Great Neighbor Part 2

That first meeting was the most nerve wracking! Thankfully he could not see my li'l cock in its cage, starting to shrivel from my exposure to the neighbors through the open door. I had him step in and was feeling weak in my knees when I saw the size of his bulge in his athletic shorts(that ended just below his knees) Wow!! I do not know how I closed the doors without tripping over my tongue, but I could tell I was already leaking through my cock cage and down my bare legs (which I had shaved as per his request to be as bare as possible). I even shaved my little cock and balls, only leaving a "landing strip" pointing south to my shiny cock cage. Even just standing there, taking in his obvious sexual arousal, and body heat from walking here, I was getting light headed..I was going through with this! I lead him down the hall to the Master bedroom. He followed close behind me and hopefully enjoyed my round white ass jiggling as I hurried to get him in my room as quickly as possible!!
As soon as I closed the door behind us, he was gripping my bare ass and grinding his hard male cock on my cock cage! I was in lust and amazed at the size of his hard cock. He then released me, and had me kneel as I undressed him. He then forcibly grabbed me by my ears and plunged his hard cock to the back of my throat in one smooth motion. He slapped my hands down so I was kneeling with my hands at my side as he was quickly fucking my mouth and throat. He was HUGE. Easily the longest I had ever had in my mouth, and just the right thickness..I was lost in my breathing and gagging, saliva coming out all over my chest and thighs..I looked like a dog drooling for his bone, and I DID not care. He then had me stand and let me admire his short, compact frame.. He had a nice set of abs and was well muscled for his size. PLUS he was hairless too, except for the hair on his head. (which was military short and smelled of cigarettes) Now normally I do not mess with smokers as they do not care how they smell, but he just smelt like sunshine and masculine, sexy sweat.
Of course, he just stood there grinning and asked me if I liked what I saw.. I could only stammer out a brief "GOD YES!" and dropped once again to my knees before his magnificent cock, licking his balls, he then slapped me with his hard cock all over my face and wide open mouth. I was quickly reduced to his kneeling cock slave, begging him for his superior cock, while he pointed at my tiny cage and asked me for the key to it. I told him that I did not have it, it was on my wife's key chain, with her at work. He laughed and said it was just as well as he would not have touched me there, and as he said this he reached forward and twisted both of my hard little male nipples as I moaned around his cock in my mouth. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and had me kneel upon the edge of the bed, my ass up and legs spread. I asked if he needed a condom and said contemptuously that I should get him one and put in on for him while he got my "pussy" ready for his pleasure. I got a condom from the nightstand and he noticed my "toys" inside the drawer. A large, cock shaped dildo, a vibrator (shaped like a cock), and a large stainless steel jeweled butt plug, pink of course.. He immediately grabbed the plug and put in in my mouth to get it wet and then had me insert it in my ass/pussy just after I covered his cock with the condom. I was then told to lie on the bed with my head over the edge, mouth open wide. He furiously fucked my face and throat for what seemed like ten minutes, but was probably only 2 minutes to get him good and wet. He then had me lie down face up on the bed as he sat his VERY sexy ass on my face, I was allowed to hold and spread his cheeks as I was instructed to use my worthless tongue on his sweaty ass and balls..Oh how my BALLS were aching to be released now..

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6 months ago
oh god im queer too i love it
2 years ago
Very nice! Got me hard, yes it did!
2 years ago