pint,

‘I’ll get that’ Harold appeared
‘hi Harold, thanks’ I said
We sat chatting, he told me where they lived, which turned out only ten miles from my home. He was an I.T. engineer and travelled occasionally, I told him about my past work and now retired, he was a little surprised, he thought I was in my late fifties. We discussed the holiday, I remarked about my friends were going to the capital for four days.
‘don’t you want to go?’ he asked
‘no, not my scene really.’
‘you have just given me an idea’ he said ‘can you keep something to yourself?’
‘yes, why?’ I asked
‘do you fancy my wife?’
‘I don’t know how to answer that’ I said
‘would you like to fuck my wife, with my blessing?’
‘well, yes, but are you sure?’
‘we like to role play, sometimes, when we have sex. One of our fantasies is that I am a stranger that ties her husband to a chair, and makes him watch while the stranger fucks her. I would like you to be the stranger on Monday evening, as a sort of present’
‘how do you know she would let me fuck her without screaming the place down?’
‘I think I know my wife pretty well after thirty years, neither of us have ever had an affair, but during our role playing, I threaten to harm her husband if she makes a noise, she always submits.’ He looked over to Jean, ‘better take her a drink, see you tomorrow here, same time.’
The day drifted through our lazy routine, Brad reading, girls sunbathing, I listened to my ipod.
Next day at the bar, Harold turned up, we got our pints,
‘is it still on for Monday’ I enquired
‘too true, don’t back out on me now, will you?’ Harold said worriedly ‘I have bought a dozen silk scarves to tie us up with.’
He then told me his plan in detail.
‘that sounds good’ I remarked.
That afternoon I caught a Dolmus bus to the next town, and purchased a ten pack of Viagra tablets.
‘I hope they work’ I thought
Finally Monday arrived; I saw my friends and Millie off on their four day excursion. Harold slipped me the card key for his room, over our lunchtime pint,
‘I will try and make sure she doesn’t see the scarves when we go up. When you have finished up there, stop by at the bar, I will say I am nipping to the toilet and pick it up’.
He then went over the plan again. I went up to their room, found the scarves where Harold told me he put them. I proceeded to tie a scarf to the chair legs and beside the seat and tucked one under. The bed was next, one to each corner of the bed and one under the pillow. I took a good look around making sure all were concealed and everything was tidy. I peeked in the wardrobe, wow, some sexy clothes. I shut the door and went to the bar, another pint, I was shaking a bit, thinking of what I was going to do tonight.
Harold popped by and picked up his card,
‘ten o clock precisely’ he muttered.
I went and dozed on a lounger, later after a meal I went my room, took a Viagra pill with a coffee, showered, shaved, then shaved my bum and balls, a bit of after shave. I was ready, my 7 ½” cock was hard and over 2” diameter, was going to be difficult to conceal. At one minute to ten, I grabbed the bouquet of flowers I purchased earlier, exited my room and walked to their room, I knocked, the door opened. I pushed Harold hard on the chest, he went flying backwards losing his footing and ended up crashing into the chair, as Jean came out the bathroom dressed in sexy underwear, to see what the noise was about, I grabbed her from behind slipped a scarf over her mouth and pulled the slip knot tight. I said threatingly into her ear, ‘don’t move or I will cut you’ then blindfolded her.

She had seen Harold sprawled motionless on the floor, and was frightened, she tried to speak but all that came out was a muffled ‘umf umf’ I led her to the bed and gave her a push, she lay sprawled on her back. I quickly tied her wrists to the bedposts. I pulled her panties down off her legs, then tied her legs to the bottom posts of the bed.
I went to Harold and as I helped him onto the chair, he opened his eyes saw his wife, then smiled at me. I tied him to the chair, making sure the knots were tight and then gagged him. There was no way he could escape from his bonds. Now I could relax a bit and admire the sexy Jean. She was wearing a red silky Teddy with matching suspender belt and black shiny stockings on her well shaped legs. Her slim waist curved out to nice rounded hips. Her pussy was shaven smooth, with just a little V shaped tuft just above. I was looking forward to fucking Jean. She had prepared herself for a night of passion to celebrate her anniversary with her husband, but, my dick was going to take his place while he watched. I stripped naked, climbed on the bed, and began stroking this beautiful woman, she jumped and struggled at my touch, but soon realized it was futile, she lay still. I carried on caressing her body, pulling the teddy aside to reveal her perfect ‘C’ cup sizes breasts. I began pinching her nipples and stroking around her shaven pussy, she squirmed as she was being aroused. I then started kissing her neck slowly moving to her perky tits, nibbling on her eraser sized nipples which were now sticking up erect, I played with them for some minutes before continuing down to her mound. I slid off the bed and stroked her nylon clad legs from ankles to her smooth thighs, I blew lightly on her now moist slit, she was breathing heavy now through her nose, I felt sorry for her so I went round to her ear and whispered ‘if I remove the gag, would you promise not to make any noise?’
She nodded emphatically, I removed her gag, she was gasping air. I went back to her pussy, and licked her slit, she was groaning softly. I parted her labia with my thumbs and sucked her sensitive clit, her body jumped; I started sucking and tongue fucking her sweet tasting pussy. It didn’t take long before her body went rigid she gave a squeak as she cum, I kept up my ministrations, her pussy was wet, her cum was all over my mouth, she was trying to f***e her crotch in my face,
She whispered ‘please…please fuck me’
I carried on sucking and slurping, I could feel her body preparing for another climax, once again her body went taut and ‘squeak’ she was soaking my face as she cum.
I lifted myself up and placed my painfully hard dick at her entrance, she was straining against her bonds trying to get my dick in her, I rubbed it along her slit and looked over to Harold, he was staring at my dick with a look of disbelief in his eyes. I waved my hand to attract his attention, he looked up, I pointed to Jean, he nodded reluctantly and looked down.
