This story is fantasy,apart from i have taken pics outside and a friend does own this property.

Taking Sue out one spring afternoon for a another naughty photo session,they always end in a bit of outdoor sex.I had arranged with Rodger to take her to an old church yard on the edge of his village not far from his ex-village police house.

I had known Rodger from my footbal days,he was a dirty bugger still single and did'nt know Sue.My plan was in place,Sue dressed in a smock top as a dress it was very short,the hem just below her shaved pussy and her stocking tops in full view and no underwear.She put on some mid height heels and a long wollen cardigan for cover to walk to the car.

On arrival i parked near the church,Sue waited in the car whilst i checked nobody was about except Rodger.Returning to the car i got my camera out of the boot,Sue got out of the car removed her cardigan leaving it on the front seat.
If anyone came along i would screen her as we walked back to the car,we walked the few yards to the Lynch gate of the churh.Sue positioned herself under it and i started snapping away,stockings and leg shots.

Unbutton your top,pull your tits out thats it lean towards me,her nipples errect the naughty thrill was exciting her.Moving through the gate sue bending over revealing the bottom of her bum cheeks,bending exposing her pussy lips i clicked away framing her in the gateway.We moved to a bench and i snapped several shots of her in various positions.My cock stiff i moved to her placing my hand on her pussy rubbing it and slipping two fingers in to her moistness,no its too open here lets find somewhere quieter Sue said.Ok but let me get a few more pics at the gate ou your pussy on the way out,moving to the gate Sue again stood under the road behind her,pull it right up and show your pussy,click clik i continued thats it spread your legs,thats it now just a few of you bent over before we go.Sue bent over i continued shooting oh yes thats it,right spread your legs a bit more and pull your top right over your ass,mm some great pics gaping pussy and creamy white bum cheeks.

Just then a car engine,Sue hurridly stood pulling downward on the hem of her top,it was a white 4x4 it stopped,Sue looked at me in alarm,i walked to her side follow me and head to the gate and car.A guy appeared in uniform,SHIT i heard Sue its a policeman, ( Rodger in hire suit).
Rodger approached,afternoon sir may i ask what you are doing,oh we were just looking around and i took some pictures of this nice church.
Im the village officer and im affraid ive had two complaints of oscene behaviour and sexual activity.Sue was red and trying to drop her shoulders to lengthen her top already having buttoned her top.

These are serious alegations and i shall have to ask you to come with me to the village counstabulary,we can talk about it there and i'll take some staements.
Rodger ushered us to the 4x4,i said thats not a police vehicle no its on hire the landrover is in for maitenance,what about my car you can collect it later sir.We got in and rodger drove us to his house,in to the side annex of three rooms which was the station rooms.Three rooms an office a small store room and an interview room.

to be cont
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2 years ago
2 years ago
It sounds like a pretty good story, but I kinda got a little dissappointed, when it ended so soon. hope the rest will be posted soon.