On a hot Nevada night, Morgan was driving home from his shift at one of the local watering holes. As he makes his way down a deserted highway, he notices two people waving at him, two women in fact. Morgan stops to ask if he can be of assistance. The girls tell him that they have run out of gas, and the closest gas station is a quarter of a mile away, but it would be too long to walk in their high heel shoes. So Morgan offers them a lift and the girls get in.

A half hour later, they return. Morgan helps the girls by putting the gas in their car. He finishes filling the car and turns to the girls, and tells them that should be fine to get to the gas station and fill up completely. The girls ask him if they owe him anything for the service, he answers no. The girls insist on repaying him for his good deed, and Morgan insist that it's not necessary. Kelly and Melanie come up wth a plan to lure him to the bushes, claiming that Kelly forgot her purse there and they need to look for it. So they all head down towards the bushes where the presumed purse should be.Armed with a flashlight, Morgan searches for the purse. He found the purse wrapped in a beach blanket a long with toys. Morgan yells out to the girls to tell them that he had found it. So he asked the girls if the blanket and toys belonged to them. Embarrassed, the girls nod their heads yes. A bit puzzled, Morgan asked Kelly and Melanie why only one purse was wrapped in the blanket ? Melanie said that she had forgotten her purse in the locker at work and that they were on their way back to get it when they ran out of gas. Since nights could be chilly, they brought the blanket to keep warm. Then Morgan asked them about the use of the toys. The girls answered, they figured they would stay warm by playing with them.

Still a bit puzzled, Morgan asked them if it worked ? The girls replied, ''let us show you'' So Morgan agrees. Melanie and Kelly look at each other and say '' never mind the toys, we have a better toy standing in front of us.'' Melanie pulls Morgan's shirt off while Kelly unbuttons his pants and in amazement, looks up at Melanie ''Look what I found'' and Melanie replies '' I need a closer look.'' Both girls are on their knees examining Morgan's toy, the girls then proceed to taste him and lick him, from the shaft up and back down on both sides, then work down to the balls, they suck them and go back up. Melanie decides to start teasing the head of Morgan's cock, and puts it deeper in her throat.Kelly then repeats the same action. Melanie gets up, and sheds her clothes and spreads out the blanket and has Morgan lay down on it. Kelly spreads Morgan's legs and Melanie gets in doggy style on top of him. The girls continue to lick and suck Morgan, who then starts probing Melanie's wet twat and teasing her clit, she then moans in satisfaction of Morgan's fingers penetrating her hot twat. Kelly and Melanie change positions, and Morgan repeats the previous actions on kelly's even wetter twat. Melanie looks up to Kelly and says '' time to ride this baby. '' Melanie gets on top of Morgan in a squatting position and inserts Morgan's thick cock in her and begins to ride it, Kelly moves back and lowers herself closer to his tongue and tells him to lick and suck her. Both girls are moaning in great satisfaction. Once again the girls change positions.Kelly and Melanie tell Morgan to get up, and tell him it's time for him to do a little work. Melanie lays down on the blanket and spreads her legs, Kelly gets in doggy style position and Morgan inserts his thick cock in her dripping twat, as Morgan is penetrating Kelly,she is licking and sucking Melanie's dripping wet twat as Melanie teases her clit and rubs it endlessly. Having played with Melanie before, Kelly knew her weak spots. To makes things more interesting, Melanie slides under Kelly, with her head towards her twat, and begins rubbing her clit as Morgan continues to mount her. Morgan slides his cock out and feeds it to Melanie, then puts it back in to Kelly's twat, and smacks her ass, and says '' damnit you taste good girl.'' Morgan is about to hit his climax and let's the girls know it's time to explode, the girls get on their knees and beg to get it on their tits, Morgan retreats from Kelly's dripping twat and explodes on the girls, as they are teasing each others clit, they get on their backs and explode also, and drench Morgan's thick cock. It had rained for a few days before, Morgan notices a puddle of water, so they go wash themselves off and get dressed. As they get ready to head back to their cars, they notice headlights coming towards them, so they decide to keep low, the car drives by without slowing down, so they proceed back to the road.

Morgan thanks the girls for the good time and drives off. The girls do the same. As he was driving home, he started to remember that he had seen that car before on his way home. Morgan finally arrives home, jumps in the shower, and sits down to watch his favorite show. The episode that night was featuring both kelly and Melanie, and Morgan moves up to the tv, and says to himself, '' holy shit, those are the two girls I just fucked, nobody will ever believe this.'' He closes his tv set and goes to bed.

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I dont know. Kept waiting for someone to get hurt.