I pressed my dick forward, a loud gasp from Jean as my knob entered into her. She was so tight; I could only gather that Harold’s cock was smaller than mine. I gradually eased further into her; she had her mouth open gasping
‘oh my god…oh my god’ clutching the bed sheets with white knuckles, her arms still held by the scarves
I began fucking her slowly, until I was fully home, long slow strokes, her pussy now adjusting to my dick; she was trying to fuck back, small guttural noises coming from her throat, I knew she was enjoying being fucked. I stepped up the pace, her face contorted as she thrust her hips up, I could feel her pussy clenching on my dick,
‘screech’ she had a massive orgasm, and flopped back, breathing heavily.
I continued fucking her, ‘these Viagra pills are great’ I thought. I looked down to her lovely blindfolded face, she had a smile creeping on it.
‘please kiss me’ she implored quietly
I placed my lips on hers, she invaded my cum crusted mouth with her tongue, I responded with mine, fucking all the time. Our kiss became passionate, her body lifting in time with mine; we were fucking in perfect rhythm. I could feel her cuntal walls gripping and contracting, she broke the kiss, her pelvis thrusting urgently
‘screech’ as she had another massive climax.
After she had recovered, and her breathing became steadier, she realised I was still fucking her’
She whispered ‘my arms have gone numb, if I promise to be good, would you untie me’
‘you must keep your blindfold on, and if you try to fight, I will hurt you bad’ I whispered back
I had purposely not used my voice the whole time; so far I don’t think she knows who I am.
‘I promise I will not do anything to upset you, I am thoroughly enjoying you fucking me’ she cooed in my ear

I reached up, untying her wrists, she rubbed her arms and hands to get her circulation back, my dick still embedded in her, she put her arms around me holding me tight, she lifted her lips to mine, we had another long deep kiss.
‘let me get on top’ she said quietly
I slowly withdrew my dick, it slurped as it left her, I slid down and untied the scarves from the bed leaving them still on her ankles. I lay beside her and helped her up into position over my dick, I raised my hips and penetrated her, she immediately sat down hard taking my dick fully inside. She put her hands on my chest for support. Jean went wild, she rode me hard, her hips thrashing back and forward, up and down, I was thrusting up trying to keep time with her, I could feel myself ready to let fly, my dick started swelling, I pumped my load deep into her, which made her explode on my dick
‘screech’ her body shuddering, as she began to fall sideways
I grabbed her and lowered her gently to the bed, she cuddled up to me, I had an arm under her and was stroking her back, she reached up kissing me until she found my mouth, then inserting her tongue we kissed gently exploring each others mouths.
My dick began hardening again; I rolled her over on her side lifted her right leg to my shoulder, put my left leg over her left and got into a scissor position, my left knee on her stomach my right knee on her back then placing my dick at her pussy entrance.
‘oh god not again, I am worn out’ she wailed
‘look’ I whispered ‘I am the one r****g you, and you are such a good fuck, I want to do it again’
I pushed my dick fully into her, in this position I could get the deepest into her, I started shagging her fast. Jean’s body soon reacted and was fucking me back, small grunts from her throat as she put all her effort into the fucking motions, I clamped my knees onto her back and front making her love canal tighter, heightening the feeling of my dick’s movement inside her, I rammed my dick hard into her as I began pumping another load in her
‘screech…screech’ she had a multiple orgasm.
I stayed deep in her, not moving, my dick gradually wilting, she was panting. After a couple of minutes, I withdrew from her making a sloshy slurping noise and leaving a trail of cum on her thigh. I lay down in front of her and put my arms around her, she cuddled up to me. I must have dozed, Jean, her breathing regular, was asl**p nestled in my arms. I remembered Harold, I had forgotten all about him, I looked over to him, he was agitated and trying to free himself. I carefully extricated myself from the sl**ping Jean, went to Harold and whispered, I can’t free you as it wouldn’t be authentic, she has got to see you tied up. I gathered my clothes, found my card key, went out closing their door behind me, then ran naked to my room. I sat on my bed with a bottle of wine, smiling to myself about Harold’s predicament.
The next morning, I had got my breakfast and nearly finished when Harold appeared he walked over to me and said quietly ‘you bastard, you were only meant to fuck her once, it was our anniversary, it was only supposed to be a single fuck, so I could have my turn. Not only that, I was tied to that fucking chair until nearly five when she woke up for the toilet’
‘I am sorry Harold, she is so attractive I got carried away, I forgot you were there, until afterward’
‘we will talk at lunchtime’ he said grumpily, then walked away
I was on my second coffee listening to my ipod, when Jean walked in the breakfast room, she had dark bags under her eyes and was walking carefully, she was also blushing bright red. While they were having breakfast, I could see her talking animatedly to Harold, he kept shaking his head. I went and lay on my lounger, Jean appeared looking down on me, I pulled my earphones off
‘good morning Jean, did you have a nice time on your anniversary? You look as if you did’ I said cheerfully
‘where did you go last night?’ she asked quietly
‘went for a wander, then sunk a bottle of wine, why do you ask?’ I said pleasantly
‘did you come to our room?’ she asked
‘now why would I do that?’ I countered
‘I need to know’ she said tears welling up in her eyes
‘Jean?’ Harold called across
She turned saying ‘I have to go’ and walked over to her husband
I could see she was crying while talking animatedly to Harold, I felt awful, knowing I was probably the cause.

I was sitting at the bar with my lunchtime pint, I had bought two, one for my expected visitor.
‘well’ Harold said as he came behind me ‘you have a lot to answer for’ as he sat ‘I think I will have to tell her about our plot’ he sipped his pint ‘she is distraught, she thinks it was a real r****t’ sipping again ‘she is worried she may have caught a disease, and I have my rations cut off until she knows if she is clean or not, that could take bl**dy months, it will certainly fuck up our holiday’
‘I am sorry Harold, neither of us thought it out properly, I will go over and tell her’
‘you go first, I will give you a few minutes to let her cool down, then I can explain the reason’
I wandered over to Jean, she was still in tears
I said quietly with a smile ‘you promised you would keep the blindfold on’
She started to laugh and cry at the same time ‘you bastard, I thought it was real, especially when I woke up and found Harold still tied and gagged’
‘I am so sorry you got upset, it was only meant as a bit of fun to give you an anniversary treat, and by the way, that is the second time today someone has called me a bastard’
‘well, you are’ she said with a weak smile
‘I thought it was two or three men who ****d me, it seemed to go on and on’
‘just me’ I said ‘and with the help of a pill’
‘make sure you take another one next time’ she grinned tearfully.
