A Great Neighbor

There are days when I am home alone in the afternoon. I should be sl**ping in order to work effectively at night, but I am restless and horny. I hear noises next door as my neighbor's home daycare is in full swing, so I cannot go outside with this happy little hard-on..What to do with myself? I love to read other people's erotic stories, but today was more urgent, and I did have an urge to have another hard cock in my mouth, and even better(!!!) in my tight little anus..

Now how to best go about this? I could just enjoy myself and my toys and view some videos and photos on SHOWYOURDICK/SHOWYOURCUNT, but I want that REAL THING (male cock) :* All of my usual playmates were at work, and certainly could not get away, on a moments notice to make a booty call, no matter how much they may have want to.. So I posted a brief description of myself and some of my wants/needs on Craig*list and see if there is someone nearby that would like to help me with my "needs".

Most replies are from the usual "trolls" looking for some more photos, or endless emails..YUCK! I asked for someone within walking distance of my neighborhood to save time. Soon I had 3 lively candidates that wanted nothing more than to f*ck my mouth and make me gag on their hard,sexy cocks..I chose one that seemed to be in the same boat as I was, home alone, hard and horny..But his email demanded that I send my cellphone number to speak with me directly, I normally ignore these. But I DO love to be told what to do and when, so I gave in and sent him my number. He quickly called me and asked what I was into, and if I could host at my house and follow his instructions..Now that did sound just like what I wanted! My little cock was already bobbing with excitement! I said I was home alone, naked, and wanted to service his hard cock..He then told me he was only 5 minutes away and I was to greet him at the door naked. I was VERY aroused by the thought of that, and said I would..but after hanging up I realized I only had a photo of his genitals and had no way of knowing who was coming over to my house, but I was committed to it. Now upon thinking upon it, my hard-on shrank down and I had some serious second thoughts, as my penis was now quite shriveled...But HE did sound SO good and demanding. He wanted me to undress him and bathe his cock with my mouth mere seconds after letting him into my house. So it was settled then, I quickly settled on housing my tiny cock in its cage before he came over. I had just finished snapping the lock as I heard the door bell ring; I could see out through the steel security door, and he could not see in. He was about 5'8" tall and 165-170lbs of lean well-muscled, dark-skinned goodness, housed in shorts, flip flops and a white t-shirt. I was quickly regretting my choice of caging my cock as it tried to spring to life, but could not! I unlocked the door and swung the door outwards to let him in; I was in full view of anyone outside that happened to be going by the front of my house. I was definitely going to enjoy this..

*end of part I* A test if you will to see if anyone wants me to continue this "mostly" true story.. :) edie
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1 year ago
of course we want to hear about you sucking his cock!
2 years ago
Nice Start!
More Please.
2 years ago
Please continue but why the fuck you put that cage on.....