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A strange situation

The story that relatare them happened a few months ago:
for work I had to go to Culiacán, Sinaloa and stay there a few weeks, and as almost always happens, my b*****r and his wife offer me your House to stay when my stay time is prolonged. The bedroom that I assigned is located on the second floor, with the bed parallel to a window overlooking the courtyard, which this enclosed by four walls quite high (5 meters if I am not mistaken) plans of expansion which have. A routine is to get up close the window blinds that I leave a little open so that light from the Sun wakes me and not me asl**p, and then late for my earrings. Two days before my return to my city, by issues of that time is us came over, because I was working until 4 o'clock in the morning, knowing that another day had a meeting with customers at 2 in the afternoon, so decided to stay to oversee the staff It will work enough to comply with the date of commitment that was already very near. On the way home from my b*****r thought that he would close the blinds so that the Sun me not wake up before what I had planned so you can relax and go with rested body and mind at the meeting.
To the point: the case is that you forget to close the blinds and I felt the Sun on my face, looking at clock realized that were 7: 30 am, being that he had arrived a few minutes before 5 House, thought about sl**p a little more, as well that I rise to close the blinds and there is when what I want to tell them and I hope help me with your comments, and there was my s****r-in-law, a woman of 27 years, high of 1.75 tall, apinonada skin, a very attractive face, which appears less age which has large eyes color honey, very fleshy lips, a girl nose that makes game perfectly well with the shape and features of the rest of his face, has a body pretty well formed, long legs and apinonadas very firm and very nice wayacinturada, its not very big boobies but a respectable size, they are very well shaped and firm, and her butt, therefore nor which to speak, a few stops buttocks, which is in very, very tough, and they are drawn perfectly with any garment that view, the truth is a very attractive woman, and she looked that morning, brought a blouse of red colour that hardly and reached you your thighs, I couldn't help but keep me watching her, the truth I do not saw with morbid hitherto and sight is something very natural, note that it had been charging my backpack where left dirty clothesthe which she me to please put it in the washing machine, bending to one side of the washer and I realized there account that brought only their underwear, seemed far away a boxer female pale-blue, which left part of his buttocks seen underneath her blouse, at least at the bottom, then turn toward the inside of the bedroom thinking that you should not be watching it, I felt as if he were spying, but curiosity could more I returned my vision of where she was, and then pulled his hand from the bag more small of my backpack which is where I keep my socks, scarves, boxers, etc. and I with astonishment as she takes a boxer black, revising to consciousness, as when the wife seeks evidence of sex after leaving a Friday evening, (and I will not deny, but if there was evidence, but not of that had had sex, otherwise, lack of sex, already my wife is stay at home)(, and after so many days and without taking action, because the mornings a stain on the front of my boxers) surprised me more even when he brings it to his face and begins to smell it, noto which flips him, smelling him for front and rear, changed you the face to the boxer, I say leave the inner side facing out and runs it with his nosebreathing with the garment attached to his nose, all length and width I was very surprised to see that, did not know if stop watch or follow there watching that scene, but there was still, as he watched my s****r-in-law who enjoyed that towards, when coming back to the washing machine, is recharging it and with his left hand holding the boxer in his face, his right hand caressed her breasts in a circular shape, while with more momentum absorbed odors from the garment in her hand, put your hand under the blouse to directly touch your breasts, which when rising leaves discovered his Boxer shorts blue, could see it from my position slightly above the navel down, so I had a view of all her femininity only covered by the garment, He lowers his hand with which he caressed her breasts and puts it under his boxer; that is still appreciated its circular movements that took place, while with his nose still absorbing the smell of the garment, his way of playing into his head outside to a following and there I could see his face, a face that expressed that he enjoyed it towards the face of excitation, and so hard for a few minutes, when with his two hands relies on the washer, gives a slight leap towards a after falls sitting on it, flexing her legs and begins his Boxer shorts down to his knees, so stays boxer envelope is placed with his garment until his bent legs and knees, his face which if outside a mask and continues playing with one hand her breasts with the other her slit, I guess that was when I realized I had a strong enough erection and one of my hands sobaba my Member above the boxer wore at that timenot be nor when I started doing it, but there it was in that Act, seeing what to my s****r-in-law, who increasingly are squirming more strong and I took my Boxer shorts and began to lick it, sucked it, biting it, and returned to place covering her face at the time that his Boxer shorts down to the ankles with a movement of legs and one of his hands, opening her legs and exposing my sex, which was reached appreciate true gloss on her lips and around them I guess that by the humidity of the excitement I felt, I can not describe it to 100 because he was something far to give a detailed explanation, but if you notice your trimmed mount, which the towards see very attractive, I do not deny it, and continued with their fingers Massaging your clitoris, now if I could see what towards each time their movements more rapid, more strong, sometimes blew the breasts to accommodate the boxer on his face, and he began to put his fingers in her slit, her body was moving everywhere, removes the boxer of his face and it goes through her breasts, wraps one by one with the garment I see his face that reflects the great excitement which passes through, returns it to smell, lick, Kiss, the movement of your fingers ever more strong within his stick, a puts and takes very fast, begins to move her hips, sticking more the boxer to his nose, slightly lift your feet from the surface of the washer and take the boxer and with two fingers tucked in the front, fingers wrapped by fabric, gets to his stick, giving a few shoving quick and strong, his face reflected what I felt in that moment, did little more than one couple of minutes and comes your orgasmhis body contorts, his hips and legs tremble, and what I discovered, my s****r-in-law is a squirter, with fingers wrapped by the boxer and tucked inside her slit, your squirt came out above his hand, squeezed underneath, out of his stick and shoves it in her mouth sucking it at the time that pulled the last trickle of her squirtwhich was the only one that I play see how he came out of his slit, while he continued sucking liquids with which had soaked to my boxers, her legs were slowly down until it almost touches the feet on the ground, his body echo back, charging in the wall of his average back up, and was gradually leaving sucking the wet garmentI guess it was drying it, so he stayed for a few minutes while I, I turn to see my penis, which was out of my Boxer shorts and very, but very wet, it took only two or three milestones and I had to resort to the glass which I filled with water every night, and I had a fairly abundant ejaculation.
When it reacts, she ended accommodate your garment, took two heavy breaths, sack the rest of the clothes of the backpack and echo it to the washer, lit it and saw that it took the road back to the interior of the House, so I immediately I go to bed and I cover from head to toe with a feeling that still not be what iscargo of conscience? satisfaction? confusion, much confusion, and what was the plan of sl**p until at least noon, turned into a nightmare, I could not stop thinking about what happened and know that there walked her, even with her wet slit, in Boxer shorts around the House and while she and I alone, but immediately discard the idea of dealing with it, never, why my uneasiness!!!I thought about my b*****r, in everything, the truth would have been better not to live it, not deny it, enjoy it, excite me, but at the same time, not is how to manage it, of course that this is the first time that I talk, and I hope my colleagues in this community help me with your comments.
As I commented in my profile, I have sex with my younger s****r some years, since she was single and now that she is married we still have matches, this time if I find something confused, with my s****r at first if he had charge of consciousness, but he was passing, on this occasion, because the truth feel that I would betray my b*****r, but there is no night not think at that moment and I excite everytime I see my s****r-in-law.

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