This story is linked to my previous stories and leads on to tell of what was a really exciting experience for me,bear with it through the run up of events.

One of Sue's work colleagues was remarrying and we were invited,it was just a small event registry office and reception at a village rugby club.
I didn't know her friend Loraine or her partner and Sue only knew a couple of workmates.The guy she was marrying played rugby for the village team,hence the club reception.

I wasn't fussed on these do's and don't drink much but make the effort for Sue.
We went along to the town register office,Sue had a new lacy type dress that had a flared skirt she looked hot.She had sexy red T bar heels with satin red ruff up the center and was wearing hold ups with a sheen.Underneath she had a new red and white bra and panty set,really hot.There were about 30 to 40 people there.The ceremony went and we headed outside to a coach laid on to take us to the nearby village rugby hall.

It was decked out very nice and a nice buffet and they had laid on their own bar with a disco.We done the meet and greet and found a table to sit at,they got the speeches out of the way.very informal and quick,just my cup of tea.
I got a round of drinks,we were sitting with two of Sue's work mates and their partners.

Whilst at the bar,a tap on my shoulder and a voice all right mate,i looked round it didn't register straight away, "James".It had been about a year since our liaison and i hadn't seen him since,Sue had thrown away his number the day after.( i sometimes think she regretted it)
He went on to say he was a rugby mate of the groome,i said it was nice to see him but that Sue might be embarrassed.
Oh dint worry that nothing would be said,i returned to the table and gave out the drinks,Sue was chatting with her friends as women do and obviously hadn't spotted James,although he did look different scrubbed up in a suit.

The night went on booze flowing and music playing,Sue was enjoying herself and i chatted to the other guys,then the girls got up dancing as women do together ( I'm not much of a dancer either)I looked up to see James up dancing with a woman and Sue seemed to freeze as she seen him aside of her.
On returning to the table Sue looked flushed,in fact one of the guys on the table said all that dancing has made you red.Sue said to me he's here that guy,what guy i pretended, she whispered in my ear last year from the toilets.
Oh ,are you sure,well i think so,dint worry he's probably not recognised you and anyway he's hardly going to exclaim that his hobby is dogging.

Sue said she was going to the loo,as she went out of the hall i noticed James follow,should i go too,why had he followed her.
I decided to stay,on Sue's return she was flushed again,you ok yeah.
It is him his name is James, he met me in the lobby when i came out of the toilets.What did he say,he was very nice and explained he didn't mean to embarrass me but had hoped we would meet again,he then gave me my panties from that evening.He said he spotted me straight away at the wedding and avoided us,he lives in the village and plays rugby,oh right.When he drove to the reception he popped into his house and picked up my undies,he had laundered them.He said it was the sexiest niter ever and that he had developed a bit of a pant fetish since that niter.

The night went on and nearing its end the slow dances started,James had kept his distance sitting with a couple of mates.Sue pulled me up to dance we were into our second and James appeared and asked to cut in,not wanting to make a fuss and not liking dancing i just said sure,then i noticed a look of shock from Sue as i stepped aside as if i was leaving her on a desert island.

Sitting at our table i watched as they danced Sue started to smile and the gap between them closed slowly but surely until James was pressed firmly up against her and i noticed his hands were moving slowly over her lower back slowly caressing her.The dance finished and they both returned to the table,James invited us to his house but we declined,telling him we were going home on the bus.The others were up dancing so the three of us were on our own and James came out with it,id really like to get together with the two of tour.
Now i was already hardening at the thought of James rubbing up against Sue on the dance floor,Sues eyes widened,i new she had enjoyed James but also knew she was full of guilt after it and hadn't got over her feeling of shame,hence the reason we hadn't done it again.I however longed to see her used or watched again and was always suppressing my desires to manipulate her again.