Harold walked up ‘how are you now Jean, now you know the truth’
‘bl**dy relieved’ she said, wiping her eyes.
Harold went on and explained our plot, then ‘I was trussed up like a chicken, it was only to be a quick fuck, but Alex says he forgot about me until afterward, it was supposed to be a realistic role playing game, but he got carried away’
‘he certainly did that, big time’ she smiled ‘I could hardly walk this morning, you must be built like a horse’
‘I t was a bit big from what I saw’ Harold said
‘do you two mind? This is my dick you are talking about, and I think it’s quite normal, thank you’ I said indignantly with a grin. ‘and can we talk abut something else?, I am getting embarrassed
Jean reached up and took Harold’s hand pulled him to her, she kissed him,
looked into his eyes and said ‘I love you darling, and thank you for an anniversary present I will never forget’
‘I love you too Jean, I won’t forget it in a hurry either’ he said rubbing his wrists ‘can I have a belated anniversary present now? I was so turned on from what I saw last night, I want to make you mine again.’ He said helping her up.
‘I think I better leave you lovebirds, see you later’ I walked back to my lounger.
Harold came over later in the afternoon, just as I was preparing to leave
‘have you anything special on this evening’ he asked
‘a meal, maybe a wander and a bottle of wine’ I answered
‘Jean and I would like you to join us for dinner’ he said ‘after all, we have something in common now’ he grinned ‘see you at seven thirty down here’
‘great, see you then’ I answered leaving for my room
After showering and shaving, I dressed casually; I put a pill in my pocket ‘just in case’ I thought. We met, then found a restaurant, ordered two bottles of wine with our meal.
‘I am sorry for getting carried away last night, I hope you both forgive me, I went a bit too far’ I said apologetically
‘I am not sorry’ Jean said coyly ‘I had a great time’
‘I was a bit miffed, being tied up for so long, but to see you two in action was a real turn on for me’ Harold added ‘and, I think I learned some new tricks’
‘just for the record, I would never put your marriage in jeopardy, you are both nice people, and I would not have considered what happened last night unless I had the blessing of Harold’ I said honestly
‘the reason we wanted you with us this evening is to ask you if you would like to fuck Jean again’ Harold said
Jean went crimson and looked down
Harold continued ‘we talked it over, you only have two more nights before your wife comes back, then our fun will have to stop, so we thought we would make the most of it while we can’
‘how do you really feel about it Jean, I do mean honestly’ I said quietly to her

‘this evening when we were getting changed, Harold made love to me, it was wonderful we both enjoyed being together, I do love him very deeply and would never stray. Last night was the first time I had ever been with anyone else, to me it was real and very frightening, I really thought I was being ****d, and because you were gentle with me, I too got carried away with the moment. This morning in the true light of day, I was totally distraught at the thought of having caught an infection, and the way I acted in front of Harold’. Jean said ‘I was so relieved when you told me it was you’
‘I asked her if she would like you to fuck her again’ Harold added
‘I told him, you were a terrific fuck, and as long as I am not tied up and blindfolded, I would like to, that is, if you want to’ Jean admitted
‘to be honest, you are a very sexy person, you have a great body, and I loved fucking you’ I said ‘and yes I would love to have you again’
‘that settles it then’ Harold said looking at his watch, and grinned ‘make it ten as usual he said’
We all burst out laughing. We sat and finished our meal and wine, I took the pill when no one was watching. As we walked back to the hotel, Jean was in the middle holding Harold and me by the hand. I freshened up in my room, my dick was already hard just thinking about fucking Jean again. At ten pm I knocked on their door, Jean opened the door, she was wearing a black see through negligee, black suspender belt and stockings and no panties.
‘wow’ I said ‘you look stunning’
‘thank you kind sir’ she said demurely as she closed the door behind me ‘I am your present for this evening’
‘I love presents, especially in pretty wrapping’ I said ogling her
She smiled ‘I will let you unwrap it later’
As I went into the room, the lights were on either side of the bed, I saw Harold wearing a pink silk chemise, pink suspender belt and panties with black stockings and 3” stiletto strappy shoes.
‘I love your outfit, and you have great legs, shame about the boat race though’ I remarked
‘you should see her when she has her wig and made up, she is a real good looker’
‘do I call you carol?’ I addressed Harold
He curtsied ‘sounds good, why carol?’
‘drop the H and D and add a C’ I replied
‘Jean, he’s got it, that’s a great name for my other self.’ Harold said excitedly ‘thanks Alex, I needed a name, I hope you see her one day’
‘I would like that; I might even fancy you as well’ I winked at him ‘especially with those legs’
‘it’s one of our role play games, lesbians’ Jean explained ‘come, let’s not hang around, I am dying to see what attacked me last night’
She started unbuckling my belt; I undid my shirt and pulled it off.
‘bl**dy hell’ Jean exclaimed ‘what a beauty’
With my shorts by my ankles my dick, hard as a rock, was inches from her face, she was studying it closely, she tentively grasped it, then kissed the knob. Harold dropped to his knees beside her.
‘can I hold it?’ he asked, looking up to me
‘yes, only if you don’t play with it. I want to save it for my present’
Jean stood up, put her arms around my neck and kissed me with parted lips. I felt something warm and moist on the end of my dick. I broke the kiss and looked down to see Harold’s mouth stretched over my knob.
Jean admonished ‘Harold put it down, I want it tonight’
He pulled his mouth off ‘strewth, it nearly dislocated my jaw’ he said rubbing his cheeks
‘that is for big girls only’ she pulled me toward the bed ‘let’s find somewhere it will fit in’
Jean lay back on the bed, parted her legs, held her arms up to me.
‘come for your present, or putting it crudely, cum in your present’
I looked at Harold,
‘I have already fucked her just before you arrived, she is all yours. This time I can watch in comfort a bit more closely’ Harold said in his pretty clothes.
