A trip down memory lane - part 1

My wife and I returned to a place we had stayed in when we 18. We had fond memories of the little guest house by the sea. Especially since that was the scene of our first swinger experience. 18 and very much in love we were rampant in bed,the table, the bathroom, well anywhere really. We were looking forward to a few days fucking each other's brains out. After a frantic and exhausting afternoon we decided to go out and have dinner. Maybe grab a few drinks. Newcastle in Co Down is not short of pubs.
We were having a drink when my then girlfriend noticed someone she thought she vaguely recognised, she was convinced it was her old next door neighbour who used to live beside her parents' house. She waved over and caught the woman's attention. The she was mortified as she realised her mistake and it wasn't her old neighbour. The embarrassment was compounded by the woman coming over. My wife spluttered a garbled explanation. Which the woman found funny. She introduced herself. She was an average looking woman decent figure mid fortyish. Seemed friendly enough,her husband quickly appeared with their drinks. Friendly looking fella nothing out of the ordinary. Out of politeness I said to join us. They sat down. Talked about how they had moved down from Belfast, and other small talk. Some drinks were had and then we decided to call it a night.
They asked us where we staying and offered us a lift. It was only in the confines of the car did the breezy atmosphere change. He started talking and asked if we were sl**ping together. This very personal question threw us. I asked him to stop the car. He apologised and confessed him and his wife can be a bit direct and then he said because what we are going to ask you would be pointless if we weren't sl**ping together. Then she chimed in and asked if we wanted to go back to theirs and keep the night going. Although we were only 18 we both now had a pretty good idea what was happening. Then out of nowhere my wife surprised me by asking why what's going to happen at yours? She looked straight at my wife and said evenly whatever you guys want. My wife's breathing suddenly got short and urgent. She was getting turned on by all this talk and I must confess to being rock hard as well.
As the car sped along, she kept talking from the front seat. We were hoping you would be our kind of people her voice had a pleased ring to it. Are you our kind of people she asked us. We both nodded. So would you be willing to do a dare? Now I don't mind admitting my heart was pounding. She looked straight at me and said is your cock hard? I nodded. Show me she ordered. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock. My mouth was dry but I was as horny as hell. What's it like? I heard her husband ask. Oh it's a good un long enough and thick as fuck she replied. Now she said looking at my wife, stroke it, give him the best handjob he's ever had. I felt my wife's hand reach around my clock and gently began to stroke me.I threw my head back loving the feel of her soft but firm grip. Marvelling at how easy she was wanking me in front of an audience. Now suck him she said in a quiet excited voice. I groaned as I felt those familiar lips slide down my full length. I looked up to see both of them looking at my wife sucking me. Then they looked at each other and smiled. Nearly there I heard him say.
We pulled up at their house. The combination of the booze and the backseat blow job had me horny as hell.as we made our way into the house I turned to my wife and said are you sure about this? Hell yeah she replied.
We were ushered into the living room and told to make ourselves comfortable and our hosts disappeared. We looked at each other and my wife said do you think they mean for us to get undressed? So we slowly stripped off and sat down on the sofa. My wife's hand had started to rub her pussy. Our hosts returned and they had indeed intended us to get undressed, both of them were naked. She looked pretty amazing stripped off gorgeous curvy figure full breasts and a thick bush. He was hung like a horse. It was at least 9inches, rock hard and pointing straight at me. He took her by the hand and led her over to an armchair. She sat down and spread her legs wide open. You could see that she was already wet,he knelt in front of her and started to gently push his tongue into her wet slit. She started to squirm and moan. My wife's hand was now furiously sliding in and out of her own pussy. The man was now wanking himself as he licked and tongued her faster and faster.She was massaging her beautiful breasts pinching her nipples. When suddenly she threw her head back and screamed, grabbing his head and grinding herself against his face.
A curious calmness fell over the room. All that could be heard was her soft post orgasm moans and the moist rubbing sound of my wife playing with herself. He got up turned and looked at us and said now it's your turn. I watched as he knelt between my wife's legs and opening them wider, as he took her hand away he licked and sucked her juices of her fingers. Then he kissed slowly up her thigh towards her pussy. His tongue landing first on her already throbbing clit. My wife moaned and arched her back slightly. So entranced by this sight I hadn't noticed she had moved over towards me and the first I became aware of her presence was her hand wrapping around my clock.She moaned lowly as if in approval and then took me fully in her mouth. My wife was panting and gasping loudly and I could tell she was close to cumming. She had her hands clasped to the back of his head pushing him deeper into her pussy. The expert blow job I was getting left me in no doubt I was close to cumming myself. I could feel a finger lightly sliding across my ass and this threw me over the edge and I shot my cum into her mouth. My wife suddenly arched backwards beside and she screamed oh fuck oh fuck over and over. He looked up at us and in between wiping the copious amounts of my wife's juices away he smiled and said just the beginning...


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5 months ago
Loved it! Great stuff and well told!
6 months ago