Dream or True .......... You decide!

It was summer time, mid-August and one of those rare occasions when it was hot and sunny! I travelled to a coastal town to visit a relative I had not seen for some time and took the train as their house was only a 25 minute walk away from the station.
It was a while since I made the trip so I had to remember as best as I could how to get there! Their house is on the outskirt of town so the farther I walked the less houses there were. I was walking down a street and running alongside the pavement was a small brick wall about a foot tall, newly built to house a flower display – a pretty affluent part of town!
Being the mischievous young man I am, I jumped up on top of the wall and walked along the top of it in a wire walk tribute but without the danger of high atmosphere.
Running parallel to the wall on my left was a six foot plus tall wooden fencing surrounding what I assumed to be a garden to a house. Now that I was standing on the brick wall, I could see over the fence and being curious, looked over the fence and into its boundary. There I could see laying on a sun lounger, just outside a large conservatory, a woman lying face up soaking the sun’s rays. She was wearing a blue sky coloured bikini and her body looked slightly tanned. I could see the bra was undone with the ends of the straps falling down over the edge of the sun lounger but, still covering her pert and ample sized breasts. She was slim but not skinny and her legs were long and perfect. Her hair was auburn brown and short.
I stood there so mesmerized that I had not realized she had seen me peeking over the fence. When I did catch her gaze I just froze not knowing whether I should jump down off the wall and quickly walk off or just wait for her to shout at me. These crucial seconds and staying where I was, was one of the best decisions of my life. To my amazement, she didn’t shout or race indoors, she stared at me and smiled!! .
She slowly raised her upper body up until in the sitting position and her bra slowly rolled down her chest onto her legs revealing her beautiful breasts. She swung her legs to the side of the lounger and touched the ground with her feet all the while staring at me as though she was getting excited by my reaction to her revealing body. Well by this time, she was not the only one getting excited and I could feel the bl**d rushing to my cock! As she stood up her breasts briefly fell down toward the ground revealing the wonderful ampleness. As she stood they rested back on her chest and she walked over the corner of the fence and I could hear the lock being released and saw the door open slightly inward. However, instead of occupying the space created in the gap between gate and fence, she walked off into the conservatory and round the corner out of my site.
I was too curious and to be honest, too excited to just walk away. The thought of sex with her was just driving me mad!! So, I did what any red bl**ded bloke would do, I walked into the garden through the slightly open gate and up to the conservatory. There she was, sat down on a chair naked but for her bikini bottoms. Before I could even say anything, she stood up and said ‘There you are, what kept you?’. ‘Like what you see?’. Before I could even reply she looked down to my crotch area which, by now, is bulging and said ‘I see that you do, is that for me?’ and like a complete Burk said, ‘Might be’. Might be! Of course it bl**dy was! With her right hand she pulled down the zip of my jean trousers whilst staring me right in the face. Well, by now my cock was hard and erect and wanting to burst out of my pants! She rubbed my throbbing member over my pants and then undid the belt and button causing my trousers to fall to the ground around my ankles. She then crouched down with her face in front of my cock and just said ‘Mmmm’. She then pulled my pants down causing my cock to spring out. Without saying anything else she started flicking her tongue over the end of my cock causing instant sensations pulsating throughout my body. She then slowly enveloped my pulsating cock in her mouth and starting sucking me off for what seemed an age before standing up and saying ‘Now its your turn’. I didn’t need any other prompting; I immediately crouched down and could see a faint wet patch on her bikini bottoms. I used my tongue to lick over the wet patch very gently at first and then with more f***e as I started to f***e her bottoms into her pussy until they became a hindrance. I then pulled her bikini bottoms to reveal a gorgeous wet shaven pussy. I started to gently suck on her flaps before rotating the tip of my tongue around her clit gradually increasing the circular motions and the pressure. I placed my right index finger into her pussy and started to finger her gently, slowly increasing the motions and introduced my middle finger as well. I could feel that she was enjoying it and she started to quiver and I heard her start to moan which became louder after several minutes of eating her pussy out. She then said ‘Now it’s time to fuck me… from behind’. I didn’t need to be asked twice I stood up and stood behind her as she bent her body over a small wooden table revealing a peach shaped bum that for me was pure heaven. I placed my hands on her bum cheeks and started to caress them as I gently pressed my hard cock between them. She then used her right hand between her legs to grab my cock and gently place it onto her wet pussy opening and I started to enter her gently at first before thrusting my cock into her. I was just started to get my rhythm when the sound of a car engine outside caused her to look up and say ‘What’s that?!. I slid out of her pussy as she stood up and crept to the front of the house. She quickly returned telling me that I had to go, that her daughter had arrived and didn’t want me to be caught there. Reluctantly, I put my clothes back on as quick as I could and left the way I had come. Before I left, she looked at me and apologised and said ‘I’ll be around tomorrow if you’re passing….’

Did I return? ….. Guess!

Well, that’s my story. Dream or True I’ll let you decide and will upload more shortly. One or more will be true!

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