I lay beside Jean, put my arms around her, we kissed hungrily, I started my journey down her body with my lips and hands, feeling and kissing, lingering on her breasts for some minutes.

I climbed on the bed, put my arms around Harold’s gorgeous wife, and we kissed with slobbering passion. I kissed her ears, nose, down her neck then lifted the negligee up and carried on to her perfect tits, sucking and nibbling her nipples, which were hard and erect, stuck my tongue in her navel. I got off the bed, picked up her feet and kissed and licked her toes through her nylons, caressing her legs with my hands and running my lips up to the smooth naked thighs. She hadn’t got panties on and I could see Harold’s cum glistening on her pussy lips, I parted them using my thumbs and blew into her. she gasped. I licked and nibbled her clit making her jump, then using my tongue, I brought her to a climax, her stomach was rippling as she cum with a loud squeak, my face sticky with their combined cum. I rose up; my dick was in between her thighs
‘Harold? Would you like to put it in her?’ I asked
He grasped my dick and guided it to her pussy entrance,
‘push’ he said
I thrust forward
‘Gasp, ouch, take it easy’ Jean cried
I was only two inches into her, I gently began fucking her, gradually feeding more of my dick into her lovely tight pussy, her pelvis was moving in time with me. I could feel the walls of her cunt gripping my dick, she was gritting her teeth as she thrust up with her hips taking all of my dick, her breath was in small gasps as she let out a screech, while cumming hard. Her body rippled with aftershocks as she slowly relaxed. My dick still hard and fully inside her. she pulled my face to hers, and licked the crusted cum from it, she brought her lips to mine and kissed me.
‘I feel so full with your lovely dick’ she said wriggling her hips
‘it is in heaven right now, you have a lovely pussy’ I said, I began fucking her again, with long slow strokes. Harold had been watching my dick pumping in and out of his pretty wife, he came round and kissed Jean,
‘are you enjoying being fucked darling?’ he asked
‘I love it honey, it feels so good’ she replied
As Harold rose to stand, his pink lacy panties were tented with his hard cock. Jean reached out and pulled them down to his thighs, his cock popped out. It was about 5 ½ inches long and 1 ½ inches thick. She grasped it and wrapped her lips around it, and worked it deep into her throat, he began fucking her face, I could see her throat expand each time he pushed completely into her. I was still fucking her pussy,
‘this is so hot’ I said
Jean pulled Harold’s cock from her mouth
‘please try it Alex’ Jean grunted
Harold positioned his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock, I tried to take it to the back of my throat but started to gag.
‘just relax your throat, and take it slowly’ Jean said coaxingly
After a few more tries, I felt his cock go into my throat, my nose hit his stomach, I knew I had deep throated him. Harold was now fucking my mouth while I was fucking his wife, Jean started to thrust harder, her breathing getting ragged, her pussy contracting on my dick. Harold’s cock was swelling in my mouth and he pushed deep into my throat, I could feel the sperm pulsing up his cock and spurting in the back of my mouth, I swallowed all I could, a couple of dribbles escaped my lips onto my chin. This was my first time sucking cock, it was so sexy, my dick responded and blew it’s load deep into Jean, she screeched as she reached her orgasmic release. As Harold’s cock began softening and leaving my mouth, I sucked and licked any cum left behind. My softening dick was still in Jean. We were all sweaty and gasping breath. Harold bent down and kissed me, parting his lips and using his tongue, I put my free arm around his neck and kissed him back,
‘that is some kiss you two are having’ Jean whispered hoarsely.
We kept or lips locked together for a couple more minutes then finally broke the kiss, both grinning broadly. I withdrew my soft dick from Jean and rolled onto my back.
‘I have never done that before with a man, and he is a really good kisser’ I croaked, my throat was sore from being fucked, ‘I need a drink badly’

We all sat on the edge of the bed with a glass of wine, Jean had straightened up her negligee, Harold had put his panties back on, I was naked, Jean went to the wardrobe and threw a red silk nightgown at me
‘Put that on Alex’ she reached in a drawer picked red matching panties ‘and these’
I put the clothes on, when pulling the silken panties over my dick, it gave a little twitch. We began talking and drinking.
‘Harold?’ I asked ‘do you get jealous seeing your wife getting fucked by someone else?’
‘no, not at all, you are the only person who has fucked her other than me, since we have been married and I would always be present when it happened. As you know, we do play role playing games, and as the opportunity rose with you being around, I thought it would be fun to make it a real scenario. Jean admitted to me that she enjoyed the thrill, once she found out it was you and not a stranger, and we agreed while we were making love this afternoon, that she would like you to fuck her again without the blindfold. I wanted to watch closely while it happened.’
‘I have never been fucked so much as I have these last two days, and I have really enjoyed it.’ Jean added ‘I feel a bit worn out now though’
‘I hope you are not too worn out’ I said ‘I want you again’ and leaned over and kissed her lips. If that is ok with you Harold?’
‘of course you can, Jean is your present tonight’ he answered
Jean opened her mouth using her tongue, and flung her arms around my neck
‘take me, you heard him, I am yours tonight’ Jean said sexily
‘can I have you Rodeo style, you know, you on top and ride me’ I asked,
I quickly removed the panties and nightgown and lay on my back. My dick now recovered and hard. Jean kneeled astride me
‘Harold be a darling, guide his dick in me please’ she asked
He grasped my dick pulled it back between her legs and I felt him kiss my knob, then holding it upright
He said ‘I have just given it my blessing, take it into you darling’
Jean lowered herself onto my dick, smiling with her eyes half closed, she began rocking back and forward, up and down as if she was on a horse. I was keeping in time and thrusting up in her. her face gradually changed to a look of urgency, she was riding harder, I felt her cunt muscles tightening, she looked down at me, her mouth open and uttering ‘oohh…oohh…oohh…screech’ as her orgasm hit her.
