Randy Mandy and The Postman

There was a knock at the door and I had just slipped out of the shower and had put my stockings and suspender on
ready for my first appointment. I looked at my watch and wondered who could it be as my first client wasnt due for
20 minutes. I quickly put a towell around me and opened the door. It was the postman. Mrs M I have a recorded delivery
for you can you sign here. I leant forward to sign and my towell slipped revealling my stocking clad body and my large 36E
breats. "Oh I am sorry" I apologised
"No need to apologise you have just made my day. I hope you dont mind me saying Mrs M but you have a fantastic body"
I blushed and picked the towell up smiling apologetically "No problemshave you got my delivery"
"Ill just get it and he got a parcel from the car and asked "Where would you like it"
"I dont mind but the bedroom is my favourite" I said teasingly
"I bl**dy wish" said the postman
I must admit I was feeling a little hot under the colar and feeling a little horny so I said
"would you like to come in for a quick one , a coffee that is" I said as I licked my lips
"love too milk two sugars please Mrs M"
"Please call me Mandy" i said as I went into the kitchen.
I put the kettle on and bent down to get the milk out of the fridge revealing the cheeksa of my arse and stocking tops
as I did so "Semi skimmed or full cream" i asked
"Full cream will be perfect"
I felt his hands caress my botom running along the contours and he soon noticed i was wearing no underwear. he slipped a finger
into my moist pussy and gently fingered me from behind kissing my neck. I stood up and pressed my arse against his groin
and could feel his hard cock through his trousers. "how about I fix this" i said as I gently rubbed his cock through the
material. He had a nice size cock and i couldnt wait to get my hands on it.
I grabbed him by the hand and made my way to my downstairs bedroom where i unzipped his trousers and let his stiff cock out
of its imprisonment. I slowly licked the tip before engorging on his lovely meat. It tasted so good and I do so love to suck
on cock. I took it to the back of my mouth so his balls hit my chin. i looked up and he was loving my attention.
He put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my black hair and began to pull my head back and forward along the length of his
nice fat cock. I mouth fucked him until I could feel his pre cum and the stood up.
I led on the bed and said "got a special delivery for this" and pointed to my beautiful shaven pussy.
He leant forward and began to give me the most wonderful experienec his tongue was so good and it wasnt long before I escaped into
the wonderful world of orgasm. I came nad pushed his face into my wet pussy as I came.
"Now I want to fuck you Mandy" he said the look in his eye like a k** in a candy store said it all.
I climbed onto me and teased the entrance of my love nest with his big cock before slowly entering me. it felt great to have his big cock
inside me and he started to slowly fuck me. I rolled him over and it was my turn to tease. I held my pussy lips over the tip of
his cock and slowly teased him not letting him enter me again. "You teasing bitch just fuck me I am so fucking horny"
I smiled teased a couple more times then SLAMMMMMMMMMMM impaled myself on that big cock he hit the ceiling arched his back letting all his cum explode
I thrust tight onto him letting my muscles squeeze him as he orgasmed.
He held me tight and smiled and said "That was the best sex game I have ever had mandy fantatsic thanks"
We kissed and got cleaned up before he left smiling.
Then my postman did turn up but I had dressed fully and smiled at him thinking I bet he would love to have done what my first client of the day had.
i just love sex scenarios and role playing it really adds to the fun and excitement

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11 months ago
I'm a postman, this sort of thing happens 2-3 times a day.
2 years ago
Excellent. Please write another one.
3 years ago
But did the postman only knock once...:)
Very good little story...
3 years ago
nice... can i cum and knock on your door?
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
lv this, very naughty, read sum of our sexploits, u mite like them, xx
3 years ago
Omg...... Thats Crazy. Sex must be really amazing..... Wow.... O////O