Exposed on day out pt1

Short story Sue exposed on day out.

Summer day out to Ross on wye & Monmouth.

Sue was dressed for the summer weather in a white gypsie style blouse,shortish skirt in blues/yellows,a yellow cardy and a pair of white strappy sandals.
Underneath Sue was wearing a new matching bra/pants in white with pink flowers (see pics).I was looking forward to a nice day out and a bit of fun with my camera.

We set off early arriving at Ross just before 10am,as welooked around i managed a few crafty upskirts and a feel of Sue's nice cool bum cheeks.
Sue had a couple of glasses of white wine at lunch,i had mineral water as i was driving.The plan was to go to Monmouth stopping off on the way at Goodridge Castle.

Arriving at the Castle car park sue removed her cardy and i had a quick grope of her tits and kiss in the car,she was quite receptive,the wine helped i suspect.I talked Sue into removing her panties for a bit of fun,"is that all you think off" she said,pretty much i replied.Sue had a quick look around lifted her hips and skirt and deftly hooked her thumbs under her panties and slipped them down to her ankles,as she went to hook them off she bent her knees and lifted her feet to reach them easier,i was treated to a great view of her soft white thighs and her shaved pussy lips parting as her knees did.Sue put her panties in her bag and we got out of the car,the car park was nearly empty,well it was a Thurs.

As we walked through the trees up to the castle i managed a few up skirts,i was pretty excited and the old boy was stiffening.Paying at the bothe we crossed the moat into the castle,we looked around the main hall for a while before emerging into the grassed court yard,we sat on a bench to soak up some sun and have some refreshments.I sat there looking around and noticed the entrace to the inner tower accross the yard,a thought came to me,i'll get Sue to go up the tower infront of me and i'll get some great uppies.Just then a group of what appeared to be Japanese tourists entered.

Sue went to put our rubbish in a bin accross the yard,as she posted it she dropped a drinks bottle,i watched as she bent to pick it up but she had to have two go's as it rolled away on her first attempt.Sue headed back but i noticed two lads of about 19,one was nudging his mate urging him to look at Sue and raised his camera and took a pic.Sue arrived back," what now she said",i thought for a minute,we'll have a look around these rooms then go up the tower for the view,ok.

As we walked around i noticed my Japanese friends had broken away from their group and appeared to be trailing us.I tried to give them opportunities to get close,hoping camera boy would try some uppies himself but to no avail.

We exited to the courtyard again and headed to the tower,i glanced back Sue's admirers were behind.I was sure the camera guy had seen up Sue's skirt and alerted his mate and now they were trailing us in the hope of her bending once more.I decided in for a penny in for a pound,so i put my hand back behind me and beckoned them on.

Reaching the tower entrace the guys were right behind,Sue expressed concern at the narrow steep stairs but i told her ,dont worry i'll be right behind you.
As sue looked up at the spiral stairs and started her ascent a quickly ushered the two guys to follow.The two guys looked bemused and froze,again i urged them up,they started up the stairs just as Sue glanced back to see where i was.

Sue's face was a picture she had no idea the two had come through the narrow entrance behind her,her attention taken by the small steep steps.
She hesitated but was stuck,she tried to hang back so that camera boy could'nt get a view up her skirt but that just meant his mate had a great view,infact he stooped forward around his mates legs leering and even turned back to smile at me.

I was tight behind the second guy but only glimpse Sue's legs as we ascended.Emerging into the sun light i was greeted by the site of the two guys grining broadly,Sue was standing on the far side.
I walked over,nice view,"thats not funny" im old enough to be their mum.
Relax,their on holiday and you've just made their day,besides its your fault for bending infront of them to pick up the bottle.I did'nt know they were looking,get off,i suppose you had'nt noticed them following us around hoping for another flsh,"NO".

I said hello to the two,they were language students and spoke good English,i introduced Sue and they wasted no time plying her with compliments,their eyes scanning every inch of her especially her legs and short skirt.

I invited them to have their photo with her which they jumped at,ushering them to a slatted bench they sat with Sue in the middle.I took the guys camera but arranged the pose by getting Sue to part her legs,they were grinning from ear to ear.I thought to hell with it walked over and placed a hand of each on Sue's thighs,put your arms around them i ordered and returned to snap a couple of shots.They went to move "wait" one more i said,the guys grinned,i returned and pulled Sue's skirt up exposing her pussy,the two guys looked at each other smiling,before gorging themselves on the sight of her pussy.

Sue got up and i positioned her looking over the tower,her legs parted i hiked her skirt up exposing her ass cheeks i ushered the two over to have a feel,one on each side they fondled her ass and began rubbing her pussy.
Sue's pussy was wet and camera guy inserted two fingers,things were going along nicely Sue was lost in the moment,all of a sudden we heard footsteps in the tower,sue pulled her skirt down and the moment was lost as more tourists emerged from the stairs.

Sue said goodbye and ushered me down the stairs infront of her,my cock was throbbing as we exited to the courtyard,time to go and we headed to the car.
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2 years ago
Great fun.
2 years ago
Hot one mmm
2 years ago
Those are great undies. Would have liked an upskirt look and grope myself.