Jean flopped forward, her tits on my chest, she raised her lips to mine, we kissed. suddenly
‘oh my god, nooo Harold please not there…squeak’
she was squirming on my still hard dick embedded deep inside her. Harold was kneeling in between my outstretched legs, and was trying to mount Jean’s backside. He must have lubricated his dick because I felt his cock entering her through the thin membrane separating her vagina and rectum. Her face was inches from mine, she had a worried look and was biting her lip.
‘unhh’ she croaked, pain showing on her face.
I could feel Harold’s cock getting deeper and starting fucking motions, I began bucking in her, Harold and I got into a rhythm, as he pushed in, I pulled out. Jean’s face changed from pain to lust, she was forcing herself back onto our dicks. The three of us now working as a perfect fucking machine. Jean was making guttural noises, her mouth open. My dick was being massaged with the movement of Harold’s cock and the sheath of Jean’s pussy. I could feel Harold’s cock begin to swell as he f***ed it fully into her and started unloading his sperm deep in her bowels, I could not hold back, I rammed my dick hard in her and pumped my load into her womb, Jean was screeching time after time as she had multiple orgasms. We stayed in position for a minute or two, all bathed in sweat and gasping air, Harold fell off sideways onto the bed on his back. Jean slid on her side my soft dick plopped as it left her pussy, her leg still across mine, a hand lying on my chest and her face on my shoulder. Her breathing became shallower as she drifted off to sl**p.
I woke up, daylight showed through the curtains, the lights above the bed were still on, Jean was still in the same position, I looked at her peaceful pretty face, my dick started to harden. I stroked her nylon clad leg which was across me, it felt so smooth and sexy.

Jean stirred, opened her eyes and looked into mine.
‘I hope you are not feeling horny again’ she smiled
‘you are such a sexy lady, I can’t help it’ I said quietly ‘I would like to fuck you again’
‘well, I suppose I can’t let you go to breakfast with that thing sticking out in your shorts.’ She grinned ‘be gentle, I am a bit tender down there this morning’
She lay back and parted her legs, I dropped down between them kissing her thighs, her pussy was bright pink and crusted with dried cum.
‘don’t do that, I must be awful down there’ she said
‘I want to,’ I said
And parted her pussy lips and proceeded to lick and suck, nibbled her clit, although the smell of last nights sex session still lingered it didn’t put me off. It wasn’t long before Jean started panting, her crotch pushing into my face, ‘screech’ as she climaxed. I clambered up and rubbed my dick at her entrance, then pushed gently into her. I looked over at Harold, he was still asl**p. I was fucking Jean in long slow strokes; she was making cooing noises as she fucked back at me, I was really enjoying the feel of her wanting me, and her lovely body. We seemed to be fucking for ages before Harold woke up. He got up on one elbow watching us.
‘you two are like bl**dy rabbits’ he grinned
‘I couldn’t let him go out with a stiffy’ Jean grinned back
We carried on shagging away, I could feel my sap rising, my dick swelling, Jean wrapped her legs behind me and used her heels to pull me into her further, her hands behind me, digging her nails in my back. We both cum hard at the same time, Jean with her usual screech and me with a grunt. She put her hands behind my neck and pulled my lips to hers, we went into a slurping kiss.
‘yuk, I taste awful, I told you not to go down there’ Jean said wrinkling her nose
‘you tasted wonderful to me’ I smiled ‘I’m desperately in need of a coffee, I am going to shower and get breakfast’ I turned to Harold ‘thanks Harold I have had a terrific time’
I got dressed and retreated to my room. After a shower, I went down to breakfast, I ate heartily, on the third cup of coffee, Harold and Jean turned up, Jean looked awful, dark bags under her eyes and she was walking with her legs apart, she came to my table,
‘can we join you?’ she asked
‘please do’, and went round and helped her onto the chair ‘after all, you and I have been joined just a while ago’
‘don’t I know it, Harold is having to get my breakfast,’ she said ‘I am very tender down there, and I am having trouble walking. After you left this morning, Harold made love to me again, we had made him horny by waking up and seeing us two shagging’.
‘hi folks’ Harold said cheerfully as he placed two breakfasts on the table.
‘I’ll get you coffees’ I offered
‘two white, one with one sugar, thanks’ Harold said
I returned placing the cups down and sat down.
‘I think between us, we have worn Jean out’ I said to Harold ‘it’s a pity Carol isn’t around’
‘I don’t think Carol could handle that dick of yours’ he answered
‘I may be able to handle the two of you one more night’ Jean said giving a weak smile
‘see you later’ I said
Retreating to my lounger, I dozed and listed to my ipod until lunchtime. I sat at the bar with the now usual two pints. Harold turned up when I had nearly finished my one,
‘Hi,’ I said as he sat down ‘have you been attacking poor Jean again’ I said smirking
‘no, been shopping in town for some bits we wanted, Jean has been asl**p over there’ he indicated ‘we would still like you to come to our room again tonight though’
‘I think she needs a rest poor thing’ I said
‘see you at seven thirty for dinner’ he said
Later after having a lazy day around the pool, I showered and shaved, including my dick, balls and backside, got dressed and just in case put a pill in my pocket. At seven thirty I went to meet Jean and Harold, but when I got there, Jean was talking to a very sexy blonde girl; they both had mini skirts and lacy tops showing their cleavage. I know I liked fucking Jean, but this blonde one was making my dick stiffen.

‘Ahh, there you are Alex, you have met Carol already.’ Jean said
‘Carol?, no, I don’t…my god, I don’t believe it, you look terrific, wow, Carol you are some looker.’ I said astounded
‘thanks Alex; you have made me feel just a little less nervous’ Carol said.
‘I am the one who should be nervous, one bloke with two great looking chicks’ I said admiring the girls
‘she is going to be your present tonight, if you want her’ Jean said smiling ‘I am going to be the back up if needed’
‘let’s forget dinner, I can’t wait to get to my present’ I grinned
‘no it’s usual routine, wine and dine first, we have afters later.’ Jean said
As we walked I did notice Carol had a very feminine walk, she took small steps and her hips swayed.
