Sex with a married woman

Before anyone says it.. yes I know it was wrong... I was single and she was married but it kind of happened as we were good friends and fairly close.

One day we were mucking about... when she gave me a passionate kiss. We had a bit of a fondle and that is as far as it went. One morning I was in bed and she text me. After a couple of texts she said she was in the bath naked. I said... prove it... and she sent me a pic of her dripping wet and naked. She then text me back saying... where you seen me what you got on offer? She wanted a pic of my cock.. which had already got hard just by looking at her amazing tits.

I sent her a pic of my erect cock with a message underneath saying... bet you wouldn't mind having a play with this. Then we were having sex text. The next time I went round one morning she was still in her nightgown.

She then sat very close to me in the front room as we watched tv and chatted. Her hand went up my thigh then onto my hardening cock. Within a minute she had unzipped my trousers, unbuttoned my boxers and had released my cock. Giving me a handjob. I said, I should only do the same to you.. She agreed. Undoing her nightgown I began to suck her hard nipples and play with her hairy pussy.

It wasn't long before she was cumming... and soon after I released my hot load..

The following week I went round and the same thing happened. This went on for several weeks.

A few weeks later when I arrived. She as normal put the latch up on the front door so her hubby wouldn't be able to get in and catch us in the act. Even through it was still exciting....

One day we were playing and she said, "come and fuck me."
She pulled me up the stairs to the bedroom. Stripping each other off wildly I put a condom on and we had some really hot sex.

As my cock slipped into her tight hot warm wet pussy I began to fuck her. She moaned and groaned and soon was cumming over me... I soon spurted my hot cum inside her.

We did this about 4 times after... the last time we did nearly get caught! But it was fun.
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1 year ago
lol this was a long time ago.. now have a gf :)
1 year ago
me too but you will prob get a gf!
1 year ago
if her husband ever fines out man i feel sorry for you