Searching and getting busted

the other day i was snooping through my s****r-in-laws room. i came across some weird stuff that 18 year olds have but one thing was pretty interesting. it was a vibrating ring that looked like it fit around a cock with a hanging down piece that when put on the right way would actually massage your balls (i found this out later). well i sat down on her bed and with the ring in my hand and a pair of her used panties in the other i went about doing what perverts do. the wife was at work and misty (my s****r-in-law)was supposed to be in school. i was pulling the ring down my cock and had turned it on low just as misty walked in the room. i couldnt do anything about what was happening. all misty said was oh my. as i tried to get the ring off and dropped the panties she was laughing and walking closer to me. she asked me to lay down on the bed and just relax. is is going to be ok baby she said i wont tell sarah it will be our secret. she said this as i laid back with the hardest cock ever and she disrobed. her big beautiful ass and her huge tits were glorious. she climbed on the bed and stradled my cock. she slid down my shaft and i almost started cumming. her pussy was hot and tight and very wet. i reached up and grabbed her tits and started grabbing and twisting them so hard. she rode me for about 2 minutes and i told her i was going to cum. she then took the control on the vibrating ring and turned it up all the way. at this point she slammed her ass down hard and i shot so much cumm i couldnt believe it. she slowly got off of me and reached down and slid off the cock ring. she stroked my dick and started telling me about how she watched me fuck my wife and stroked herself all the time to me cumming on her tits or in her mouth. my dick started getting harder and she layed on her back and told me it was time to go further. i put the head of my cock at her pussy and we started all over again...
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