The waiter had seen Jean before, but he hadn’t seen the blonde, and was hovering around ogling her. I called him over and whispered in his ear,
‘fuck off, or you won’t get a tip’
Carol giggled ‘you shouldn’t be rude like that, he was only checking me out’
‘he isn’t going to leer at my present, all evening’ I said
Jean started laughing ‘you are actually jealous Alex’
The waiter apologised, the meal was particularly good, I secretly took a pill, we had a long chat. This was Carols first time out, she had been very nervous, but as the evening wore on, and the wine went down, she became more confident.
On the way back to the hotel, I was in the middle holding the girl’s hands either side, laughing and chatting.
‘I think we can do away with the ten o’clock meet, let’s go straight to our room’ Jean said
My dick was aching to try out Carol, I had never dreamed of fucking a male before, but she was sex on legs. Once entered into their room, Jean flung her arms around my neck and gave me a sexy tonguing kiss.
‘now take care of your present, be careful with her, she is a virgin’ Jean said
I stepped over to Carol, put my arms around her and kissed her, I parted my lips and pushed my tongue inside hers, she was hesitant at first, then her tongue met mine, it became very passionate. I was running my hands all over her, she had a cute pert bottom, then I felt a firm object in her bottom cheeks, I broke the kiss and looked at her
‘it’s a butt plug’ she said ‘I was preparing myself for you’
‘can I see please’ I asked
‘I am all yours tonight,’ Carol breathed ‘do what you wish darling’
I lifted her mini skirt, she had pink silky panties on, I pulled them down, expecting her cock, but found it had been taped back in between her legs. I turned her round and wedged in her bottom was a pink gel butt plug.
‘would you like me to get ready for you?’ she asked meekly
‘you don’t need to, you look good enough as you are’ I said kissing her again
I led her to the bed, positioned her on all fours, I stripped off my clothes, my dick waving about as I moved. I put my fingers at the top and bottom of the plug and pulled it gently, at first it didn’t move so I pulled harder easing it side to side, it stretched her sphincter as it slipped out.
Jean had been sitting on the side of the bed, handed me a plastic bottle of baby oil. I lifted Carol’s skirt up exposing her cute bottom, I squeezed some oil in my hand and massaged it on my dick, I squirted some into Carol’s puckered open hole.
I knelt behind her and placed my dick at her anus, and pushed, my knob stretched her sphincter as it entered, it was tight around my dick, gripping me. I heard Carol gasp, I slowly entered deeper in her, It was so tight, I was giving her a few seconds in between easing in. I was half way in, and had stopped to allow her to adjust.
‘it’s too big, and it hurts’ Carol wailed
Jean slid down and started kissing Carol
‘Alex is your first boyfriend, he is taking your virginity right now, believe me, you will enjoy it when he makes love to you’ Jean coaxed ‘the pain will soon go’
I urged a little deeper, Carol wiggled her bottom, taking a little more. I started small fucking motions, watching her ring gripping my dick, it felt so good inside her.
‘Alex? Are you all in me yet?’ Carol gasped
‘nearly darling’ I answered
‘it has started to feel nice’ she said
I began fucking, in and out, finally getting fully inside her, my balls slapping the back of her thighs.

‘thank you so much Carol’ I said softly ‘you have given me your precious virginity.’
‘I am all yours now, you will be the only one I will ever let fuck me’ Carol said
Jean slid under Carol, until her face was under Carol’s thighs, she removed the plaster holding Carol’s cock, and sucked her cock in her mouth. Carol lowered her head and began licking and sucking Jean’s pussy.
I was now fucking the full length of my dick in and out of Carol, she was moving her bottom back and forward in time with me, wet slurping noises were coming from her now loosened anus. My dick started to swell, my balls tightened, Carol’s sphincter began pulsing on my dick, I pushed into her hard and shot my load deep in her bowels, I could hear muffled groans, as we all come together.
‘my god, that was so sexy’ Jean spoke softly as she clambered from under Carol, she kneeled and put her arms around me and gave me a wet tongue fighting kiss, I could taste Carol’s cum from inside her mouth. Carol and I, were still in position, my dick, although not so hard, was still embedded deep in her, so warm and comfortable. I reluctantly withdrew my dick, giving a little sucking noise as it flopped out.
Carol kneeled up and kissed me deeply, I could taste Jean’s cum in and around her mouth, she whispered
‘thank you darling Alex, for making love to me. It felt wonderful once the pain had gone. I do hope you will want me again’
‘don’t worry your pretty head about that, just wait until my dick gets hard again, I am going to fuck your brains out’ I said grinning widely.
‘I will put some sexy clothes on then’ Carol said, she went into the bathroom.
Jean and I were on our sides, our elbows resting on the bed our heads on hands facing each other
I asked Jean ‘how do you feel about me fucking your husband?’
‘I think it was ever so sexy, it was a fantasy of his to be fucked as a woman, I wanted him to fulfil his wish. While I was under him sucking his cock, your dick was only a couple of inches away, and I could see it going in and out, it was the most intense sexual sight I have ever seen’
‘I would like to have you again before my wife gets back tomorrow’ I said
‘I would like that very much’ she said leaning to me and kissing my lips
‘come on you two, I want him again’ Carol came in, her tits bouncing under pink silk teddy, she had white stockings and a white suspender belt, her shoulder length blonde hair and perfect make up, other than her cock sticking out, she was a truly very sexy girl.
‘you really are gorgeous’ I said, looking her up and down admiringly
I stood and run my hands over her body, the tits felt so real, I slid off a shoulder strap and revealed a perfect female breast, I stroked it and kissed the nipple, I studied it and could not find where they joined,
‘amazing, they are so real’ I said
‘prosthetics, stuck on, they actually feel a part of me’ Carol said holding them in her hands, ‘I can even shower with them. Tell me honestly Alex, do you find me sexually attractive as a woman?’
‘yes I do Carol, very much so. When Jean said she liked you dressing up as a girl, and said you were a good looker, I thought you would look like a fella in girls clothes, but seeing you this evening, you look far better than most girls I have ever seen’
‘oh thank you, I really hoped you would fancy me’ Carol said girlishly.
I put my arms around her and kissed her, I lowered her onto the bed, so her bottom was on the edge. I grabbed a pillow and knelt on it, Jean handed me the baby oil, I lubricated my dick.
