He did it again!

Well I got another treat last week. Hubs had to go to San Diego for a work assignment. He told me it was going to be for a week. He asked if I would like to go with him! Of course I agreed and he said he would make the arrangements. Before we left for week, he mentioned that maybe we could "play" while we were away from home. I said of course we could play! that night after a few glasses of wine that night, I asked what he had in mind for next week? He said well Im not sure, but maybe we could find a freind! I just looked at him, and he said that was up to me.
We arrived in San diego and as we pulled up to the place we were staying it was a golf course resort. VERY NICE place. he told me that I could get massages, maicures, spa treatment, what ever I felt like doing while he was working. I said NO PROBLEM! LOL....the first night we had a nice dinner and went to the bar after for a few drinks. it wasnt long before I realized there were many men staying at the resort. My mind starting thinking he had chosen this place for this reason. That night while in bed, and his dildo in his ass, I told him I thought I knew what he meant by a friend by comment last week. as I worked it deeper into his ass, I asked if a friend meant he wanted to see another mans cock again. He said "yes" that is what he wanted as long as I would instruct him. I said Oh I sure will! He then said that he wanted me to find the guy for him, maybe one that I liked in case I wanted to go further. I told him, You know that you are the one that would be using another mans cock, not me!!! Within a few minutes of him saying this he asked if he could cum.... I said yes but I want you to eat your own so I knew you were ready for another mans cum. he then shot his cum into my hand and he ate the whole load..

