MAster and I meet

My day began with me awakening and being a little horny. I have to begin y telling you that I love to have my body seen in public. So waking up horny was the start to a great day. I rose from bed, showered and dressed. I decided I was going out to run some errands and would love to have men and women alike get peeks up my skirt and see my ample breasts showing thru my shirt. So I put on a lacey bra that barely covers my nipples and a sheer white blouse and finish the outfit with a short denim skirt and of course no panties to cover my shaved pussy. After compiling my errand list I head out the door.

I go first to the bank and do my banking being sure to bend a bit at the waist while I am at the counter so I can feel the air hit my pussy and ass knowing if someone looks they will see my ass and pussy. I finish my banking already getting excited and head to the store. It is always a good place to be seen. Of course I spent some time checking the freezer sections I know my nipples are getting harder and are easily visible thru the sheer shirt and lace bra, and when I bend to get something from the bottom of the freezer my pussy is clearly visible and when I squat to pick something up I am aware that my ass is easily seen by all. I finish my shopping and head to the check out and I am sure to pick a lane with a young boy working. He is clearly checking me out and lingering on my visible tits and I adjust my breasts with my hands so he can see me touch myself. He is definitely having trouble concentrating. I have some fun teasing him with my body and am sure to give him a glimpse of my pussy and ass by dropping some change and picking it up with my back to him.
After getting my groceries I quickly take them home and head out to get some lunch. I go to an outside café and again I treat the waiter to views of my pussy and ass. I am super excited now and unbutton a few of my buttons revealing my lace bra. I decide to just completely open the shirt and tie it at my waist. A guy approaches my table and asks if he can buy me a cup of coffee. I agree and he joins me at my table. He sits next to me at the table and adjusts his chair so he can see my pussy slightly open. I notice his glances between my legs and I move my legs apart for him to get a better view. I know I am visibly wet. He is distracted by my bra and I ask him “do you like my outfit”. He replies but telling me he want to taste my juices and could he please just slides a finger in my wet pussy and tastes it. I blush slightly and tell him “sure if you would like” He leans forward and slides his hand up my inner thigh and slides a finger into my wet pussy and then takes it out and licks it. He smiles and says “It tastes as good as it looks. “ He asks me “ why are you by yourself?”

I reply " well I have not found anyone to accept me as i am" I like to reveal myself to others in public and watch them get excited knowing they want to touch my body" " How do feel about a woman wanting to expose herself to others????"

He replies I like it and like to watch the reaction of men when they see a womans breast or cunt is showing..
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