‘you won’t need any for me’ Carol said ‘I already prepared myself for you’
I lifted her ankles to my shoulders; Jean lifted my dick to Carol’s anus,
‘push in now Alex’ Jean said
I eased forward, my dick entered into Carol’s bottom quite easily; Carol wriggled her backside, taking me into her. I began fucking her, watching her pretty face while I stroked her white nylon clad legs. Carol’s cock became rigid, Jean leaned in between us and sucked her cock. I was enjoying fucking this pretty girl, the regular slurping noises as I was pistoning her cute ass. Jean stood up and stripped out of her clothes, she lifted a leg over Carol and lowered herself onto Jeans cock, facing me. I caressed Jean’s tits, and kissed her lips, she was bobbing up and down on Carols cock, while I was still fucking Carols bottom, it was tightening and loosening on my dick, Carol shot her load into Jean, she went ‘mmm’ in my mouth. Jean raised herself up and lifted her leg off Carol. My dick was still deep inside her, her cock had wilted and was lying on her stomach. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her lips.

‘how do you feel now that you are no longer a virgin’ I asked quietly
‘very girlie, I have enjoyed you making love to me as if I was a woman’ Carol answered, and wriggled her hips
‘to me, you are so feminine with your cute titties and your sexy clothes, I just wanted to fuck you badly’ I smiled, thrusting faster in her.
‘I feel well and truly fucked now’ she grinned ‘I could do with a drink, I feel a bit worn out, would you like to fuck Jean now?’
‘I would like that, but it’s really up to Jean’ I said looking over to Jean, she was laying on her back beside us, totally naked.
Carol whispered hoarsely ‘Jean? can you finish off Alex? I am knackered and my bum is getting sore’
‘ready and willing’ she said, parting her legs.
I started withdrawing my dick from Carol’s tight bottom, it was making wet sucking noises as it came out of her. I crawled to Jean and inserted my soggy dick into her love channel, Jean put her legs around my backside, her arms across my back, and pulled me fully into her waiting pussy.
‘aahhh’ she cooed, ‘I feel so horny, I really need a good fuck after watching you two’
I proceeded to do just that. Carol passed us a glass of wine each. We took a sip, then carried on fucking, as Jean was already worked up, it didn’t take long before the usual screech as she cum. I changed position into the scissor, knowing she liked me clamping her with my knees and the extra depth I could get in her. I sucked my thumb to get it wet, reached under my right leg and gently inserted it into her rectum, this had an immediate effect on her, she squeaked and began fucking back. Carol leaned over and began kissing Jean, she still had on her pink teddy, I thought ‘she looked so sexy, I can’t believe she is a male, and I enjoyed fucking her tight bum’
Jean was groaning in Carol’s mouth, her pussy was pulsing on my dick, her muffled screech came while still kissing Carol. They broke the kiss, Jean’s body was shaking and she was gasping for breath. I rolled over to lie on my back, I lifted her up so she could sit astride me, Carol went behind her and grasped my dick and guided it into her. I pulled her down by her shoulders, so she had me fully in her, then half lifted myself and drew her lips to mine. Her breasts were on my chest as we kissed. I saw Carol putting baby oil on her cock, then getting between my legs. Jean jumped, her eyes wide, I was holding her head keeping her lips to mine. I felt Carol’s cock once again sliding into Jean’s backside, Carol and I, got into the rhythm, fucking Jean, it wasn’t long before jean was bucking and taking two cocks with enthusiasm. Her tits rubbing up and down my chest, she broke the kiss, her face only an inch or two away from mine, bobbing up and down as she thrust in time, her face contorted as she screeched, I could feel her body shuddering, she was having a multiple orgasm, Carol and myself, both started cumming in her at the same time, I felt her cock pumping sperm in her bowels as I filled her pussy with my load. Jean flopped herself onto me, and lay breathing heavily. Carol withdrew her now limp cock, and lay beside us.
I woke up; it was still dark outside, the lights either side of the bed were still on. I had one arm over a pink teddy covered body who had blonde hair, I also had a stiff dick pressed between her ass cheeks, ‘bl**dy pill’ I thought, I snuggled closer to Carol, she moved her bottom about on my dick. I reached over and grabbed the baby oil, I oiled my dick and her bottom, gently pressed my dick into her, and slowly started fucking her. Deeper and deeper until I was fully in, I put my arm around her and played with her tits, they felt so real. I fucked her gently thoroughly enjoying the tight grip of her ass. I played with her stiff cock, wanking it in time with my butt fucking. I felt Jean move behind me, she leaned up on one elbow and whispered in my ear,
‘is she a good fuck?.’
‘yes, she is, you both are.’ I answered
Jean got out of bed and went round in front of Carol and started sucking on her cock. I sped up my fucking, I felt Carol’s sphincter tightening on my dick, I couldn’t hold back, I rammed my dick in hard and cum, I heard Jean coughing and spluttering.
‘bl**dy hell’ she said ‘you f***ed her cock right down my throat as she cum’
‘you won’t want much breakfast then’ I said laughing ‘that is pure protein what you just swallowed’
We all burst out laughing.
‘I will see you down at breakfast’ I kissed Jean ‘you are wonderful, and a very sexy lady’ I went to Carol ‘and you sweet thing are also a very sexy lady too, I am sorry I will not see you again this holiday’
‘see you around eight thirty at breakfast’ Jean said.

I got dressed and crept into my room, had a good shower etc, then made my way to the dining area. I ate a hearty breakfast and after the third cup of coffee, I looked at my watch it was nine thirty, they were an hour late. I was just about to go and check on them, when they arrived, they were both walking with their legs slightly parted. I was amazed to see Carol, I fully expected Harold.
‘what on earth happened’ I asked them
Jean whispered ‘we can’t get the tits off’
I burst out laughing, I stepped back and admired Carol’s luscious figure,
‘you stay like you are, you look great’ I said to Carol. ‘would you like me to get your breakfast? You both look a bit uncomfortable walking’ I grinned.
