She did not Know

Short true story.

Like a lot of middle age couples we often have little trips out quaint downs bit of lunch bit of shopping for the wife and in out case a bit of fun.

Sue and i went to a little old town we'd been to many times before,she had a nice summer blouse and shortish skirt,not a mini,and a nice pair of strappy wedge sandals.
Arriving at the car park i talked Sue into removing her knickers,we'd done it before and around town id have a crafty feel or look.Sue put her panties in the glove Sue was hetting out of the car i suggested she bent over and pretended to be picking up her bag from the car floor,after a quick look around Sue posed and i clicked off a few pics of her nice bum and pussy.I looked up to see a middled aged guy having a good look,he just smiled and walked off toward town.I had parked in the corner by an old stone wall and could'nt work out where he'd come from,Sue was unaware and i said nothing.I locked the car up and we started for the town,a little farther along the wall we passed high wooden gate,i had'nt noticed when we arrived and that explained where he'd come from.

Well i have to admit i had a bit of a stiffy after Sue being exposed,we wandered around the town in and out of antique and gift shops,Sue giving me a few flashes as we went,before going to a cafe for lunch.
During lunch i noticed the guy from the car park come in,he got a coffee and sat on a table adjacent to us,giving a sile as he passed us.
He sat with his coffee and a paper,i noticed he stood the menu at the edge of his table,making room for his paper.I was chatting to Sue and the menue fell to
the floor,the guy lent down to pick it up,he lingered there, he was definately
trying to get another look up Sue's skirt.I smiled as he came up and making sure Sue was'nt looking gave him a wink.

We finished our lunch and Sue said she was nipping to the loo,no sooner that Sue left the guy said i could'nt help noticing your wifes nice legs in the car park.I said oh yes there not bad but what did you think of her pussy,the guy flushed up but never denied seeing it.I told him we were going around the corner to a crafts and gift shop,the one with a small basement and that should he want another look he should make sure he was in the basement,she always has a look down there as thats were the discount stock is with a sign "bargain basement" original eh.All you have to do is loiter and make sure you follow her out the stairs are so steep you'll get a view.

The guy finished his coffee and left as Sue came back,ready the yeah ,we headed to the shop,i noticed the guy loitering down the street glancing back a few times.He disappeared around the corner,we made our way around and into the shop,Sue wandered around the front of the shop and i said im just going through the back,as i walked into the back room the guy went down the steps into the basement.Sue came through and i made out i was looking through a pile of retro metal signs,im just going to have a look at the bargins said Sue.

I felt my cock twitch and stiffen,Sue disappeared down the stairs.she was gone for quite some time,i went to the top of the stairs and was about to go down when Sue appeared at the bottom.What kept you i said,oh theres a lot down there,as she ascended the guy appeared behind stooping forwrd as he ascended.
These are nice i said distracting Sue in conversation and pointing to a couple of pictures on the wall at the head of the stairs,i had blocked off Sue's exit keeping her in the guys view.We moved away and as we did i noticed he seemed to have a bulge in his pants.

Walking up the street to the car park i seen the guy looking in a hardware shop,Sue was looking in a cloths shop so i suggested she should have a look whilst i popped in the hardware shop,Sue went in and i went over to the guy comming in for a look,the guy looked at me quizically but followed.
I said did you see anything you liked,yes i got a great view of her shaved pussy and her lips parting as she climbed the stairs but i thought she would never leave before me.

Returnig to the car,put the shopping in the boot and headed home,Sue pointed at a country lane and suggested we detour,thats odd i thought,what do you want to go down here for,well i thought you might like some more pics now my pussy now its so wet from that guy staring up my skirt.

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2 years ago
Enjoyed - hope there will be more adventures!
2 years ago
yes she needs to be shown off
2 years ago
nice little story,
thanks jon
2 years ago
i liked it but the lack of quotation marks n some other punctuation mad the story a lil flat
2 years ago
A nice little teaser story, tittilatingly useful for warming up the pecker.
2 years ago
Hot. But yes some more detail would be great,,thanks,,I know you are hard,,for I am,,,
2 years ago
good read,enjoyed it mmmmm
2 years ago
Been there, done it, great fun.
2 years ago
Nice story, love the thought of guys looking at wifes pussy
2 years ago
should be longer and a little more detail