It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was out at a local forest, where over the years I had had the luck to happen across a few dogging couples but none like these. Parked up off one of the track road I spotted an old Volkswagen camper, you know the sort with a sliding side door. Straight away my senses were heightened, could this be my lucky day, I circled around off the track into the bushes opposite the door trying to sneak a peek in, as I looked over at what looked like a couple in their mid to late thirties, the side door opened, I got ready to do a runner the guy looked right at me but never moved. I settled down, taking in the view, the woman had long red hair tied back in a ponytail she looked gorgeous.
She was wearing a lemon short-sleeved blouse and a short white skirt exposing a pair of shapely tanned legs in white strappy heels, my cock hardened.

The guy of average build and what I guess was in his late thirties was dressed in jeans and a T shirt and kept looking in my direction although I had tried to hide behind a bush. The woman moved to the other side of her partner nearest me, she appeared nervous and avoided looking my way.
The guy was talking to her and started to kiss her, as he did he move a hand to her thigh and slowly raised her skirt giving me a nice view of her upper thigh. He broke off his kiss and appeared to be giving her instructions as she began to turn her back to the door and kneel down. He moved across the seat toward the door and she put her head down on the van floor, I could see up her skirt to what looked like a pair of skimpy white lace knickers, the guy pulled her skirt up over her waist revealing them and most of her pert ass.
The guy was giving me a show and it was erotic and got better as he leant forward and slowly slid them down over her ass to her thighs, he couldn’t reach further from his seat. He spoke to her and her arms moved back, she took hold of them pulling them down to the back of her knees, he spoke to her again and she shuffled on her knees moving them apart and stretching her knickers between them.

I now had a perfect view of her pert ass and thighs framing an awesome shaved pussy, I thought what the hell and stood up in clear view wanking my stiff cock at the view. He slapped her ass a few times before running his hand down over her pussy lips, he parted her lips rubbing her up and down and I soon shot my load .The woman reached back to her knickers trying to get hold of them without looking around. The guy helped her and before I knew it he had slid the door closed, show over.
I didn’t want to piss them off so I just took my leave and headed home. All week I kept thinking about how hot that woman was and how I like to see her again.

The following Wednesday I finished work at two and after washing and changing I rushed up to the woods, hoping to find the camper parked up, it was a long shot but it was about the same time. I walked up the track and looked into the small clearing, nothing! I had struck out well I suppose it was a bit much to ask for. I started back down the track, after no more than fifty yards the camper came into view driving up the track toward me. I turned around walking back up the track, after about thirty yards the camper came alongside, the guy had his arm resting out the window and as he passed me he gave me a thumbs up. My heart quickened as I watched the camper back into the clearing, I walked past the entrance and swung around into the bushes and took up the same position as last week.

It wasn’t long before the door slid back, she was sitting by the door and wow she looked awesome. She was in sunglasses her red hair held back by a band, wearing a red and white halter neck sun dress that was low cut displaying a nice cleavage, her bare legs led my gaze down to her feet and a pair of red wedge soled sandals, I was hard already. She looked straight ahead as the guy leaned across her and began fondling her tits, as he looked over at me he reached behind her neck and untied the dress. He moved back along the seat and guiding her by her shoulders he got her to put her feet up on the seat and leant back on him.
I felt she was hiding behind her sunglasses but what the hell if it made her feel at ease. Her knees were up she parted them, showing me a small red thong that looked as if it was about to disappear into the fold of her quim. As raised my gaze the guy took hold of her dress ties pulling from behind her and peeling her top down revealing and awesome pair of rounded and slightly drooping because of their size tits, the must have been 34D’s .I was struck by the size of her erect nipples.

This was heaven a gorgeous wife being displayed right in front of me. I was standing clear in her view stroking my cock, he talked to her and she shook her head, he talked to her again, she looked over to me and then turning she knelt with her head in his lap and her ass up. I was sure I was about to be treated like last week to a view of that sweet shaved pussy. Sure enough she reached back pulling the skimpy red knickers down, I was just thinking it doesn’t get much better than this when the guy beckoned me over. I reckoned she must have been resistant and shook her head when he told her he was going to invite me over.
I was now standing two foot behind her beautiful pert ass and shaved pussy, I felt a bit uneasy as I am sure she did so I felt I should say something to help ease the situation, I thanked them for inviting me over and commented on how beautiful she was and what a great body she had. She didn’t talk or look back, the guy said they hadn’t gone this far before and were put off in the past when guys had tried to take advantage and grope her. I told them I was just happy to be there and assured them I wouldn’t touch.
No explained the guy, I want you to touch her but that’s all and if we say stop we expect you to stopcock that’s fine by me.

