Navy Guy Next Door

About 12 years ago I moved to a small town. I really liked it, but the chance of finding random cock that needed attention was slim to none. Within the first few days I noticed the neighbour. 6'5" built like a brick shithouse and hot as hell. Got to introduce myself one day and his name was Jean (John) he is french-canadian and is in the navy. Married. Damn! That did not stop me from admiring his fantastic body from afar. He spent a lot of time working on the yard and doing renos on his house. Usually wearing just a pair of work pants that had an interesting rip in the crotch area. I managed to wash the dishes for hours just standing at the sink and watching him work. Eventually I discovered the wife had left him! Not long after that I noticed he was washing dishes a little more often as well. Our kitchen windows faced each other across the yards and his looked down into my kitchen. So one night I decided to get naked and jerk off in the kitchen while he was doing his dishes. I was not sure if he noticed but hey, pretty freakin obvious! This became a bit of a habit over the weeks that followed, I was going thru a lot of towels that I used on the floor. During the day he would continue to do what he usually did on the house and yard and the hole in his work pants kept getting bigger and bigger. It was becoming very obvious his cock and balls were freakishly huge! One day after doing his routine he went out on the deck to suntan wearing a thong. I thought I died and went to Heaven! His ass and package blew me away! I had to have him no matter what! So a few days later I was on my deck and he was in his yard and I was listening to the music he was playing which I was really enjoying. A lightbulb went off in my head and I grabbed a blank disc and went over to see if he could burn a copy for me. Turns out it was an old tape so cant help ya.

"Wanna see the renos I have done?"
"Sure" I said

He toured me thru the house and we ended up in the rec-room. I looked him in the eye and said,

"By the way I am gay and really want to suck your cock"!

He responded by whipping out his already hard cock. I was amazed. It was huge! I take pride in how well I suck cock but this was a monster. I did it though and his load that he dumped down my throat was spectacular. We had a few more encounters before he sold the house and moved. The day I saw the "sold" sign I knew I was going to have a good night! Sure enough I got that wicked cock up my ass. I asked him once if he ever noticed me jacking off for him and he denied it. Straight guys... go figure. I love Navy Boys!

100% (13/0)
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love it