my mom swallowed

I was 18 and going off to was helping me pack up my room. mom was a voloptouos woman, d-cup, fat ass,long blond hair and a smile that would light up the world. my dad cheated on my mom a few yesrs earlier and she never picked up the pieces when he left. living with mom for the past few years had really solidified my status as a mommas boy. as my move out date approached, mom was visibly getting depressed. her little boy was growing up and moving out. we would watch movies together, go out for dinner and dancing, camping you name it, mom and i were i was packing up the last of my room, i noticed mom standing in the door watching me. i don't know waht im going to do without you here son, im going to be so lonely. dont worry mom im not that far away and we'll see each other every other weekend. i still cant believe your so grown up she said. mom began to tear a little and i started to hug her,im going to miss you to mom, i love you. i love you to son, she said while wiping tears off her cheeks. i could feel her huge firm breasts pressing up against me as we hugged for what seemede like hours. my hands were rubbing up and down mom's back , comfoting her. suddenly mom started to violently remove my belt and undo my pants. WHOA WHOA mom what are you doing i exclaimed. Oh please son i need this i haven't had any attention in years. mom this isn't right i said, you don't have to do this. i want to do this T>>>r please let me satisfy you. i was tring to come up with another argument but before i could say anything mom ripped down my underwear and swallowed my entire cock in her mouth. Holy shit i was not expecting this. ya sure i'd fanticized about mom many many times but to have her actually initiate sexual contact was amazing. she sucked my dick like a pro, almost like she new what her son liked, deep, fast, wet. mom was a pro. i was so caught up with what was the best blow id ever had, i hadnt noticed that mom was crying while sucking me off. so sad so desparate for attention and sexual desires that had been building up for years. rubbing her hair saying it's ok mom it's okay sshhhhh sssshhhhhh. She looked up at me, i love you so much son, tell me you love me too. so much mom, i love you so much. she teared up a little smiled and returned to giving me oral sex. after a couple of minutes of mom going crazy on my cock, i was gonna blow. mom im going to cum i said. oh yes son cum on mommy,show me you love me. she stated sucking faster, deeper, almost gagging with tears running down her face. im gonna cum mom, stop stop. mom kept going, determined to get it all in her mouth. i tried to pull away to cum in a different direction but mom grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into here mouth, no mom no, i protested, she just moaned deepthroated me all the way. I EXPLODEED in mom's mouth, i could feel the ropes of jizz going directly down her throat. mom was moaning loud, fingering her hairy box, the smell of pussy juice was thick in the air. as she sucked every last drop out of her son, I was caught between ecstasy and shock. mom stood up wiped a little bit of jizz that had escaped from her mouth off, smiled and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. thank you son, you are such a good boy to keep your mom so happy. im sorry you have been so sad mom, i said, you know you can talk to me anytime and im always here for you. mom took my hand and placed it on her hot, moist, swollen, hairy box. will you be here for me son, she said.........

but thats another story
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2 years ago
Perfect good bye,don't you think?
2 years ago
Spelling errors every sentence
2 years ago
2 years ago
what a going away present! i hope it went further than that lol and i hope she shaved for u!
2 years ago
Son had the best Bj a mother can give her son before he went away,, and all the time they spent together going out and stuff,. he did not get to see his Mom nude, or took a peek in her room and the bathroom ,