Rodger locked the door and got Sue to stand at the end of the the table,wasting no time he stood in front of her unbuttoning her tunic and pulling the material out to expose her breasts,stooping he took her left nipple in his mouth sucking and flicking his tongue over hardening nipple and at the same time massaging her other.Sue was looking around the room,not really paying attention to what was happening,had she seen the video cameras.Rodger broke off and placing his hands on her waist swiftly lifting her sitting her on the end of the bench,Sue's attention drawn to her uncovered pussy fully exposed as her tunic had risen to her waist,she looked at rOdger as he pushed her back to the bench her legs dangling,Rodger swiftly placed them over his shoulders and burried his face into her pussy.Sue's head rolled to the side as Rodger worked up and down her slit,it was'nt long till Rodger had her moaning.He stood her legs dropping to his sides,he ordered her to move up the bench,Sue shuffled backwards her legs now on the bench too,Roger moved to her side pulling her arms over her head he pulled out a pair of hand cuffs.What are they for Sue retorted,your my prisoner remember,he cuffed her hands to the top of the bench.

Sue looked at him knowing he was going to do more than just fuck her,he went to a cupboard in the corner and came back with two straps and began to tether her ankles to the bars at the side of the bench,Sue protested but Rodger said sush or hubby will hear you.Sue was now spread and displayed in all her glory ,Rodger returned to the cupboard bring back a box,what's that asked Sue,this is my toy box.Sue looked worried as she realised Rodger was going to dildo her whilst she was bound helpless.
Rodger placed the box on the bench,just as Sue noticed there was a hole in the end of it rodger opened the top and removed 2 leads plugging them into the other end and a power lead to a wall socket.Rodger pulled out a shinny rod and large dildo and just as he did it struck home with Sue,OMG its a fucking machine.

Sue complained im not having that,relax you'll enjoy it as long as you relax besides i told you your my prisoner.Rodger screwed in the shaft and affixed the large ribbed dildo,he smeared lube liberally over its length and began position it to her pussy Sue gasped as it nudge her outer lips and tried to move up the bench.She lifted her hips pulling off the dildo.Naughty naughty,Rodger returned to the cupboard returning with two long straps,he fastened her midrift to the bench with one and again repositioned the machine to her pussy before securing that also.

Rodger powered up Sue struggled in vain but did'nt want to shout out,the 7.5" dildo slowly penetrated a couple of inches and out,in and out in and out.
Sue relaxed ,no doubt thinking this was'nt as bad as she thought but Rodger lengthened the stroked,oh oh ah ah Sue exclaimed,rodger went to the cupboard again as Sue aclimatised to the stroke,she was moaning now as she derived pleasure from her plight.

Rodger revealed a gag and went to fit it no no not that pls,it was useless he f***ed it in her mouth securind the clasp at the rear.
Rodger picked up the controller,Sue looked down frowning,he ramped up the vibe Sue's pussy mound wobbling in unison,moaning loadly through her gag.
Rodger twisted the knob and the dildo pistoned harder and faster into her pussy,stretching it her inner lips dragging along the shaft,Rodger applied more lube.He teased her winding the control knobs up and down,she writhed in her bindings imploring him to stop,he would give her brief respite before spinning the knobs again.

Her juices flowing readily with the lube she had soon coated the dildo in a thick white slime as exploded with orgasm.Rodger again gave her respite,whilst he played with her huge nipples,before moving down to circle his fingers over her bean,the dildo relentlessly pistoning in expelling her juices and lube as went.

Rodger stripped off wanking an impressive 7" dick,Sue looked relieved she was gagging stop it stop it,she would gladly substitue his cock for the machine.A sadistic straek came over him though as he ramped up both the controls to max,Sue's gagging screams partially drowned by the mechanical wurring,her her toes were bent back her fists grabbing the bench as her nails dug into its cover,she strained against her restraints,her tummy oscillating to match the machine.She lost control her bladder realeasing she squirted passed the dildo as Rodger pulled it away she shot a jet down the table.

Rodger moved the machine to the floor Sue was shaking uncontrollably,whimpering,Rodger realesed her leg teathers,she immediately pushed her knees together.Rodger removed her gag and put the machine away as Sue composed herself from the ordeal.
Rodger was'nt finished though,he mounted the table between her thighs,Sue gave a nearly unaudible no between her pants,Rodger said nothing but unteathered her midrift,she put her head back but as she did he lay ontop of her holding her chek he gently kissed her,working down he smothered her breasts in kisses,before dropping to her pussy and kissing all around her mound as if to kiss away her pains.Sue was almost composed as he lay on her again kissing her,she responted kissing her assailant back,his ass began to raise and lower,he had entered her and was gently humping her wet swollen vagina.
He climbed off,Sue watching him wharily,he returned to free her hands,again entering her pussy he continued to grind away on top of her ,sue moaning her arms now around him,his ass tightened as came deep inside her.

Helping her down off the table,he handed her,her clothes and some tissues,he pulled the curtain around her,your sentence is served.
I'll check on hubby and tell him we resolved the issue as they responded to a plea from you so he'll have you to thank.Reunited rodfer drove them back to their car.

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