indian mom gangbanged

Hello all, I am Rohan, 18, second year student. My Dad is very soft spoken and a quite person. My f****y is a small f****y me, my mom and my dad. My mom is 44, housewife. My mom is a very conservative and traditional person. At the time of the incident I was 10 and my mom was 36 years old. Let me describe you my mom as she was 8 years ago. She was a normal Indian woman with good figure of around: 34-30-32. My mom was busy in household works and Pujas.

It all started when the problem of sacking of staff and promoting a few happened in my dad’s company. It was done to reduce the expenses of the company. As my Dad was a very close to my boss but feared of being sacked. His boss and his colleague told him that he is at slight risk .He may be sacked or promoted depends on the report they give to H.O. when He informed this to our f****y we were very disappointed. Soon came his boss’s birthday and he invited very few people, just his senior bosses and my dad.

But his boss asked him to bring my mom too. For which he agreed. The party was on a Saturday at 8pm in resort. We (me, my mom and my dad) reached there by 7:45pm.I was surprised to see not many people there and my mom was the only lady. And the rest were his senior bosses, there were about 6 of them. When we reached, we were welcomed and greeted. It was very big area with a pool and garden adjacent to the pool. Sofa and center table was laid at the side of the pool, nearly 10 feet away on a marbled area. Dad’s bosses were sitting there and we too were made to sit there. At 8:30pm dinner was served and during dinner talks of sacking and promotion came up and again he was told about his risk. But all said they would support him.

After the dinner drinks were served, it was whiskey, my mom refused since she don’t drink .They said her to drink otherwise they would feel bad. My Dad did not want to disappoint them that day. So he asked my mom to try it. Slowly topics changed and they were talking about marriage and relationships. His bosses were talking about affairs with other’s wife. By now He had about 4 to 5 rounds and so did my dad, they all were d***k. Again the sacking and promotion topic came up and one of the bosses said he was not satisfied with my dad’s work. And slowly other also said similar thing. Listening to this my mom said sir don’t judge him just by his work he is honest and loyal. And if he losses his job our f****y would be in great financial problems. And she had tears in her eyes. Seeing this one of his bosses came and sat next to her and wiped her eyes and said "don’t worry. We know what to do, and we won’t sack him”. Still my mom was sad.

He then in ordered to change the topic and said "look guys. Mr. Joshi’s wife has dressed so beautifully today, compliment her". And every body said she was looking beautiful. My mom blushed and was happy. One of them asked "have you dressed especially for this party?” My mom said yes, sir these are my new dress, new saree and new blouse. Then, one of them asked "then you are wearing no bra and panty haa" for which my mom blushed and said “yes, I am wearing”. Every body was d***k and was speaking boldly.

One of them said to my Dad “look your wife is lying to us”. He said “no sir, she is wearing bra and panty.” Other said "we don’t believe”. Now my mom lost it completely and in front of everybody she put her pallu down and unhooked her blouse and showed her bra to all and said "look at my black bra sir”. Dad’s senior boss said "I can see black bra and white melons". My mom blushed. Dad’s senior Boss who was sitting next to her said "is it 32".My mom said “no, it is 36d.” My dad was not able to believe what was going on. Then the senior Boss sitting next to her put his hand on her breast and said "but it feels smaller.” Mom said “sir I am saying its 36d.” Boss said, “I am not able to see it properly, you remove your blouse.” Then without any hesitation mom took out her blouse and kept it aside. My Dad now understood what they wanted. Initially he wanted to walk away with my mom and me. But later he decided that, this is how he can please them and secure his job. What is wrong if some one wants to fuck his wife once? He fucked my mom every day. It’s not going to hurt her, it’s like a game, he plays with my mom always but today his bosses want to play with her, fair enough.

My mom then said to dad’s boss, “sir you can remove my bra and feel my breast properly.” Mom got ready to compromise herself by surrendering her to my dad’s bosses. Then my dad told me to go and sit in the car. Dad’s boss said my “your son is not grown; he will not understand anything let him remain here with his mom.” Then he laughed. Within no time my mom lost her bra and dad’s senior boss sitting next to her was holding and pressing her both breasts. Now right in front of his eyes my mom was topless and his boss was fondling with her breast. My mom closed her eyes. Soon everyone came and sat around my mom and all hands were playing with her body. One of my bosses planted a kiss on mom’s lips; mom pulled back, then everybody including my mom looked at dad for approval.

He nodded his head affirmatively, this opened the flood gate. Every body started playing with my mom wildly and boldly. Soon they made her stand and on of dad’s boss untied knot of her petticoat. It fell down on the ground and mom stepped out of it. One of the bosses sat on the chair and signaled mom to come towards him. Mom seductively walked towards him and stood in front of him. He said something to mom. Mom smiled and knelt in front of him and opened his pant’s zip and pulled out his dick. Then she stroked it for sometime looking into his eyes. Then she started kissing it softly. After sometime she opened her mouth and lowered her head on his dick and started sucking it. I saw waiters and drivers watching this, they were laughing and talking, they behaved as if it was normal for them.