I told James how Sue felt but that i desired have her voyuered and that evening was to have been fantasy fun between us that went wrong but really excited me when Sue told me about it afterwards and was only sorry i didn't get to see Sue and him together.James asked why i didn't take her dogging,you dint have to get out of the car if you dint want to you can control what goes on.
I told him Sue wouldn't be comfortable with strangers and only agreed to the roll play to please me but i would like to do it again just once in a while to give our sex life a boost,i know she enjoyed it but we dint want her to be thought of or become known as a dogging wife.Sue blushed but didn't deny it,besides we dint know of any sites and i would like to be the voyuer.

James said he might have an idea that would suit us all where we could go out together to a site he knew,he gave me his number and said think about it and if you want we could go out next Friday,i said we would talk it over.

The music stopped and the others returned to the table,the DJ said the coach has arrived so drink up and this would be the last track.
With that another slowy came on and James jumped in and said do you mind as he hoisted Sue up to dance.This time he was in tight to her straight away and i noticed he positioned his leg between hers into her groin,his hands again massaging her back as he talked into her ear.As they turned on the floor i noticed Sue glance in my direction,i pretended not to notice as i drank up my beer not making eye contact.As i finished i looked through the couples as James had maneuvered her to the center of the floor I'm sure i saw him kiss her neck and he definitely dropped a hand to her ass.Sue would never allow that,she must be enjoying herself.

The music stopped,James kissed Sue as they left the floor,the lights came on and James delivered a smiling Sue back to the table.Sue picked up her bag and said she had to nip to the loo,James said ring me I'm sure Sue will be ok with it.He went off to finish his drink,he was one of the volunteers to clean up.

Our little group had made it's way out to the lobby and i followed,meeting sue in the lobby,she said imjust fetching our table flowers,save our seats on the coach.I went out with the others and Sue came along a couple of minutes later with the flowers.

On arriving home i was feeling horny as hell,we went straight up to the bedroom,Sue went to take off her heels but i told her i wanted her to keep them on as i wanted to bend her over and pull her dress up and fuck her.Sue turned to me wrapping her arms around me,mmmm that sounds good,kissing me whilst pulling my cock out,she bent down undoing and pulling my trousers and boxers down,i stepped out of them,Sue grabbing my cock and gently slipping her red lips over my bell end and hood no more back and forth,i was rock hard and bursting.Sue popped up turning round bending over placing her hands on the bottom of the bed,i pushed her dress up over her waist.

OMG her ass was bare her pussy fully exposed,her leg muscles taught stretching over in her heels,wheres your panties !!Fuck me and I'll tell you,i nudged my cock up against her lips they parted with ease my cock fell into her her sopping pussy,god your soaking,wheres your panties i called as i pumped into her.Sue was moaning,i took them off in the loo before we left,oh you naughty bitch i said quickening my pace,sue continued to moan,then taking a breath she recounted James was telling me how much he enjoyed my panties last time,and what a turn on he found it when i pushed them in my pussy before giving them to him,i pushing deep into her,feeling my cock twitch as she told me.Sue continued,i got very wet and hot as he whispered in my ear,i could feel his hard cock pressing against me,so i had to go to the loo,i brought myself off i was so wet i pushed my panties into my pussy they were soaked so i didn't put them on but put them in my bag.My balls were tight as i banged her harder her ass rippling slightly as i slammed her.i noticed her clutch bag beside her hand on the end of the bed,i paused over her back reaching for her bag,i wanted her wet panties,I opened the bag ,NO PANTIES,there not here Sue turned her head smiling no i gave them to James when i got the flowers,i nearly came.I started banging her for all i was worth i feel Sue was nearing orgasm her vagina tightening,then she moaned out i i told him he could give them back to me Friday,god that was it i shot my load deep into Sue as she came too,i swear it was my biggest load ever i was sure her pussy was milking me.

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2 years ago
Seems like Sue is keen for more.
2 years ago
sue is a turning into a nice horny slut, love your storys
2 years ago
Lucky sod James, and hopefully on Friday lucky Sue ??