I moved my hand on to her ass gently rubbing it, as I did the guy unzipped himself and urged his wife to take his hard cock in her mouth, I watched as she began to work it slowly in and out of her mouth and as my arousal heightened I moved my hand to stroke her pussy. Her thighs parted slightly and I rubbed my forefingers over the length of her pussy, I noticed her pause the pleasuring of her hubby as my fingers met her pussy, I continued gently massaging her wondering if I should go further, my answer came when I felt her juices on my fingers. I slipped two fingers between her lips to search out her hole, my fingers slipped into her with ease, she let out a small moan and paused on her hubbys cockshy knew I had fond her and smiled. I worked them in and out bringing my thumb up to bear on her pelvic bone and massage her bean. Suddenly I was aware that she was slowly rocking back onto my fingers, she quickened her pace on her hubby too and he soon shot his load but she pulled off him reluctant to take his load in her mouth.
I slipped a third finger in and went at her with some gusto she soon let out a yelp and clamped her thighs together, as she climaxed, I withdrew my wet fingers and wiped them across her pert ass. I stood back taking in the site of her wet pussy and puffy lips before she began pulling on her skimpy knickers once again.

I was surprised as she held her position on the bench seat and her husband rose and came out of the camper sliding the door behind him. Looking over his shoulder I could see her moving and retying her halterneck. He guided me a few paces away from the van, introducing himself as Andy and his wife as Julie, he explained that he wanted to see her fucked by a young guy but she was reluctant and up to now had refused, however she felt more relaxed with just me here and like my non pushy and polite manner, in other words she felt safer with an older guy. Andy suggested that next week could be the day although he hadn’t got consent from Julie yet.

The following Wednesday after work I rushed up to the woods, the camper was there already, I took up my usual position, the door was open and Julie was laying across the back seat her head in Andy’s lap. She was wearing a light blue summer dress and a sexy pair of white strapy high heels her face behind her usual sun glasses, Andy looked over and on seeing me he talked to Julie, she raised up her knees and splayed them apart in one swift movement, she wasn’t wearing any knickers and her pussy gaped slightly with the opening of her knees. Andy wasted no time reaching down and stroked her pussy, working up and down her slit her pussy moistened and gaped further, he was soon probing her with two fingers.
I had been there barely five minutes and already my cock was throbbing, Andy was on a mission preparing her pussy and exciting her. He ushered her up right untying her two shoulder straps he pulled down her dress top revealing those awesome round breasts. He motioned her out of the camper her large tits taking my eye as they swayed with her movement. I could feel my heart beating with excitement as he positioned her leaning forward onto the camper floor, her calf muscle stood out as she balanced in her three inch heels, showing off her awesome long legs.

Andy beckoned me forward; as I stood behind Julie he pulled out a small camera from his pocket,”help yourself,” he said. I lifted the hem of her dress pulling it up over her ass to her waist, gently I massaged her pert ass cheeks as Andy started to take pics, and Julie turned to look at him as she heard the shutter.
I slid a hand inside her thigh stroking upward to meet her pussy, slowly I guided my fingers lightly over her mound, I squatted down behind her kissing the backs of her thighs before trailing my tongue up her thigh and across her pussy lips. I continued like this for a couple of minutes, until Julie adjusted her stance her legs parted a bit more and her pussy pushed up. I noticed a shimmer between her lips, her moistness was showing through, I licked upward ploughing my tongue between them into her wet juices. Julie let out a small moan which encouraged me and I delved my tongue in deep then flicking it up and down her now wet slit, I settled to suck on her and lick her bean with f***e as I gripped her hips with my hands holding her onto my face. Her moans of pleasure interspersed by the click of the camera.

I stood behind her dropping my pants, my cock sprang up as I released it, I rubbed it on her inner thigh, Julie spoke for the first time” wait, give him a condom”. Andy looked in a daze but rummaged in the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a foil wrapper, I wanted to fuck her bare back and exclaimed I was safe but she insisted, although i am sure Andy wanted to see me bareback her. I hate condoms but duly obliged.
She was at a perfect height for me in her heels, I grabbed my cock positioning it at her entrance, I teased her by gently prodding my bell end in and out of her but as I went to prod again she lost patience and pushed back to meet me, I held her hips and rocked back and forth with half my length. I couldn’t wait any longer and pushed hard up against her ass giving her my full length deep, she let out a large moan and I settled into a firm pace. I was slapping against the cool flesh of her buttocks when I felt her tense and her vagina tighten around my cock, Julie let out a scream as she orgasmed. I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load, I held myself deep inside her soaking up the moment, Julie raised up and my sheathed cock slipped out of her, I reached around her cupping her large breasts in my hands and nuzzled under her red hair to kiss her neck. I looked down at the cum filled sheath hanging from my cock, pulling it off I tossed it into the bushes.
Andy put his camera away and undone his jeans before bending Julie over again, he was shorter than me and with her heels was struggling to enter her so he positioned her on her knees on the van floor, he stepped between her protruding legs and shoved his cock into her grasping her by the backs of her ankles, he went at her hard and fast but didn’t last long before he emptied his load. He pulled out of her as she knelt head on hands and ass up he again pulled out his camera instructing her to stay put as he took pictures of her now leaking cunt, I felt jealous wishing could have filled her with my sticky load. Andy reached in the camper for a small square box of tissues and before I knew it we were all dressed and cleaned up.