The next night we went to a nice dinner and the same bar after dinner. Apparantly there was some kind of golf tournament that day as the bar was full of men dressed in golf attire. Oh my there were several men that looked good! I could see hubby checking them all out! it was quite a nasty feeling knowing my husband was looking at these men, wanting them to cum in his mouth. I watched him and chatted with him to get an idea of who he wanted... it wasnt long before I could tell he had his eye on two guys at the end of the bat that were chatting. a couple of drinks later, I said well are you just going to sit there, or are you going to find a nice cock for me to look at. he looked surpised when I said that and he asked "you to look at"? I said well of course me lookng at a nice cock in your mouth. As soon as I said that i could see he was getting hard.. I reached down and felt that indeed it was hard as a rock. he looked at me and asked "any suggestions?" I knew where he was looking so i said how about the two at the end of the bar? He smiled and said YES, I was hoping you chose one of them. He said you do realize they have been looking at you right? I said, yes I did notice that. I also said, that is why my skirt is getting higher than usual and that i just want to help coax one of them for you. he smiled and ordered them a drink on us. The bartender, brought there drinks to them, and they both looked over and said thanks! I smiled and winked, and as soon as I did, they asked if I would mind if they joined us? I looked at hubby and he smiled. I nodded and said we would BOTH like that. (emphasizing both). they started walking over and my husband moved over one seat so they could both sit next to me. (My pussy twitched when he did this!) They did exactly what hubs wanted them to. they sat on both sides of me. we chatted for a while and they said they were in the tournament and didnt so well. It was pretty amazing that i had two strange men on both side of me, with my hubby right there! I could see hubs looking to see where my skirt was at and I could also feel their eyes, checking my skirt out as well. I excused my self for the ladies room. I had to get my panties off. Hubby has always talked about that. When I returned after 15 minutes or so as I took my panities to the room, they were all talking. I asked what they had been talking about and hubby said "I think you know!" I just smiled and innocently said, I am not sure I know what you mean? The guy Bobby to my right said your husband told us "WE" was interested in some fun? Rick to my left said we didnt get to the details of "Fun". Hubby then said, it would involve him and not necesarily her. they both looked at each other and said WOW, that is not what we had in mind at all!
It was quiet for a few minutes. Hubby looked at me with a disappointed look in his face and said well guys, i hope we didnt offend you by our thoughts.... they were just thoughts.. Bobby looked him and said sorry guy he had never done anyting like that, and didnt want to. his cell phone rang about then and his wife was calling. he excused himself and rick said it was his wife and in all likelyhood he was gone for the night. when bobby left the bar I spun towards hubby and rick and as I did, my skirt rose higher. I looked down and realized my pussy was almost exposed. we enjpyed another drink with rick and to our surprise, Rick says, I may be intersted in what we discussed earlier. After he said that he put his hand on my leg, halfway up my leg. I looked over and said really, you do realize that my husband was the one, not me! he looked at hubby as his hand slid a couple inches up my leg, and said, oh I think I know what you mean. at that point he put his hand on my husbands leg, moved it up and touched his cock area and said oh yes i do know what you mean. He then took a drink and left his hand on my leg! I looked over and hubby did the same thing he did. he put his hand on his leg, and rubbed his cock in one motion. when I saw that my pussy twitched again and my legs moved apart a little. as they did his hand went right up into my crotch, a his fingers rubbed my wetness and he moved his hand away.
after a little while we all decided to go our room. I told the bmoth I needed to use the bathroom and wanted to freshen up. I told them to get comfortable, I would be back in a few minutes..When i returned they were in the seating area, hubs on the couch and rick on the chair at the desk. I sat nexct to hubby and motioned to rick to join us. he walked over, hubby moved over,and he sat between us. his first motion was towards me. I stopped his hand and said "listen,,,, you have are here to be with my husband, not me. if you cant handle that, you should leave now!" Rick said, he was sorry and he did understand what he was there for. he then said, "well is he going to just sit there, or is he going to service me in front of you????" I told hubs, well???? without a word he reached over to rick and grabbedhis belt. he unbuckled the belt slowly and unbuttoned his pants. rick sat back and closed his eyes and hubby got his zipper down. rick picked his hips up and hubby slid his pants down,and then off. I looked at hubby and said, take you pants off too! he complied and then looked at me again while stading there. rick was stroking his cock while his eyes were still closed...I said go ahead and start rubbing his cock. hubby did start wubbing his cock. I was getting so wet as I watched.. Oh my. Rick was really enjoying his cock being stroked. he would let a little moan out once in a while. I moved closer so I could watch my husband head getting closer to this guys cock. I couldnt help myself at this point, so i reached over and touched his cock. it felt very hard and all i could think was, how good it would feel inside me. I took my hand off and pointed to hubby. he knew that was is cue to start. as soon as hubbys tongue hit is cock, rick looked at me. feeling very warm, I opened my legs so he could see my pussy. my husband looked up in amazement. I looked at hubby and he was nowgoing down on rick. I could hear some slurping sounds and before I knew it ricks hand was on my leg. I fricken went crazy in my mind. as hubby was bobbing up and down, i took ricks hand and put it on my pussy. As his finger started to go inside me, hubby looked up. I then gained my senses and took his hand away. rick then put his finger to my husbands mouth and he licked his finger. it wasnt 30 seconds later Rick says, oh my god I am going to cum! He tried ot move my husbands head back and I yelled, NO shoot in in his mouth, he needs your cum,anbd that is his job. A soon as I said that my husband did it again. his cock was shooting on the floor and rick was cumming in his mouth. As Rick was shooting and moaning I knew that was a very large amount of cum, because it was falling out of hubbys mouth. I could actually see the base of his penis throbbing while it was shooting as well. It was only a minute or so, Rick told us he had to get the frick out of there. He basically ran out of the room and my husband sitting there with cum his chin and chest. I laughed, walked over and fed the reamianing cum to him. We had another drink, and went to bed. Hubby fucked me so good and he kept thanking me the whole time for being such an understanding wife! I guess I am! a week later, and after writing this story, I was just thinking that one of these times, maybe I will take a turn! Hmmmmmmmm.

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9 months ago
very nice
9 months ago
You should join in and have your husband lick your pussy while you get fucked by the other guy
9 months ago
hot story... call me rick if you want...darling