Dad’s one boss came there and sat behind her. Then he placed his hand on her panty and pushed it to one side. I saw that mom was clean shaved. He inserted his finger in her cunt and started moving it in and out. Then other boss also came and he pulled her little back in such a way that now she was in doggy style. Meanwhile she continued to suck other bass’s dick. Then the 3rd boss said something to the boss who was fingering her. He pulled his finger out. Then they pulled mom’s panty and lowered it till her knees. Then he again started finger fucking her. The other boss slapped mom’s ass cheeks and then he parted her ass cheeks and started liking her ass hole. Other three bosses also came and joined. They started playing with her breast and her thighs. As everybody had surrounded her I was not able see her properly. Every one took one of her parts. Dad’s senior boss was sucking my mom’s boobs while the other boss licked mom’s cunt.

Then the boss whom was giving blowjob said, “Everybody, stop.” Then everybody left her. He then stood and caught my mom’s hand brought her near the center table. He knelt in front of the table and adjusted its height till his waist. Then he again soot and placed his hand on mom’s shoulder and said, “Lie on the table on your back.” She walked towards the table and sat on it. I saw dad’s face, he was tensed. Meanwhile boss opened his clothes and became nude. Then he pushed mom on the table to lie and parted her leg and knelt in between her legs. As the table was small mom’s head was hanging on the other side of the table and her ass was on the opposite edge of the table. Then he grabbed his erect dick in his hand and touched it to mom’s cunt and rubbed it up and down. Dad suddenly said, “sir please use condom.” Boss looked annoyingly towards dad and said “NO”. Then he gave a smooth strong push with his waist and smoothly his dick went completely inside mom’s cunt.

Then he slowly started pushing it and pulling it out. With his each stroke mom was making “uh…uh…” sound. Then after sometime he gradually increased his speed. Mom’s breasts were jiggling due to fucking. Then one of the bosses came near mom’s head and placed his dick on mom’s lips. Mom opened her mouth and started giving him blowjob. Other tow bosses placed mom’s hand on their dick and and mom started jerking them. Then the senior boss who was fucking mom’s cunt said, “Nobody will make her dirty with his cum, we will load her at last in gang bang, you can just cum in her mouth.” I saw around and found more people had gathered around, though they were hiding and was watching mom’s bang.

He fucked her like that for about 10 minutes while others changed their positions and kept mom busy throughout. Then senior boss stopped and said, “Leave her, you get up and lie on table in doggy position, place your knees on the ground and your lovely boobs and stomach on table.” Mom did what she was told. Dad’s senior boss separated her legs and placed her legs and entered her from behind. This time he started giving mom powerful strokes from beginning. Due to powerful strokes mom’s legs were raised were raised from the ground. Others took their position, one inserted his dick in mom’s mouth and other two placed her hands on their dicks. He fucked her like that for about 15 minutes.

Then he called one waiter and asked him to bring some particular cream. Meanwhile he kept banging mom. After sometime waiter brought cream and handed it to him. Then he told mom to get up and handed her the cream and said “apply it on my dick.” Mom applied the cream on his dick and then he again told her to take the same position on the table. Then he parted mom’s ass cheeks and applied cream on mom’s ass hole and he took some cream on his finger and inserted it in her ass hole. Then he said to mom,”Mrs.Joshi part your ass cheeks with both your hand.” Then mom kept both her hand on her ass cheeks and parted them. The dad’s senior boss kept his dick on ass’ opening and gave a powerful push and half of his dick went inside mom’s ass. Mom’s eyes popped out and Mom screamed due to pain. He waited for about 4-5 seconds and then gave another push and this time his entire dick went inside mom’s ass. Then, he slowly started moving it in and out. He didn’t listen to mom’s cries and increased his speed. Mom was in great pain, mom pleaded to dad’s senior boss, “sir, please slow down, it’s paining too much.” Then he said; “Mrs. Joshi I like pain on my girls face.” He continued fucking mom. He fucked mom for an about 20 minutes and then pulled out, but he didn’t cum. He was keeping mom clean for gang bang.

Then dad’s other remaining boss fucked mom in different position. When the last boss was fucking mom, others started preparing them for the gangbang and were jerking their dick in their hand. Then one of the boss pulled mom towards sofa and he laid there and said. “Mrs. Joshi, sit on my dick.” Mom caught his dick and guided it towards her ass and sat on it facing him. His entire dick went inside smoothly. Mom started jumping on it. Then other boss came and entered his dick in her cunt from behind. Other one inserted his dick in her mouth. Then they started banging her rhythmically. They changed their position and like that they banged mom for about 45 minutes and then they all came in their respective holes.

Then a waiter came and handed one warm towel and one dry towel to dad and said, “This is for madam.” Then he went. Dad gave towels to mom and she cleaned herself and wore her dress.

Dad’s bosses were more than pleased. They said thanks dad for sharing mom. They said “We will promote you, sometime send Mrs. Joshi to us.” After this my mom has sex regularly with dad’s bosses.
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9 months ago
Classic cuckold fantasy. Like it. Nice - similar to my own stories
1 year ago
Very nice!!!!
2 years ago
One way to keep your job.
2 years ago
2 years ago
i love this story..!
especially: "What is wrong if some one wants to fuck his wife once? He fucked my mom every day."

i gotta introduce my mom to those bosses, n get my chubby mother into gang bang...