The day i met my master

The day that I met my MAster was a wonderful day and the begining of a whole new life. I was on my way home from work and stopped for a bite to eat and i was sitting at the counter looking in the mirror at a girl that was clad in a white tshirt that was thread bare and her hard erect nipple from her ample boosom where clearly visible and the shorts she had on were denim and there was no crotch in them and she was sitting in the chair and was opening her legs as i was sure to look and wonder how it would feel to be a girl like that. As i sat there staring and wondering this man approached me and asked me if i liked what i saw and i told him yes very much and wished it was me being looked at instead of her. The man said that can be arranged if you would like to be my new sub. I looked longinglyat the girl and answered him "Master i would love to be dressed like that girl" so he went over to the girl and had her go in the bathroom and remove her clothes and then come back naked and told her to go ahead home and wait for him and he turned to me and said"Ok my new slut go get into the clothes i have had the other slut take off and make sure to rinse them as she is adirty slut. I go and do as Master has asked and come out of the bathroom with the wet shirt and short on and my tits are truely visible and i am so excited that my pussy and ass are showing and i go to Master and he asks if I am ready to be seen and he has me sit in a chait with my legs spread and he lifts my shirt so my tits are completlyexposed and then he puts myarms behind the cahit and ties them together and ties my ankle to the back leg of the chair so my legs ares read wide and my tits are exposed so all can see and there i dit on my first fay with master ..would you like to hear more
81% (9/2)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
yes do tell us more
3 years ago
ok great, what happens next
3 years ago
i love sub storys but they have to be a bit realistic at the start
i hope you tell us more 3/10