DOGGING - (wedding suprise) pt3

The nite had been sereal,i walked back to my car,sitting there in the dark i watched as james and Sue drove out,i was feeling really odd elated yet scared and thinking i really did'nt want to face Sue.What had i done to her,would she be angry worse would she leave me,i convinced myself she would have stopped things if she had wanted,i passing all blame to her.

I luved watching her being used and being part of the users as it were,my mind raced,had she enjoyed it i knew she was keen to fuck James but would'nt admit it but with everything else was it too much.She feared being labled a dogging slut,she could cope with a bit of extra marital but the reallity was i had turned her into a slut.

I suddenly realised id been sitting ther for at least 10mins and had better go,arriving back at the layby James hopped out and came to my window,well that went well he said,did it! well shes a bit quiet.At that Sue got out,getting in she said to James thanks for the ride! and smiled,i dont think she was reffering to the car.We saaid our goodbyes and drove home.

On the way home i noticed she was holding her panties in her hand and was sitting with her legs open,you hav'nt put your panties on,no i was going to give them to James but forgot,he has a thing for them,besides my pussy is a bit sore.I asked if she was ok I'll be ok when we get home and ive had a bath.

Not much more was said and Sue went straight for a bath,i did get a look at her pussy and it was puffy and reddened.We never spoke about the night over the w/end but eventually it came up,she had enjoyed the sex but was'nt happy going to a dogging site and not knowing who or howmany were going to be there.I told her that was part of the excitement and we could'nt control that but she could control what happens.Sue said that she only got out for be to see her being touched and voyuered and for me to shag.She was expecting my cock but knew it was'nt me as soon as he entered her,why had'nt i stopped him ,well he pushed me aside and to him i was a fellow dogger and he was there first ,i felt powerless to say or do anything.I did admit that having seen his thick cock i was excited and did want to see him in her.

It was'nt too long before we experimented again,if truth be known Sue enjoyed it and had come to terms with the sacrafices she knew she would have to make for the excitement and sex.

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2 years ago
posted it just before pt 3 dont know whats happened will post again
2 years ago
Where's Part 2?