‘Please, toast and scrambled egg twice’ Jean replied
I got their meal and sat with them
‘of course we are sore, it’s your entire fault, both our bums are tender’ Jean said ‘and we have to go where Carol got her boobs from, to get the adhesive remover for them. Carol was so intent on making herself look good for you, she forgot to ask for it’
‘you certainly look good even now, fancy nipping upstairs?’ I asked Carol still grinning.
‘No I don’t, I can hardly walk after you took advantage of me this morning’ Carol replied smiling
‘you did not object, you enjoyed waking up to my stiff dick, and so did Jean, as I recall’
‘while we were trying to remove my boobs this morning, we both agreed that the sex has been fantastic these last few days, we have had a great time’ Carol declared wistfully. Jean nodded in agreement.
‘will I see Carol after today?’ I asked her
‘not the rest of the holiday’ Jean replied ‘maybe sometime in the future’
‘would you like me to come with you to the boob shop?’ I asked them
‘no, thanks all the same, your wife and friends will be here soon’ Jean replied ‘it would be difficult to explain, that you came with me to get my husbands tits off’
We all started laughing, when..
‘hello Alex, we’re back’ Millie leaned over my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek, I turned around
‘hi you lot, did you have a good time?’ I asked ‘oh, sorry, this is Jean and her s****r in law Carol’ I said ‘their husbands went off early to town’
‘Hello’ they all said to one and another, introducing themselves. I turned to my wife and our friends,
‘do you remember someone broke their wrist last year?’ ‘well, it was Jeans husband Harold who is Carol’s twin’
They all started chatting, Jean mentioned her and Harold had asked me to join them a couple of evenings, for a meal.
‘oh well, sorry we have to leave you, we are going to meet up with our husbands in town.’ Jean said
They all bade their farewells and Jean and Carol walked off.
‘is Carol and her husband staying here?’ Millie asked me
‘No, I think they are staying at a resort further along the coast, they came over this morning’ I lied
We sat at the bar and the four of us talking about the trip, and how tiring they found it. Brad and I got the loungers out, Millie and Megan were dozing, brad was in the shade reading.
About four in the afternoon, Jean and Harold turn up,
‘hi’ Jean said
‘oh, hi, how did it go’ I asked quietly
‘fine thanks, once we got the remover’ Jean said ‘we are off to stretch out for a while now, see you around’
The rest of the holiday consisted of lounging about and long walks, eating and boozing, just what a holiday is meant to be and the odd chat with Jean and Harold. I kept thinking of the great sex sessions with Jean and Carol. It was peculiar that I did not fancy Harold at all, but the thought of Carol gave me a raging hard on, I fancied Jean as well.
Jean and Harold were on their last day of their holidays, while my wife, our friends and myself, were having a drink. Jean and Harold came over to us and bought a round of drinks, telling us how sad they were to be leaving the next day.
Jean asked Millie if she and Harold could borrow me for a day or so and also invited Millie to keep her company, they had a problem with their ring main electrical circuit and also wanted me to fit up a burglar alarm.
‘sure, no problem’ Millie said, ‘it will keep him busy, he likes being active’.
We all had a good natter and drink, later they joined us for dinner, the waiter recognised me from the night when Carol was there, so we had excellent service.

The next morning, I was getting my breakfast, scrambled egg on toast, and then a feminine voice said behind me
‘Do you fancy a quickie before we go home?’
I turned to see Harold grinning
‘ugh, no thanks, but I would love to fuck your twin s****r, or your wife’ I replied with a grin
‘My s****r won’t be around for a couple of weeks, but I know my wife is in our room packing, and she is wearing a sexy teddy for the next hour’ Harold said quietly
‘Would you like scrambled egg?’ I asked, offering him my plate
My mate Brad was fishing off the beach further down and our wives were still in bed. I said
‘Are you sure it’s ok Harold?’
‘Be my guest, I only wish Carol was here’ Harold said
He took my plate, I looked around and made sure the coast was clear, then quickly walked up to their room. I knocked quietly on the door, Jean opened it just a couple of inches and peered round
‘Quick, inside’ she whispered as she opened the door wider and let me in.
Jean was dressed in her sexy teddy and sheer black stockings
‘You look good enough to eat’ I said
‘If you haven’t had breakfast yet, you can start with me if you like’ she purred
I picked her up and gently lay her on the bed, I parted her legs and immediately started kissing and sucking her sweet pussy, it didn’t take long before she put her hand to her mouth and let out a stifled screech as she cum on my face. I slid up her body, placed my dick at her entrance and gently slid completely into her
‘Do you realize darling, this is the first time we have fucked without your husband being here with us’ I said quietly
‘Yes, now I can tell you that I am falling in love with you’ she whispered
‘Please Jean, don’t complicate things, let us keep everything as it is’ I answered quietly
I began fucking her hard, her pussy making squishy noises, her eyes looking into mine, she started gasping, I placed my lips on hers, put my tongue in her mouth and kissed her passionately, her screech was in my mouth as we both began Cumming together. We lay back and gathered our breath; I quickly jumped up and dressed, went to her and kissed her lightly, and said
‘I feel the same, but I won’t admit it. I smiled and left.
I moved quickly down to the breakfast room, checking every corner on my way, Harold was sitting drinking a coffee, I sat beside him just as my wife and friend came round the far corner. I grabbed Harold’s coffee from him, ‘sorry’ I said ‘the wife has just arrived’
‘That’s ok, I will get another’
‘Thanks’ I looked at him gratefully
‘Hi, what’s nice for breakfast’ Millie asked
‘I had scrambled egg and toast’ I lied
The girls placed their handbags on the table and wandered over to the food
‘I bet you are hungry now’ Harold said grinning and holding two coffees. ‘I hope it was worth missing breakfast for’
‘It was’ I said grinning, as the girls returned with their food.

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3 years ago
Excellent story, long but very well told. Waiting for further adventures with you 3 and perhaps (?) your wife?
3 years ago
It was a great story and very well written. Wish you had classified it as Gay, along with Fetish and Taboo. That took me totally by surprise, since that isn't my thing. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
That was fantastic xxx
3 years ago
good one... enjoyed reading :P