Andy arranged a meet for that Friday, when Friday came it was a dull showery day and I didn’t know if they would show, I put on a light rain jacket as I went to zip it up I realised the sides of it hung out unfastened enough to hide my cock from a side view and a wicked thought came to me. I thought of a way to fill Julie with my hot cum and wondered if I could get away with it.
Walking up to the woods I wondered if the would turn up in this weather, I needn’t
have worried, the camper was parked up although I couldn’t see in as the windows were steamed. I walked over to the door and looked through the window, Andy was sat in T shirt and jeans again but Julie was sunglasses free with her beautiful red hair up, she was wearing a three quarter rain coat tied with a belt and a pair of red heels.
I tapped the window the door slid back” glad you made it “ said Andy, I was awe struck looking at Julie she had gorgeous big brown eyes and was wearing red lipstick with matching red finger nails, wow she looked hot and for the first time she didn’t avert my gaze, I smiled at her telling her how beautiful and sexy she was

Take your coat off, instructed Andy, Julie untied the belt slipping the coat back over her shoulders to reveal a red satin Basque and matching thong, my cock sprang into a hard on. Andy beckoned me inside and I sat on the seat beside Julie, Andy moved opposite as Julie began to unzip me freeing my stiff cock. I hadn’t expected this; Julie laid her head in my lap flicking her tongue over my cock as she looked over at Andy who was now taking pictures. Julie wrapped her red lips around my cock and began bobbing up and down my shaft. I reached over her ass slipping my hand under her string and probing two fingers between her legs to massage her pussy.
I pulled her up positioning her back across the seat hooked my fingers under the tong string and pulled it down her long legs and off over her heels. I knelt on the camper floor and parted her legs and delved into her pussy, using all the craft I knew sucking licking and flicking into her wetness, I kept up the onslaught until she yelled out in orgasm, Andy handed me a condom and whilst I put it on he had Julie lie on her back on the camper floor her long legs poking out into the light drizzle, I stood there ready for action jeans and boxers around my ankles getting wet but I thought it a small price to pay. I placed her legs over my shoulders leaning forward to enter her, I had to place a hand either side of her on the floor to support myself and although I was getting good penetration deep into her wet pussy as Andy took pictures from his seat but she was too low and it was hard to get a rhythm going. I suggest she come out and id do her doggy as before, I helped Julie watching as her large breasts nearly popped out of her Basque as she came forward.

As she positioned herself and Andy was busy coming out to join us I saw my chance, should I or shouldn’t I, would I get away with it. What the hell I pulled out the small scissors from my jacket pocket and grabbing the teat of the condom I snipped it off quickly putting it in my pocket. I spread her legs and quickly pushed deep inside her, my heart skipped a beat but she didn’t notice any difference. Andy asked me to loose the jacket as it was obstructing his view, I held inside Julie as I whipped off the jacket, I started stroking into her and on my forward thrusts I could feel her hot pussy on my bell end if she felt a difference she said nothing. My excitement heightened I drove in and out of her at a fierce pace, I knew the condom had contracted back over my bell end but it still felt snug on my shaft, Andy clicked away as Julie moaned but all I could think of was the surprise Julie and Andy were going to get as I filled her with my hot spunk.

I held Julie’s hips pulling her back onto me as I thrust into her to get maximum penetration, Julie gave out a strange little yell as an orgasm enveloped her but I continued slapping into her juicy pussy. Finally I could feel the sperm welling inside me and held deep inside her as I squirted a huge load inside her, Julie was panting and resting after the onslaught. Suddenly she looked back at Andy realising she could feel my hot spunk inside her, Andy looked questioning as I slid out of her, I said the condom must have split. Julie looked concerned but to my surprised Andy moved in to take a picture of my goo seeping from her hole.
Julie turned to sit on the camper floor legs spread looking at the creamy mess oozing out of her, she ordered Andy to put the camera away and pass her the tissues.

For some reason Julie now wanted to interact with me and asked my name and numerous other questions. Then she told me she wasn’t taking contraceptives! But she didn’t seem angry and Andy seemed in awe of her cum dripping pussy.
I thought that would be the end of our meets but to my surprise Julie, proposed we meet up again in a fortnight.

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