Tie and Tease

Jon arrived at my place where I greated by himu in jeans and tshirt nothing very flattering but thats what he wanted. We went swtraight into the bedroom where I undressed him naked and tied him to the bed and blindfold him. Without touching his cock of course apart from just brushing my lonh hair across it.I then left the room and got into something really sexy
I returned dressed sexily and with a feather to rub across his skin. Jon felt my breath as I gently nibbled his ear whilst stroking him across the body with the feather. Jon smiles as my stockings rub against him and I tongue gently across and caress his nipples while my hands rub over his body. At this point Jons cock hasn’t been touched but it was already standing proudly to attention and hard already at the expectation.
We kiss our tongues entwined I gently kiss down towards Jons navel then towards his cock and lick and kiss around his thighs still using the feather to tease i tongue lick around his balls and thighs before licking along the length of his shaft I expertly tease him before my warm hungry mouth sucks and blows his cock. Jon is by now as you can imagine really really fucking horny. I ask him “Do you want me to fuck your cock JON?”
I tease him mercifully wanking and playing with his cock. Its now that i insert a finger up his tight arse looking for his prostrate Jon is almost coming I can feel it building up as i suck deep on his big cock while playing gently with his prostrate but I wont fuck him saying again “shall I fuck you with my hot tight pussy Jon?”
jon is now begging me to fuck him but i ignore his pathetic pleas but then sit astride his face telling him “eat my fucking pussy eat it now or I wont fuck you Jon." I am as horny as hell and so is he as he laps at my pussy eating for all he is worth eating until my juices flow and I come on his face.
I then place my big tits wrapped around his cock as I gently tit fuck him and again teasing him saying “how bad do you want me to fuck you Jon, Do you want me to fuck you?"
Fuck he is horny and sweating profusely and the precum is starting to arrive "fuck me then please" Jon begs and I place one of my nipples in his Jon eagerly sucks on those huge sexy nipples. He licks and sucks again and again and I lick his nipples working my way back down to his cock, teasing it. I put a condom on expertly with my mouth Then you sit astride it and place his cock at the entry to my love nest. At this point I remove the blindfold and Jon can at last feast his eyes on my stunning body in that sexy outfit I had put on.
Black silk stockings and a red basque just as he had asked for
“He smiles at me blowing me a kiss “Shall I FUCK YOU NOW” I ask
As begins to utter yes I slam down on his cock and squeeze my pussy muscles holding him in tight
“Are you sure?” I ask "Fuck you teasing bitch I am now as horny as I HAVE EVER been and please please fucking please fuck me."
I do so niceeeeeeeeee and slow and gently I feel him building up and as he is almost there I stop and I f***e him to eat my pussy again and as I come again we go into a 69 and and then give him the most wonderful blow job and finish him off in my mouth. he arches his back and releases a bucket load of hot cum
into my hungry mouth
I take all his cum and then do something very naughty spit it slowly into his mouth and we kiss again while I wank his cock gently massage his balls.
Another fun hour had :)

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