I couldn’t wait to meet Andy & Julie again; my cock grew with my excitement as I walked up the forest track. I reached the clearing and looked in my heart skipped a beat as I seen the camper already there, I turned in walking directly up to the van, what will Julie be wearing.
I heard the door slide open as I neared, Andy jumped out smiling and offering me his hand in welcome, and “nice to see you” he said. I looked past him anxious to catch sight of Julie, wow I wasn’t disappointed.

Julie was sat on the back bench seat her legs stretched out crossed in front of her, looking down her long legs I was taken by the sight of a sexy pair of black shiny T bar 3” heel stiletto sandals.My eyes followed her legs high up her thighs till they came to rest on a tiny pleated plaid skirt. I raised my gaze to a Gypsy top untied at the front and her breasts exposed. Our eyes met, no sunglasses and a broad smile framed by her lush red lips, her thick red hair over her shoulders in loose curls, she had sex written all over her.

I am glad you came she said, wild horses couldn’t keep me away I replied, sit here ,she patted the seat beside her, Andy stayed outside with his camera at the ready, there was a little small talk before Julie leant over unzipping me. My cock sprung out and I undone my belt and top button to peel open my jeans.
Julie wasted no time sliding her lush lips around my cock, gently massaging just my bell end, breaking off to flick her tongue over it. The pleasure was immense; I ran my hand through her beautiful red hair and feasted my gaze on her awesome legs and heels as the pleasure pulsed through me.
Julie bobbed deeper and deeper, she certainly knew how to give oral, id never had such pleasure and knew I couldn’t last long .Just as I could feel my juices building Julie slipped off me, raising to press her lips to mine and delving her tongue into my willing mouth. She had stemmed my rising sap expertly, she broke her embrace kneeling infant of me she pulled off my shoes, jeans and boxers.

Julie reached for a blanket off the front seat and spread it on the floor, kneeling in the middle of the floor on it she proceeded to lower the elasticised sleeves of her top down over her shoulders as she did the untied lace cord on the front pulled open and she continued to pull it down her firm large breasts spilling out. I sat there stroking my aching hard on as she then lay back before me placing a heel either side of me on the seat, revealing the best sight believable, she was knickerless and the tiny skirt rode up her hips her pussy shaved and agape presented to me, Julie smiling wickedly.
I couldn’t take anymore teasing and grabbed hold of the backs of her ankles lifting her feet up in the air, I knelt down before her, as I did Andy came into the van sitting on the seat, I had forgotten all about him I was so engrossed in Julie. I asked Andy “condom “before he could answer Julie interrupted “no, don’t bother”.

I pushed my cock down against her pussy lips pushing it up and down her wet crack, aligning it to her hole I dabbed it in and out of her entrance before slowly pushing into her. Julie let out a moan as I slowly pushed into her to the hilt, her lush red lips parted as she let out a sigh of satisfaction.
I pushed her legs forward a little and began pumping in and out of her, she was so warm and wet and her juices coated my shaft. I increased my speed at the sight of her large breasts wobbling back and forth, Julies moans deepened and excited me more, Andy’s camera continued to click away as I pushed her legs wide apart before falling forward onto her so that I could suckle on her breasts. Her nipples were firm and extended and obviously a bit tender as she winced at the excited treatment I imposed upon them, Julie ushered “be gentle tiger”, I slipped my lips from them and levelling my head with hers I feasted my lips on hers, the scent of her perfume filled my nostrils and drove me to pound into her squelching pussy faster and harder.

I felt I was near and Julie sensed it too but placed two hands on my chest and pushed me back off her, she ordered me to sit with my back against the seat back, I complied without hesitation and Julie quickly crawled over me, putting a hand between her legs, she grabbed my dick guiding it into her.
She lowered down onto me and began grinding back and forth like a woman possessed held onto her breasts as she got faster and faster. I couldn’t last any longer, I felt my spunk rising clenching my buttocks I pushed up to meet her and as I released my load into her she buried her pelvic bone into me, Julie orgasmic and her muscles milked my cock,she shouted out with pleasure, holding me deep inside her milking every drop. Julie embraced me kissing me for what seemed an age, I could feel our mixed juices running down my crotch, and Julie looked up at Andy smiling.

There was a strange air about both of them, I was thinking about how I had used her and filled her by trickery on our last meet but then it dawned on me they weren’t disgruntled but happy. Now I’m thinking I was the one that was used.

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